What should be the Fleet?

More than 10 years of standing against the wall of the plant "Sevmash" heavy atomic missile cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov" will come back on line in 2012 — the protracted renovation will be financed and carried to completion.

In addition, the repair will be the modernization and other ships of the project 1144 — the decision, according to available disk imaging, taken in the Ministry of Defense.

The likely return to the system group missile cruisers Project 1144 is one of the most talked naval topics: Spices and lovers break a lance in the debate about how these ships comply with the current requirements of the Russian Navy.

Beloved project of Admiral Gorshkov

"Only Sergei G. can allow themselves to such an expensive toy" — this phrase Vladimir Chelomei, chief designer of rocket complex "Granite", the main armament of new cruisers, do not make a mess of things a little business with the commander in chief of the Navy of the USSR Sergei Gorshkov.

Designer in something was right: large and very expensive boats, designed to solve a single task — to defeat the enemy aircraft carrying a possible connection seemed anachronistic at a time when the whole world was moving towards universalization, which allowed warships to solve a lot of different tasks at using various missile launchers in the universal.

Obviously, Project 1144 ships carrying not only anti-ship missiles started to hit big surface ships. They have a strong and air defense and anti-submarine capabilities are very impressive, but the money had been supporting — and the shock gun ship, its main missile system was very highly specialized.

Use these cruisers for other purposes, if the connection tracking of the aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy's readiness to strike, it was inappropriate.

Such a narrow specialization is intended fate of these ships in the criteria for a complete lack of money by the end of the 90-ies of the last century from the four cruisers built in the ranks was only the last one — "Peter Lofty" unfinished political decision on the 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy. The first three ships were frozen in industrial "walls."

What to do with "white-elephant"?

In English, the Tsar's navy has a wonderful expression of "white elephants" that are designated warships unusual projects, the purpose and scheme of implementation are unclear even spices. Specifically, in the "white-elephant" Project 1144 cruisers were in the post-Soviet Russian Navy. Tracking the real challenge U.S. aircraft carriers could no longer be — even if we assume the war the Russian Federation and the United States, without the support of missile cruisers became all but very large targets, and support in the criteria for the degradation of all the major parts of the military structure of the country it is not expected.

In the second half of the 2000s in the armed forces began to appear means, then as we were talking about going back to standing order "against the wall" cruisers. Naturally, once the question was asked about a problem which they will have to do in the fleet.

In fact, all the spices agreed on one thing: the return of the fleet of ships of the project in 1144 purposefully only when the deepest of its modernization, which will allow them to make universal.

Ability for such an upgrade, Russian industry to this point has already emerged: made universal shipborne firing system, significantly increasing range of weapons, which can be equip ship Depending on certain tasks. There combat information and control system of the latest generation, allowing to build a system of collective defense compounds: exchange information in real time and control the fire several vehicles from the 1st command post.

These innovations, which are being implemented by the ships of new projects currently being built by order of the Navy, became a chance for cruisers.

Moreover, upgraded with the installation of new firing system and avionics, cruisers Project 1144 will become a fundamentally different quality: their size allows to equip the ships huge amount of weapons, making them truly universal platform, combining massive and various percussion weapons, air defense and anti-submarine warfare.

These ships will be able to do different tasks — from the support of ground troops on the coast and in the depths of the countryside to fight the enemy with its surface ships, submarines and aircraft, with all this, there is an opportunity to improve their weapons regardless of the purpose of each specific output on active duty.

Brand new structure for the new cruisers

At the current time the Russian Navy surface fleet moves "from simple to complex" — corvettes and frigates under construction is planned to add in the coming decade by larger units, destroyers and amphibious assault ships. Aligned on the equipment and armament ships will create perfectly valid connection, the maintenance of which will not break the budget through the use of a huge number of standardized devices for the repair and maintenance of ships of various projects.

This structure itself to itself capable of solving a wide range of tasks, both in peacetime and in wartime, may just be enhanced by introducing additional parts that can be upgraded missile cruisers, and if there is a corresponding political decision taken — aircraft carriers modern buildings. Moreover, the presence of combat-ready forces is the light of mandatory condition for the commissioning of new ships languid: in its own current state of the Russian Navy will not be able to use any amphibious assault ship, or missile cruisers or aircraft carriers. Deprived of support languid combat units are doomed to "stand against the wall," from time to time going into the sea, when it is possible to gather a combat-capable detachment "with boron pine", or just alone — with representative targets.

Specifically, as now used aircraft carrier cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" and the only one located in the ranks heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser "Peter the majestic." It is necessary to impose that the modernization of other cruisers Defense picks are not in order to use them the same way.

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