What should be great for daily walks?

Buying a decent not great so ordinary, as it seems at first glance. This is particularly the case when it is necessary to measure seven times and cut once. After all the mistakes you can assume will remember about yourself every trip.
Great — Not a machine, he should not only like on the outside and their own "stuffed", and match the structure of your body, ability, riding style. To begin Determine, what route you will ride. Already on this parameter will determine whether you need a bike speed or more reliable design. Driving the asphalt dictates the choice of the 1st kind of high, and walks to the sea or the forest — a totally different.

To ride on forests, off-road, and in the mountains, in most cases, high mountain choose stels: they have reliable parts, comfortable steering and suspension, wide wheels suitable for driving both on track and off-road.
This type of bike is quite heavy, but for visiting our far away is not always a smooth road. Pay attention to the tread of tires: Myagenko coating suitable for solid, and the solid — a sleek and narrow.
Road racing great stels much easier mountain. Their narrow tires and large diameter wheels and a small steering wheel allows the rider to take the aero position.
Hybrid vehicles combine two-wheeled means the best performance 2-types listed above. They are perfect for everyday driving in pleasure, but not for sports.
Choosing a great try on the size of the frame to your height. Also sure to point the attention on the steering wheel, seat width. This is the same first and necessary facilities, which will determine the overall comfort of the trip.
Carbon frames are very light, but for everyday trips it is better not choose, and the brakes on the duralumin. Dual Discs are needed only If you plan to drive on the road, and disc brakes — if you have to overcome a lot of slides.
It is clear that all the account, without the help of others for you will be difficult. Because not smuschyaytes "torture" sellers who are almost all to tell you about each of the model of bike and extra abilities. Just keep in mind that for a decent everyday driving in town and country road for you do not need much of the "bells and whistles".
And remember that great should be not so much beautiful and stylish as comfortable and convenient.

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