What threats lurk amateur fishing?

Fishing is enjoying a very popular form of recreation not only in Russia but also in the world. With all of this a lot of people do not generally think about what threats can trap a man with a fishing rod. But in fact, at least some body of water, even a long time friend, can be a very unsafe place under certain circumstances. The fact that the water temperature in the autumn time year is typically at least 7-8 degrees. If such a person would be in the cool water, then in the absence of training, he can die after only 15 minutes.

Because every fan of fishing, doing this kind of activities should adhere to certain precautions. The fact that apart from the cool water angler probably would prey to many other threats.

For example, the steep and rocky shore. It happens that the edge of a steep bank goes down under the feet of fishing under his weight. In addition, the angler can also slip on some boulder and get a severe injury and falling into the water.

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Enormous danger A fisherman is fishing, drinking alcohol before and during it, especially in a cool time year. It has long been clear that alcohol does not heat up, it simply makes a false appearance of warmth. Sometimes a person falls asleep in the form of an intoxicated and freezes to death, feeling neither cold nor pain signals to the body. Other danger — Black clock. It is also very safe to be alone angler fishing.
Can occur at any moment anything — from acute diseases acquired and ending any injury. Sails away on a fishing trip to always warn about their own kith and kin, informing and location of intended stay. Your mobile phone should always be with you.

Specialists recommend always while fishing wear a life jacket. Even if angler swim, it should certainly be a life jacket or belt. Another threat for the angler is careless appeal with the boat. You can not last without you having to get up on the boat or on foot very stoop across the board, because you can always lose balance and fall into the water. If the rubber boat, you should not swim in it in places where there is a risk of running into a snag.

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