What should be the Russian aircraft carrier?

Hero RF Maj. Gen. Timur Apakidze once said that "the country was a painfully long time to build aircraft carriers, without which nowadays Navy simply makes no sense."

In May 2007, the then Commander of the Navy Admiral Vladimir Masorin ran meeting of representatives of the research complex of the Navy of the Russian Federation, which took place on the basis of Central Scientific Research Institute of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg. As part of this meeting, a question was raised about the need and the availability of capacity building aircraft carriers for the Navy. Particularly highlighted the fact that the presence of an aircraft carrier in the Navy is "fully justified from a theoretical, scientific and practical points of view of the need." A month Masorin said that after a thorough and painstaking study of the deepest questions about the promising directions of naval construction made concrete conclusion about the necessity of construction and administration of the fleet to six ships of a new type in the coming 20-30 years. According to him it should be a nuclear aircraft carrier displacement of about 50,000 tons and has about 30 planes and helicopters on board. "Gromada, who build the U.S. Navy with basing 100-130 aircraft, we will not build, the admiral said. But soon, instead of the past, "age" Masorin for the position he was appointed Commander of the Navy Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky and discussions on new aircraft carriers for some time kept quiet in the light of the latest programs from purchases of 4 ships of the "Mistral". It must have cost the Russian Federation about 2 billion euros.

In 2009, reappeared information on the plans of designing and building a new aircraft carrier in Russia, then the commander of the Russian Navy said the Russian fleet naval aviation complex will receive. These complexes were to be composed of marine and aviation gallakticheskoy components, and were intended to change an ordinary all the traditional carriers. Later, in 2010, the media has reported the start of construction of 4 new aircraft carriers by 2020 at the expense of the state program of armaments. On this Defence Minister said denial, his words confirmed Vice — Premier, saying applets arms for 2011-2020 construction of similar objects is not provided. In late February 2011, Vladimir Popovkin, at that time, the first deputy minister, representing the program from the arms, does not mention the theme of aircraft carriers.

And in the end, June 29, 2011 the President of the United Shipbuilding Company says that in 2016 the company starts to the design and construction of an aircraft carrier for the Navy of the Russian Federation. According to preliminary data, it will have a nuclear power plant and the displacement of 80,000 tons. With all this, he adds, "the RF carriers are needed" and the same for the next day said that construction will begin in 2018 and be completed in 2023, without specifying when this there is not the date, nor the date of entry of a new ship structure fleet. (?) How much will it cost the country just was not announced. If you take for example the price Yankee class "Nimitz" (5 billion) and upgrade the "Gorshkov" to India without the price of aviation for him (about 2 billion dollars), the air group, excluding figure is impressive enough.

At the current time in the world there are three main schemes aircraft carriers in international ordering, with the following abbreviations: CATOBAR, STOBAR and STOVL.

CATOBAR (Catapult Assisted Take Off But Arrested Recovery) — plane takes off with a catapult and landing made with the introduction of the arresting gear. In the main this scheme is used on aircraft carriers, the U.S. and France. Catapult plane accelerates to 300 km / h with a takeoff weight of 35 tons.

STOBAR (Short Take Off But Arrested Landing) takeoff is short takeoff by jumping, landing occurs as in the first case, the arrester. Aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov Russian" is a regular member of this scheme.

STOVL differs from the first type in that the landing is performed vertically. This group includes the English "Invincible" Spanish "Prince of Asturias" and some others.

Why the same type will be the first Russian aircraft carrier? It's not clear. Judging by the alleged displacement, the ship will be used scheme with catapults and arresting gear. In this case, as a base for the construction of the project can serve as 1143.7 "Ulyanovsk" — nuclear aircraft carrier, program from the development of which began in 1984, but due to lack of funding in 1991 froze. According to the draft of its displacement should have been 74,000 tons at the length of 323 m, the width of the flight deck of 78 m and 10.7 m draft on the aircraft carrier had to be based 70 units of aircraft, provided there is on board including decked MiG-29K and Su-33 . To take off, used two catapults springboard for planting — arrester.

Yet there is one option — the development of nuclear aircraft carrier project 1153 "Eagle". The planned tonnage was 65,000 tons with air group of 50 units. The project was canceled in late 1976, and the means for its construction was built "Admiral Gorshkov", which now got hold of the Indian Navy.

At the current time in the Navy RF comes the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" (Project 1143.5), part of the combat structure Northern Fleet. It is based on 12 Ka-27 helicopters and 23 Su-33 deck. In the Navy he was 20 January 1991. The normal life of up to substitute for such class of ships is 50 years old. It turns out — was already almost half term for the "Admiral Kuznetsov", taking into account how much time it takes to develop and building naval equipment, long time to reflect on its substitution.

It should be noted that while the will to go building ship, political and financial situation in Russia and the world will change unpredictably, and decisions made now can play a major role tomorrow.

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