What scares izhevchan White Cave?




The journalist "KP" has experienced the inexplicable anxiety. In the last issue of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (August 19, 2010), we wrote about a journalist traveling with a group of researchers anomalies. On the first day, the team visited the holy places by Zuev keys. On the second day, searchers moved to the White cave overgrown with legends. By the way, it was on Saturday the 14th.

To where people disappear

We stopped in a clearing near the cliff bank of the Kama. Places are overgrown with bushes and trees. So we had to put a tent some distance away from the fire in a bush.

The path to the White cave runs along a steep slope. With him, we went to the river. Entrance to the cave itself I never would have not noticed. It is located in the middle of a steep cliff, about ten meters from the water.

Rumor has it that the entrances to the cave sometimes even disappear. And some local legends say that in it and people disappear.

In the wake of the civil war criminals

The cave entrance is narrow, and its walls are made of thick sandstone. A few meters we were crawling on hands and knees on the wet sand. And then suddenly came to a spacious tunnel. In some places, you can get up to his full height.

— Sooty ceiling — drew our attention to the head of the research team "Sphere X" Valery CATS. — It is said that there is work still with torches. The cave itself is man-made. We found there are many traces of guns.

Looking closely at the wall, I realized — a passion to leave the graffiti was not foreign tourists and past centuries. Next to the standard "Here was" a sooty sand squeezed "Pryazhennikov Ivan 1914", "1871", "1760" …

A maze of tunnels, caves stretch of about 40 meters. Climbed all, we stayed in one of the halls to experience the absolute silence and darkness of the cave. At the command of all the lights turned off and held their breath. At first it was just dark. Then all the sounds died away. The eyes are not accustomed to the darkness, and can not even see silhouettes of figures. So after a while begins internal panic. You become a nobody and nowhere else. It was chilly and I wanted out.

Moaning above the cave

We had dinner at the stories of the anomalies that have over the years observed in the cave. A few years ago, near the cave sat fishermen from the 11-year old boy. He played in the water and suddenly disappeared. Traces of a child left in the cave. But the boy was not found. But when the rescuers arrived on the scene, they found even the entrance to the cave.

Other fishermen have seen the cave high luminous figures. Someone heard the barking of dogs. At night there are heard moaning woman. And many are beginning to experience unexplained anxiety.
When it got dark, the wind rose. Sky overcast with clouds, and consider anything was possible only by the fire. Valeria asked about a poltergeist. And he proceeded to the colorful stories about ghosts. In short, half an hour in the darkness of the cave covered with anxiety for many. And then heard the groans. We were silenced skuchkovalis and came to the very precipice.

— Oo-oo-oo-oo — there was a groan from the bottom languid.

Goose bumps, the girls from the expedition pale.

— Maybe it's the owl — suggested someone insecure.

Valery chuckled. He confirmed that is the sound of a bird. By this time the kettle was boiling on the fire. However, wanting to drink tea at night there are very few, despite the cold. Like adults, but really scared to move away into the dark bushes.

And for breakfast we had to watch a miracle. By the close of discarded spoiled tomato chipmunk ran. He had a snack and looking for new treats came even closer. We threw him a piece of bread in two meters away. The animal, undeterred, went up to him and in front of all the members of the expedition began to tuck into a delicacy.

On this cheerful note and ended my journey. Again found no abnormalities, but the time spent memorable. And, frankly, I'm a youth camp so scared of horror stories.

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