What should be the modern sniper (part 2)

What should be the modern sniper (part 1)

The experimental standards

As mentioned above, except for complex traits "patron-tool"The amount of dispersion of the bullets have a significant impact errors shooting, among which the most important are errors in the target range and speed of crosswinds. Impact of these errors on the accuracy is dependent on the characteristics of the munition vneshneballisticheskih — blank range and time of flight of the bullet.

Based on these judgments, in the 1980s, was designed rifle cartridge caliber 6 mm, the initial velocity of a bullet which was 1150 m / s. By improving the speed of the original features have become better vneshneballisticheskie cartridge has increased the possibility of destroying the target due to a flat trajectory and reduce the time of flight of the bullet.

At "Izhmash" the development of a 6-mm sniper rifles CRS and CRS-C (modified rifle with a folding stock) was engaged in a design team consisting of A. Nesterov, V.Symonenko, A. Lomaeva, O. Kivamova.

According to the requirements specification rifle barrel length (from a given initial velocity of 1150 m / s) should be 720 mm, with all this, the total length of 1225 mm guns was limited.

First, under the new cartridge was supposed to finalize the SVD rifle. But the general length SVD (with barrel length 620 mm) is 1220 mm, and with the length of the barrel to 720 mm, it would have increased to 1320 mm. In addition, assembly automation mechanisms adopted in SVD rifle at which bolt carrier based longish and sent to the receiver, does not allow to achieve reduction of the total length of the tool by reducing the length of the receiver.

Because the design of a 6-mm sniper rifle for the base has been taken classical assembly tools. With all of this task was to greatly reduce the length of the receiver, the more so that the performance of the terms of reference allowed to do so.
After a preparatory study design, it was decided the brakes on the scheme machine with a tap of the propellant gases and the barrel. He was elected a rotating bolt with 2 lugs. It is very possible to bring the store to the chamber and so reduce the length of the receiver.

Brand new scheme was devised based bolt and the direction of its movement. The gate frame based on the rear of the guide protrusion formed inside the receiver, and in front of the through hole in it — for the spring guide rod revertible. With all of this could significantly reduce the length of the receiver.

In order to reduce the overall length of instrument has been developed a small slot-shaped socket arrester length working area which is 29 mm (as compared with 78 mm in the SVD).

For weapons paratroop version of the rifle was designed CRS-C with a folding stock, made of iron pipes. At the top of the tube butt is turning plastic support for the cheeks arrow that is used when shooting with a telescopic sight. The butt is formed on the left side of the receiver.

The design of the sniper rifle used technical solutions, eliminating the negative impact of the forearm, stock and receiver cover on the instrument at the time of the shot, and so increase the accuracy.

Sniper 6-mm rifle has come full circle in difficult industrial testing criteria for use, and confirmed that the efficiency of the chosen scheme of automation.

According to the views of designers, in general terms of reference for the development of a 6-mm sniper rifle was carried out successfully. Were achieved excellent results in accuracy. When shooting at a distance of 100 m lying to stop with the introduction of an optical sight 3 groups of 10 shots patterning was R100 = 5,5 cm, R50 = 2,3 cm (where the R100 and R50 — the radii of a circle, enclosing, respectively, 100 and 50 % holes).

After conducting field tests have been noted some shortcomings patron. 6-mm rifle cartridge was in need of improvement, but the country has entered a period of protracted economic crisis sharply reduced funding for the defense industry, and all work on the cartridge and rifle were discontinued.

Very exciting is the design of experimental sniper rifle TKB-0145K developed by designer Tula TsKIB COO AB hells. This tool is designed for single-target damage, including flak vest, huge, medium and short distances. The rifle is effective in the criteria for urban warfare in mountainous terrain in kontrsnayperskih operations. The highest initial velocity and small time of a bullet to the target, the least wind drift bullets and flatness of a large line of traffic make the rifle TKB-0145K is very effective in the vast distances (over 500 meters).

The gun has design features that reduce the dispersion of bullets when firing. These include rigid locking barrel bolt action with 3 lugs, and the selection of propellant gas from the muzzle of the barrel (after bullet leaves the barrel). The last technical solution based on the fact that in the ordinary gas operated weapon (e.g. a LED) after passing through the bullet side hole for discharging gases trunk experiencing significant momentum forces — due to the interaction with the propellant gas venting device. This leads to the fact that at the moment the bullet bore of the tool deviates from the initial direction. Such a structural defect and eliminates muzzle venting device.

To fire the rifle cartridges are used over-capacity 6h49 developed in TSNIITOCHMASH. Weight 6 mm bullets — 5 g, opening velocity — 1150 m / sec. Blank range TKB-0145K on breast shape — about 600 meters.

According to some reports, this rifle tests was fighting in the North Caucasus region in 2001, which earned the highest reviews have worked with her special forces.

Note that models such as the BCC, BCK-94 and SALT-96 (V-94), from the standpoint of accuracy, the properties of the production facilities and the appeal is unlikely to be considered on a par with traditional sniper systems. Yes, of course, is a tool designed for the sniper weapons, and use it now, too, of course, the snipers, but still a number of specific features can be attributed to a separate class of "sniper guns for special missions."

Everything was just betrothed new rifles designed Russian designers are shown in Russian exhibitions, and on this upbeat Notke it would be possible to finish this stuff, but … The vast majority of Russian shooters saw these new rifles only in the pages of magazines or on a TV set screen. The task of equipping our "sverhmetkih shooters" will be performed only when the same N-98 or TKB-0145K will be the usual inventory, not only for the capital's elite special forces shooters, and for conventional army or police sniper from far Ussuriysk or Blagoveshchensk.

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