What Russia elect: the best or most

This is how the history of our country that inside the "one and indivisible," as if the two-headed reflection coat of arms, always home to two of. Just behold, as the fragmentation of society, the confrontation and interaction of 2-group, 2-piece, 2-way high country always grew rotary action of Russia's development.

What is it all the same for two of Russia and how they differ from each other? They might be described as "best" and "most."

The best — not in the sense that it is something better than the other, but the fact that its representatives are always thinking about the best for the future of, always on the lookout for the best fate for his native land.
The best representatives of the Russian Federation must be called king-modernizer Peter I and the "chicks" his "nest" and other reformers and innovators, but the prevalence of the best in the RF power — the more often the exception. Usually it is in opposition, as the authorities, who would not come to it, you need to balance between the two Russias to ensure the stability of the cherished forever. Opposition was the position of the Decembrists, the Westerners and the Populists in the XIX century, the Cadets and Octo early twentieth century, dissident and not very Russian intelligentsia in time. Now it is their banner almost grabbed blogerskogo society tirelessly leading "branching" of discussion in the online environment and suddenly become the vanguard of public opinion.

Most of our home — this is our homeland, whose members live, solving everyday problems. Their name — Legion: it is all in a quantitative sense, our main home which lives and their daily work and home life secures the country makes plausible debate about its future. Estimates range from "people remain silent" to "People hawala" features a wide range of treatments to more of the best of the Russian Federation. The trust between the two Russias how annoying it did not sound, always in want.

In a modern democratic society, modernization (replacement of an old to new) happens through dialogue — the country and the people, businesses and public organizations, political parties, various associations. In our country, where the majority of the Russian Federation and the best self-sufficient, productive daily dialogue is built inside them. Between them, the same happens only in times of severe state shocks — wars, revolutions and coups. It is a dialogue, as a result of which produced a kind of "social contract" on how to be built in the coming business between the two Russias: so much Our homeland lived and prospered, and all the cares of this took on the best our homeland.
But every time it comes across — both in Russian folk parable about the tops and roots of the Russian Federation accrue costs more, and enjoys the fruits of the main Our homeland best.

The problem is that our home is the best is not always able to communicate with the Russian greater. In most cases, representatives of the best — a kind of aliens in the perception of most representatives. First can read the right words to indicate the error power to operate value-aspects, but for all that remain strangers in the eyes of the latter.
Best Our homeland is constantly dreams of freedom. States a desire for it, guarantees for her fight for her … These calls are not met in the middle of the most suitable awareness RF: What's her name directly fight?

The Russian people, and without a struggle always considers himself to be free, even in the most demanding criteria. He is free to choose their own destiny, their own activities, their own understanding of the world — who is more important. Subconsciously Russian man has always considered himself smarter and smarter own landlord (ruler, employer, etc.). He will not fail the opportunity otlynit from work when this hunt.
What is this if not freedom?

We always Smarter older — regardless of to which the Russian Federation are: to the best or most. Just go to the trick — who is light, and some significant. At the household level, it is everywhere. Well, who has not passed one stop "hare" in the bus or tram? Who does not truant at school? Who is not doing personal business during working hours?
What is this if not freedom?!

Best Our homeland is often said that most of our homeland is not aware of the values of freedom, is not ready for it, fear it. The greater Our homeland is not able and, as usual, does not feel the need to explain the best that she loves the freedom and values. But freedom is not prinosnuyu, not recorded, not guaranteed by anyone, and the freedom of its own, which it has always been that way her: spiritual freedom, the freedom to be virtually a free man, free to live according to conscience, the freedom given by God.
Sometime in the late XIX century, among the liberal intelligentsia was born "theory of small deeds," which was the fact that the representatives of intense minded and educated part of society instead of a power struggle went to "the people": they began working doctors, teachers, lawyers (who that is able) to provincial towns, villages, state outskirts. On the one hand, the intelligentsia was able to directly convey to the ordinary people their views on the best of life, bringing with it all the real help in solving the pressing problems of the people and showing them the more the highest standards of their own profession. On the other hand, with the support of the people not only of their own liberal circle of intellectuals themselves spiritually enriched, getting closer to the needs and aspirations of ordinary people, in a different way to look at some started their own values and principles.

Being, in fact, the Russian tradition of ways grassroots, the strategy of small deeds carried over into today's time, could do no contrived, and high-quality public inquiry on the configuration, the request for an upgrade. In 1-x, lead to real results, which now reaches the best Our homeland. In-2, making these results truly common, as they agree with most Russian. And, in-3, to prevent another internal conflict — if not a disaster on a national scale: the epitome of "small business" will allow to save and adjust so valuable stability of the country's development.

Alexander E. skating — Doctor of Political Sciences, a member of the Analytical Center of the Russian government.

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