What the army does not need Russian Federation

Specifically, what is not needed, because in spite of our reformers, develops the idea that to build it strong in the "new look" they did not want to. The fact that in the ancient guise it has become obsolete vibration does not cause, but in that overthrows it is not the best.

So start with the holy of holies, the very principle of acquisition, so thrilling men's rising generation of young people and their parents. The latter is, according to social surveys, care even more than their children. "Chad" is somehow ready, albeit with a slip of the tongue, to serve compulsory military service, but their ancestors in their own majority accept it. Why? Let sociologists understand themselves. I can see it in the fact that the Government of us, middle and older generation of their own people, so many times, "thrown" the faith that he has no longer any …

In the army, "nenuzhnoyrossii" offers a mixed principle of recruitment, where Prof. soldiers (non-commissioned officers, warrant officers, officers and generals) are the backbone of the army, which has a numerical minority of the total number of armed forces. Common sense and simple operative calculations they say that to protect one-seventh area of land, there is no "compact Prof. army" will not suffice. We have to have a combat-ready army of self-sufficient and more combat ready mobilization reserve. Specifically, we reserve the mobilization majestically Russian won the war, because almost all of the constant Reddish Army fell in the battles of the first months of German aggression. Prof. personnel must be staffed all command positions, excluding certain categories of sergeant. Well why there is a sergeant in the post-professional squad in the company of? But the commander of the infantry, airborne or military intelligence department prof must be considered, but with one slip of the tongue — in parts of the same alert (about them below).

Make out option manning rifle company. The company commander, his deputy and the commanders of 3 infantry platoons — the officers, the commander of the 4th platoon (platoon control and fire support) — warrant officer (sergeant, sergeant). Calculations are given to this platoon rifle platoon or are in command of a particular company commander (his deputy). Company technician, medical instructor, squad leaders (motorized and settlement of collective guns) and infantry fighting vehicles — master sergeants. Other positions in the company of soldiers manned military service, but with a slip of the tongue — these fighters, with the annual cycle of life, come to the army with the basic knowledge and skills. These basic knowledge and skills they need to give school and inter-school educational institutions of pre-conscription training (UDP). Them under his wing can take Rostov-DOSAAF or the same Ministry of Defence. Experience with similar inter-school educational institutions — educational and industrial plants (CCP) in our country had, however, there are high school students preparing to peaceful occupations. 1st six-hour sessions per week would be pretty completely. Such training should be enveloped by each student, regardless of his fitness for military service. After all, simple techniques and skills of action during the war should be able to take advantage of every citizen. The program training students in the UDP should change once existed in Russian schools starting military training, but considering the number of features. More laborious preparation of the future Professor Defenders can be carried out in the framework of institutions Rosto, the method of preparation on the military profession. Such training youth of premilitary age are free (with honey readings) and (or) on the fronts of military recruitment offices. Nothing significant from the practice DOSAAF it is no different. Such training can be carried out on the basis of DOSAAF and the Department of Defense (military units and training centers). At the same time, in some kinds of cases, the soldiers of the person involved in the preparation of their own future conscripts by studying its moral and business properties. There are many young men ready to master the ability to jump with a parachute and a small business, get the right to drive wheel or tracked vehicles, to explore radiodelo and information systems or acquire other profession, close to military affairs. Again, the same child is somehow insulated from the negative effects of the "street", and many more directly enveloped civilian system (patriotic) education. Kohl Speaking of pre-conscription training of young men, then something must be wrapped and girls starsheklasnitsy. Nominations may be the same CCP for prof training, "training courses motherhood", sports and physical training section and mugs of mandatory attendance and others. Boys, too, can engage in them, but in the discussion of options that go beyond the format of the theme of the article.

With the acquisition of army soldiers conscripted little understood. Now on the same parts of the alert, which includes part of the Strategic Missile Forces, missile and air defense, airborne troops (Airborne Corps), and the establishment of strategic and operational intelligence (GRU, a separate brigade of special purpose), Special Operations Forces (new branch in the individual parts of the MTR available in every kind of armed forces, designed to perform combat tasks in peacetime and wartime in any space), and the compound of the Army, Air Force and Navy to bring that to overcharge alert does not require significant time and material costs , the Russian armed forces outside the Collective Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) of the CSTO, etc.

They are all equipped with the same composition, except units and individual categories of military personnel, for which staffing is not provided a specific role in combat missions (shock-restrictive-offensive and defensive actions). For example, the delivery of ammunition or food can be behind the wheel of a car and soldiers of, but calmly hit the first launch of an enemy tank guided missile system on forces only

Specialist who studied his instrument "screw up." And if tomorrow is another Caucasian war — a reader asks me — and driving a fuel tanker draftee? So what? In Afghanistan, the conscripts are not just "spinning the wheel" on a streamer Salang, and walked in the exploration and reinforcement areas attacked, and a lot of things done. Here, you need a bad break — in case verbovaniya conscripts for military action in time of peace (without a declaration of war) in the same parts of alert, it automatically should receive the same currency allowances that the master and his colleagues, and in the event of his death, the family should receive much huge compensation than at the death of Professor military voluntarily selected such a risky profession. I think it's totally fair to the relatives of the two categories of servicemen.

Now about the organizational structure of the armed forces, which are already reeling the second decade. More precisely — beset. On its individual components mentioned above, where there was a question about the parts of constant combat readiness. "Nenuzhnarossii" army retains all of the classic branches of the armed forces: Strategic Rocket Forces mission, Army, Air Force and Air Defense, Navy and separate command, as Airborne Corps, which is the reserve of the Supreme Commander.

Ground forces have in soy organizational structure of motorized infantry divisions and brigades, separate tank, artillery and anti-aircraft missile brigades, separate helicopter regiments (in the Army Aviation Army), some Cavalry Regiment (brigade) of front-line submission and separate battalions of the army and intelligence subordination of the body (in the divisions and brigades are full-time), as individua
l regiments and brigades of combat and other security. At the same time, the division in the Army only staffed part, except regiments and battalions (divisions) constant alert (staffed by more than 90%). Most of the individual infantry (mechanized mountain rifle) teams are part of the same battle readiness. Any one of them, depending on the operational use, has the organizational and staff structure. Motorized infantry brigade consists of 3-4 and 1-2 armored infantry battalions, 2-artillery battalions and 1st anti-aircraft missile. Of support units, it includes: reconnaissance and engineer battalion, a unit of communication, radiological, chemical and bacteriological protection (NBC), the commandant and medical companies, etc.

Mechanized team consists of 2-3 infantry, armored 1-2 and 1-2 shooting (on light armored vehicles or everyday cars) battalions, 2-artillery battalions and 1st anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank units as individual (to the battery). Of support units, not including those mentioned above, in the state of mechanized brigade may also include other units such as the flame-throwing, compact unmanned aerial vehicles, and others. Mechanized team more mobile than the motorized infantry (for its transportation railway transport requires the least amount of cars).

Mobile connections are the Army and mountain infantry brigades, the basic units of which the prisoners of infantry 1-2, 2-3 mountain infantry and air assault battalions, 1-2 artillery battalion, battery and anti-air defense missile battalion. Of support units, it includes: reconnaissance and engineer battalion (company), a unit of communication, NBC, flamethrower, the commandant and honey company, as a set of unmanned aerial vehicles such as "Tipchak" (Brigade Reconnaissance Battalion in the state), and others.

The new formation in Sotavento NE "Nenuzhnarossii" Army is a separate Reconnaissance Regiment (brigade). In his own state, he has a 2-3 mechanized reconnaissance battalions and a company (battalion) deep reconnaissance, artillery and anti-tank battalions, anti-aircraft battery (MANPADS), electronic intelligence battalion and support units. One of his tasks — conducting reconnaissance in the operations zone of the land forces in the full depth of her abilities fire damage ground enemy. Something similar is available in the U.S. Armed Forces as a separate armored cavalry regiments obrkp. Mechanized reconnaissance battalion, intended what we used in the North Caucasus in 1994-1996. 1999 and early 2000. ordinary SMEs, but these tactical formation called each time on a different. In the state of mechanized reconnaissance battalion of armored reconnaissance company (9 tanks and BTR-T), two reconnaissance companies on APCs, armored reconnaissance vehicles, armored personnel carriers, armored vehicles BRDM or type "Vodnyk" and "Tiger", a self-propelled mortar battery (4 — 120 mm SM " Vienna "and the wearable 4 82-mm mortar" Tray "), anti-tank platoon (3 SPTRK" Competition "(" Chrysanthemum ") and 4 ATGM launchers" Fagot "(" Kornet-E ").

Separately like the brakes on tank brigades. It is naive to believe that the "tank in the 21st century there is no place on the battlefield," as expressed by one of nedavneshnih Ministers of Defense. Just to anger the United States against Iraq in 2003, Americans have proved turnaround. Panzer divisions is not a place, but more mobile and less vulnerable to air strikes against tank units operating in a tight fit with the assistance of the infantry and helicopters still the place. Armored brigades, are the basis of Armored Forces "Nenuzhnarossii" army. They have an equilibrium organizational structure, "sharpened" to break a fortified defense and development of the coming of the deep, or else contain artificial grouping of enemy troops. In a "special operation to disarm illegal armed groups" it can only be a place to rest (troop) step of "appeasement." Separate Armored Brigade consists of a 2-motorized and 2-tank battalions, a self-propelled artillery, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile battalions, a reconnaissance company and other support units. At the same time, mechanized infantry battalions, except BMP personnel carriers (APCs) will be armed and armored vehicles languishing on the base of the tank BTR-T.

Ground forces "Nenuzhnarossii" armies can not do without its own army aviation. Its base consists of combat helicopter regiments (team), anti-tank combat helicopter (drums), shelves, shelves of military transport helicopters and some helicopter squadrons (anti-tank, fighter, reconnaissance, SIGINT and ECM, and others.) Squadron (units) and unmanned aerial vehicles separate helicopter squadron MTR. As part of the combat helicopter regiment (team) has a squadron of combat (anti-tank, fire support) helicopters (Mi-24, Mi-28) and one squadron (in the brigade — two) military transport helicopters (Mi-8 modifications), as helicopters management (airborne command post). Combat helicopter antitank (drums) have a shelf in his own squadron composed of two anti-tank (Fire Support) helicopters in each of which includes a pair or link reconnaissance and strike helicopters (combat vehicles with additional intelligence equipment of the Mi-28N, Mi-24VRK, the Ka-52 etc.).

Military transport helicopter regiments made up of 2-squadrons with armed helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-26.

Some anti-(drums) and reconnaissance squadron of SW operational teams are subject to constant alert.

Squadron of unmanned aerial vehicles are on their own intelligence and armed reconnaissance-strike UAV as artillery spotters.

Separate Helicopter Squadron MTR included in structure Army Aviation subordinate to the commander of the MTR (on military training and combat implementation). They are designed to perform specific tasks of combat, reconnaissance and security operations units MTR.

The total number of helicopters AA NE reach 450-500 helicopters for various purposes. For those who scares such a figure, we give an example — in the U.S. Army as part of each of the 12 infantry, mechanized or armored divisions, on average, there are about 150 helicopters, plus a few more brigades AA CB and WEC 18 (three AA teams) do not with the least number of helicopter fleet in each.

As for the size of the Army "Nenuzhnarossii" army, they are more widespread type of aircraft and contain 5-6 operational commands — OK (districts). In their structure, there are 10-12 infantry divisions and 36 infantry, armored and mechanized brigades, 2-3 mountain infantry brigades, 40 artillery and missile crews and up to 12 anti-aircraft missile. Each operational command (North-West, West, Central (spare), Southern, Siberian, Far East and Trans-Baikal) will be a separate brigade of special purpose, a separate Reconnaissance Regiment (brigade), 2-3 separate helicopter regiment (brigade) and 4 -8 separate helicopter squadrons.

Supplies NE will be on mobilization plans of deploying an additional aircraft divisions 12-18 (2-3 in each UC) and up to 60 teams for different purposes. This will usually infantry and mechanized divisions and brigades, and artillery units and support units. Their readiness for combat use is determined by several weeks. Anti-aircraft missile units, units and parts AA CB and other special units require longer terms to bring them into full alert. Equally important in the event of a large-scale aggression will have a militia and organized guerrilla movement. In peacetime, the task to prepare them is assigned to Special Forces NE and SSO, and base their recruitment will be different military and sports clubs, both public and in the structure of growth-DOSAAF. So Makar, the defense of the Motherland is the cause of all of society, while protecting the interests of the countries that are the concern of the authorities. In another Russian Defense Ministry bureaucrats would n
ot sell the interests of the motherland, for the sake of career ambitions and for the sake of political castling …

The combined branch of the armed forces of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces in peacetime consists of a distant (strategic), and tactical transport aircraft, air defense brigades (radio and air defense). Aviation is reduced in air armies and divisions as separate air regiments. The main objective of the Air Force — a reflection of enemy air attack, gaining advantages in air and air support of ground troops and naval forces. What the staff structure or configuration of a modern air force is not required. What is needed is brand new combat system 4 and 5 generations, but the conditions of service applicable flight and technical personnel, so that the pilot bombers Tu-160 with nuclear cruise missiles on board received a salary in a couple of times more than the least risking pilot "Boeing" airline «J7 . " And yet, far aviation pilots' Nenuzhnyhrossii "Air Force will be able to strike ground targets ordinary (svobodnopadayuschih) bombs, guided missiles and aviation bombs in the ordinary (non-nuclear) warheads, and the pilots and ground-attack fighter-bomber (it will be called tactical) — Spool class "air-surface". That's it? Yes, because neither the first nor the second RFii in the Air Force until it can not. A little later will be created by a new generation of tactical attack 5 (less reflective surface radar) instead laborer Su-25, capable of delivering precision strikes cannon and missile weapons against small targets in adverse weather and day or NIGHT MODE, a tight fit with the assistance of shock and fighter helicopters.

In the period of increasing military threat air defenses (fighter aircraft and air defense brigade) are connected with voedinyzhdy Army Air Defense (SAM brigades, regiments and battalions NE) are also independent fighter helicopter squadrons (up to combat helicopters, attack aircraft and enemy UAV) .

Air Army in the European theater will have a part in their own division tactical aviation (2 fighter-bomber aviation regiment of Su-34 (Su-24M) and one Attack Aviation Regiment Su-25), a division of fighter aircraft (2-3 fighter air regiment) military transport aviation regiment and separate composite helicopter squadron. On the other theaters of air regiments may vary. For example, in the Far Eastern theater of operations may come in handy two transport aircraft regiment or division of military transport aircraft, because the scale of the region and the air a bit more.

Appointment of military aviation regiments and regimental military transport aircraft do not need to explain — it all worked out, and usually our airmen since the time of stateliness Russian war. The new formation in the VA is only a single mixed helicopter squadron osve. It is charged with tasks of search and rescue (link military transport Mi-8MT5 with special equipment and a cover unit (Combat Team MSS.) The main task of fighting the MSS is to search and evacuation of passengers and crews of downed aircraft. During the second Chechen campaigns such mixed teams were formed from PSS helicopters and military professionals helicopter units and special forces units of the GRU (the Yankees do these tasks Air Force SOF units). osve are a part of everyday transport helicopters and started to implement the interests of air transport in the army (the transfer of command and flight technical and composition, the principal cargo (guided munitions, sub-assemblies and assemblies required for the recovery of aircraft and helicopters, urgent reports, etc.), control helicopters (airborne command post), SIGINT helicopters and RAP, and other types of machines.

Guards Airborne Corps, this is the structure in which the reincarnated airborne troops of. Today's Navy as a mobile branch, had won fame for himself in the fields of labor majestically Russian war and the local armed conflicts, the second half of the 20th — early 21st centuries have outlived their usefulness. Use them in full or at least parts of a modern war is not likely to provide increased strength and abilities of enemy air defense. As a part of the Guard Corps 2 paratroop (pdbr) and 2 air assault (dshbr) Brigade, a separate reconnaissance regiment (45th today), a separate air defense missile battalion, separate engineering battalion, part of the communication and security. The main output method (transfer) in the rear of the enemy units and parts GvVDK will be the same air, but with the landing of units of the helicopters landing method. Parachute airdrop method is considered as an extra. As part GvVDK will be a separate fighting helicopter brigade (about 40 helicopters — two squadrons of military transport helicopters Mi-8 and one transport (helicopters Mi-26)), as well separate Combat Helicopter Regiment (Mi-24, Mi-28 and Ka-52) of mixed composition.

Any Airborne (Air Assault) brigade has its own area (some areas) operational use, where in times of peace lies languid piece of ammunition and weapons. Both teams are different in the state of "infantry" (light) and "mechanized" (languid) battalions. Two air assault brigade are "heavy". Three of the four battalions equipped with armored vehicles (BMD and other self-propelled combat vehicles), and one is the "light" (only portable and towed weapons).

Airborne brigade are in their own part of a "heavy" and three "light" battalion and set up for action in the tactical and operational-tactical airborne assault on the urban and rugged terrain for vehicles. "Easy" airborne battalions use the technique to move the car (and ordinary armored cars), including assault and car (all-wheel drive passenger cars UAZ inflated cross-type with the weapon), "quad", snowmobiles and other vehicles. Any of the teams GvVDK battalion consists of 3 "combat" mouth and a company fire support in the mortar platoon, automatic grenade launchers, anti-tank and machine-gun platoon (4 — 82 mm mortar rounds, 6 — AGS-17, 4 — LAW " half-breed "or" Fagot "and 2 — SPG-9 or the RPG-29, 3 12.7 mm machine gun" Kord ", 3 12.7 mm sniper rifle SV-94). Any paratroop company consists of 3 platoons.

Within each team GvVDK a mixed artillery battalion (self-propelled mortar battery 120-mm "Vienna" ("Nona") minbatr 120 mm towed mortar "Sunny" and anti-battery (ATGM "Kornet-E", 73-mm LNG 9 or 105-mm RPG-29 "Vampire"), anti-aircraft missile and artillery battery (MANPADS "Igla-2" ("horseman") and 23 mm ZU-23-2), reconnaissance and engineer company, a unit of communication and software. Besides, every team has a platoon of snipers VDK (8 sniper pairs), armed with rifles precision of SV-98.

Despite the fact that the union GvVDK inflated alert, in one of the battalions of each of the teams are serving conscripts (future reservists).

GvVDK is a reserve of the Supreme Commander, but it may have and objectives to ensure the actions MTR zabugornoy of the theater, as an international peacekeeping mission.

Special Operations Forces "Nenuzhnoyrossii" Army has three components — land, air and sea. Overland to include all special purpose brigade, an elite subdivision MTR (call it group "C") and interspecific learning center MTR. SOF air component includes: mixed squadron MTR (transport and special aircraft, attack, transport and combat helicopters and special), separate helicopter squadron MTR AA NE, individual air assault squadron in the ACP (one in each VA) and some militant groups PSS Air Force helicopter squadrons.

The marine component MTR includes reconnaissance companies razvedpunktov fleets (units frogmen), also squads midget submarines (one for each fleet). In addition to each fleet for the benefit of SSO is given one submarine crew with specially prepared for delivery and removal of operational teams MT
R also all decked helicopters (their crews are trained in interspecies CA SSO).

As for the "Nenuzhnogorossii" Navy, then my knowledge of this area is only enough in order to construct only some of its objectives: a cover of marine and coastal borders of the Russian Federation; constant covert patrols Navy missile-carrying submarine (SSBN) of the World Ocean; the presence of the ships in our fleet of all critical water areas such as the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of our "sworn friends" (Schaub feared, otherwise cease to respect …), the creation of Russian aircraft carrier groups 3-4 ships of the same number of judgments that sounded above. If no joke, the carrier fleet is important for Russia over underwater. As for the submarine and surface ships of the fleet, it is in the "Nenuzhnomrossii" Navy armed with plenty of cruise missiles in the ordinary gear (penetrating warheads, high-explosive, fragmentation and tape equipment).

The same missile has a distant and tactical aircraft, and not one or two, for the amusement of the audience at an international air and space show, and in an amount sufficient to deter a potential aggressor or inflicting retaliatory strike.

That's the army does not need the Russian Federation — believe today, yesterday and the day before yesterday it reformers restrukturizatory. What did we utter tomorrow? Wait and see. You need to live it. This fascinating piece — Life, but to save it should be trivial to take care of security.

With respect to all who read this nonsense.

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