What side Margaret to the Russian Federation?

Now acquainted with article "Understanding Russia: foreigners on Bulgakov, the Russian soul and freedom." And, I must confess, very angry at the fact that Russia and the Russian soul once again trying to link with a very controversial novel "The Master and Margarita".

I'm not against Bulgakov general, but strongly disagree with the entrenched with the rise of the restructuring evaluation of this novel.
I'll try to explain.

Frankly, I do not understand why this book still takes a lot of people.

Immediately after I had a chance to read it (in 1986), I have formed a strong feeling that we vparivayut some crafty ideas. After a while, met with friends at a table behind which above all else was and exchange views, including on the read. All of answering one question — what do we have with this novel is the bottom line, agreed that the book obviously is not worth commendable shaft which she staged.

So why is the tuning force, destroyed our homeland and destroy our souls, in over a quarter century since aggressively and continuously energetically promoting this book.

The truth — that it decent? Even the description of the adventures of the dark forces of his own artistic level does not exceed the level of "violist Daniel" Orlov, who kicked just lazy.

So, what we have in a first approximation?

The young lady, married (with all this there is no hint that led her down the aisle by force) from messing do not know — to do with himself (kids either, because she's busy only a — lover). On the last day, when the plight of even decided to give up his life, by the will of the creator meets the man who is in a feverish state, and out of sympathy for him to itself and falls in love. (Her husband, by the way, for some reason — forever behind the scenes. Probably not worth the attention, much less the role man. Does not enter the number of those progressive intellectuals equates to people).

Because mastered lady feeling it, that men want to achieve, it becomes a witch. Then he drinks the blood of a person (even with its imperfections, but it obviously falls short of the death penalty), who was killed in her eyes, the skull of another person. (In this case creator tactfully avoids the cost, which is certainly without exception, have to pay for the adoption of a clan of dark forces — his immortal soul).

Creator reason or through the novel holds the idea that this feeling — Lofty Love. Even though what the person with the undeformed outlook is clear that Love — Feeling the Creative stateliness. A sense of Margarita — killing, as the people around them, and they (and the including) the soul. This — not love, and passion (you can safely add — egoist), a blind and savage, in the name of which people can go to any wrongdoing. And Margaret, As we see, too, goes to them.

But juggling and replacement concepts of Love and Passion — only part of similar actions.

As throughout the life of the Russian people, he developed a clear system of values: light and good on the one hand and the darkness and evil on the other. The Russian people have always been, and fought on the side of Light and Good. Creator considered the main characters of the novel's own place in the scope of specific powers of darkness, not only equating the concept of naming above, and in his own serve images of Christ the Savior and his opponent, the last in a successful way. (Voland Bulgakov — more wise, but Christ — the more primitive, first a little, while Christ here — tough, etc.).

I think there will be no mysteries, see if the time of creation of the novel: 20-30-ies. In our country, there was a democratic revolution, naturally plunged the country into a bloody war on civilian clothes. The authorities were her favorites. Having won in the force (military) confrontation, they also needed a coup in his side in the spiritual world. Specifically, it explains all the post-revolutionary innovations in the arts and all the repression against the people — the carriers of values of pre-revolutionary world. However, some figures have been out of reach for the fiery revolutionaries. So was Bulgakov, who showed the same "Days of Turbin" people prerevolutionary warehouse such that the favorites in their background morally lost. But his bank Stalin because he was not killed, and on the physical level. But here's the "M and M" gives reason to think that the moral and somehow he was still kinked. For, in the tradition of the Russian Orthodox consciousness the world, made by the Creator, was strictly hierarchical, the head of which (to be exact — on him) was the Creator. And the first Democrat in this world, who decided that he is the Creator, was unhealthy spirit, and who later became the first revolt against the Creator revolutionary in the world.

That is why the revolutionaries in the first years of the latest power not only demolished temples, and organized a nation-wide Sabbath, changing clothes devils, and set various monuments iudam.

That is why it is so encouraging to accept these revolutionaries (here the "revolutionaries" — the phenomenon of life, until the end of ineradicable evil) this novel Bulgakov. For, like it or not, and writing this novel — an act of moral capitulation of the writer, long years before the pre-revolutionary stand for peace these same revolutionaries. And they figured, and rejoiced and began this novel hard to stuff all the brains of the country to enjoy them.
And you have to say, it is very successful in the years of perestroika, well, at the moment almost everything possible.

As a conclusion to sum up:

1. The novel "M and M" by Mikhail Bulgakov — is the creator of moral capitulation before the enemies of the Russian Civilization;

2. Novel — a very dangerous psychotronic weapon overturning done for thousands of years a system of moral and ethical values of the Russian people, swap fundamental concepts of good and evil, God the Creator and the spirit degradanta. (A person with normal psyche can not like the description of Satan's ball — as he was admired numerous critics);

3. Roman replaces the 1st of the fundamental concepts of moral passion for Love jaded selfish, above which in the eyes of the reading public are justified by the most terrible atrocities (Imagine for yourself: how many Russian women, reading the adventures of Margaret, plunged to the winds and started at the end of all the most vulgar and simple muddled in all corners of the planet. And it could be a true respectable wives and mothers.)

4. You have to be very careful with the absorption of mental (and spiritual means) of the food. For long since been established that: You are what you eat. And it's not just physical food;

5. It is necessary to organize society on the movement for the creation, in the fight for the health of the moral state of civilization and moral censorship, whose task would be a mental health of the people.

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