What traditions do we need?

Debate about whether there is a general view on the white Russian people, lasts longer first year.

On the one hand, many people, including government officials, strongly deny the existence of a similar civilization. That slogan "Russia for the Russian" an extremist, then forget to invite at least the decency of representatives of the Russian people for a meeting with the Prime Minister heads of federal national-cultural autonomies. In the event of conflict on the basis of the state authorities are increasingly seeking help and advice in these unusual associations as national diaspora is obviously not interested in held view "diaspora" of Russia.

Strongly embedded in the public consciousness the idea of the Russian Federation as of the only multi-ethnic country. The number of people who knit family living in the vast Russian Federation, have gained more than 180 titles. And it does not fundamentally that most of these people almost has a membership of a thousand people. We're not a China where also in remote areas can be found villages with not assimilated into the native population. We believe not on the head, and by civilizations. There are at least a couple of people who speak the dialect Nat means you can safely increase the multinational Russian Federation. And if some representatives of small nations have themselves long since forgotten that they have not Russian, you can remind them of this. How, for example, in the Leningrad region, where Veppsian try to revive the language by introducing it into school applets. The fact that the kids have to learn is actually the case foreign language that can speak with sin in half a couple thousand people in the world, no one is worried. The most important thing — you can say with pride that we have in multinational Russians have another full-fledged state representative.

The absence of territory of Russia and the Russian people proved appeal to folklore, "Scratch the Russian — you will find a Tartar," and seeking out non-indigenous roots of the recognizable representatives of Russian culture. Do we have at least one man, who does not know that Pushkin was a black man?

Belonging to at least some of the national-cultural tradition is encouraged. That's what good fellows — not forgets about their own roots, they honor their culture, they need to throw money. Naturally, there has its own range of favorites. No one will be put on the same level and the culture of the peoples of the Caucasus, for example, mordvy and Chuvash. Although Mordvinian in our country be if not honorable, or at least harmless. At least, a public statement of their own nationality will not cause accusations of fascism, as is the case with the Russian.

Not to be unfounded nedavneshny can recall the case of the well-known TV presenter Gordon. At the meeting with the students of the 1st of St. Petersburg universities it, arguing that there is no history of the Russian people, asked the audience insulting question about whether there is among them are people who consider themselves pure-bred Russian. When one of the students themselves so still marked, Gordon, or not enough without embarrassment, the young man cursed fascist. Note that it was not about nationalistic appeals, the need for the expulsion of migrants did not hear even the famous "Russian for Russian." To accusations of fascism was pretty name their nationality.

Naturally, it is unlikely Gordon would have done a similar trick in the audience filled the Chechens or the same Jews.

Of course, from time to time about the existence of the Russian people still remember. This happens when there is a need for repentance. Must repent for Katyn, for the outbreak of the second World War, for the cool war for the invasion of Afghanistan, but there is not much else for that. Here then is that the blame for this obschecheloveki not abstract, and completely for themselves certain Russian, and their descendants should feel guilty, sprinkle ashes on their heads and, obviously, to pay compensation.

In general, the situation is not so bad. Still, at least some of even the most sophisticated propaganda is difficult to fight with impartial reality given us in our feelings. All the more so that at times the Russian people gives the sense that he is fully aware of its unity and is ready to defend its interests.

It goes at least some of the Russian people can not appear question, why do Russian in Russia is in such a position that's very unusual that implies a huge amount of commitment and responsibility, but one hundred percent that is not devoid of benefits, and even human rights, guaranteed by the Constitution.

The answers no flaws. More zealous and not very smart russophobes continue to broadcast on some primordial savagery and bydlovatosti Russian, terrified Russian drunkenness and immorality. But this russophobia very much evident. On such a society, thank God, has in fact developed a immunity.

Because in the near future we are offered an even more camouflaged version. Prerequisites poor Russian people offering to build his own departure from tradition, ignoring the wisdom Protz. Forgotten, he says, the covenants of the fathers, in contrast to all small nations, here and now pay the price.

They love to talk on the subject of our church hierarchy. In the church of the Russian people do not stroll, the Orthodox do not comply with the dress code, music, foreign heed, generous alms to monks do not serve in the domestic life of the norms of "patriarchal despotism" depart. Here's a nightmare!

Here, the government joins. Yes, completely forgotten about the Russian's own traditions. To serve in the army are not torn. Obedience to the powers that be do not show. Bring forth, yet again, the same 10 people do not want kids. Well quite good and you can not wait?

It is gratifying to join this duo and our specially privileged minorities.

"You know Uruses why we do not love you so? Why so aim to add on stealth? Wah, what silly! Neuzh it is not clear — because you have not kept their traditions. Now, if complied with, then we would have so respected, so respected, loved as brothers. "

Here, truth is often the case hitch. It turns out that, under the assumed traditions customs well, I do not Russian. Even though you're in the very depths of the stories immerse yourself, and you will not find it mentioned about the veil of the Slavs, for example.

It is interesting that the government, the church and the Diaspora is not just about the neglect they say traditions, and tend to view non-compliance as a provocation that could push the violence.

All they remember back in nedavneshnih cases of attempted rape and abuse of women in the Russian camp "Don" or Zelenokumsk a huge part of the blame priests and municipal men tried to impose on the victims. Say, did not handle it, do not dance, do not put that length skirt.

It is clear that a similar statement of compliance Russian traditions opens a very unpleasant prospect. You will not comply — destroyed, robbed, raped, well, or jailed for incitement. You keep — is not to say that would be very much a pleasant picture of life emerges.

And let's see more closely what the general traditions, and why they are needed. Please respond to the claims of the church. And to answer the words of the founder of her own. You can accept Jesus as the son of God, as a clever preacher or deny the general validity of its existence, but the remains of this character us a lot of clever ideas.

So now, at one point Jesus made another one of their own miracles on the Sabbath day. Saturday was the Jews, well, so far remains a day sacred to the which banned completely n
o matter what job. Accordingly, the Jewish priests were eager to Christ's shame and blame in violation of this very popular tradition. But Jesus is not in the least embarrassed uttered his words included in the story: "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath."

The existence of life in our customs, traditions, rituals justified and appropriate, if they bring into the world at least a little bit of joy, happiness, joy, or on the contrary allow time to time to reflect on the sad but fundamental things. And then not fundamentally a matter of fact, where are the roots of this tradition. It may be going back to pagan times funeral rituals. Prazdnichek Easter, when everyone is running to the store for cake and colors for eggs. Either prazdnichek March 8, which is condemned by this moment in our church, seeing in it a Jewish roots, the machinations of the godless revolutionaries. You can at least 10 times to paint the deacon Kuraev in his book, the identity of our "Women's Day" and Judaic Purim. All the same, because the majority of the population accepts this prazdnichek specifically as the beginning of spring, the occasion once again after a long winter's eye view on the freshest prihoroshivshiysya ladies floor.

Sometimes these traditions are being created almost before our eyes. Take the same day Valentine's Day, which we celebrated with the scope and generosity, pleasing chocolate manufacturers and greeting cards. And after a couple of 10-s years ago, nobody heard about any Valentine. And do not be incriminated in Russian and thoughtless aping borrowing. Borrowed that wanted what was a need, and what seems lacking — the ability to open, albeit using prazdnichkom to say about their own emotions. After all, Halloween is not borrowed the same, although the American horror movies related to this prazdnichkom, reviewed a lot.

And here is a sample form and impose tradition at the municipal level fail. Most of the population to this day can not really say that after all of these prazdnichkom we celebrate on June 12 and November 4, and to which they are confined to historical events.

We can recall the same Valentine's day, which is soon to become almost prosecuted (prohibiting the celebration in schools in some regions.) But populations have provided home-grown counterpart — a day with Peter and Fevronia very fun-sounding "fevronkami" that should change valentine. If these things were made of patriotic judgment, it did exactly that patriotism which usually called leaven, based not on love for their native land and people, and to delight little things and pacifiers.

No matter what tradition, that asks the people some sacrifice, renunciation of joy and care austerity, be rejected. Let us give at least a thousand texts from the writings of the Holy Fathers. Especially since many of the studies of Russian folk culture reveal a significant layer of her tradition of carnival, cheerful, with clowns, gluttony, healthy cynicism and volnolyubiya.

Even a sincere belief in the afterlife can not be the basis for idealizing the monastic and close to it a lifestyle. The belief that God gives satisfaction with one or the other style of clothes, and a mini skirt in heaven cause grief and sorrow — it is just a manifestation of the most backward and savage world view that puts mechanical ritual held up at least some of the magnanimous behavior.

Respond to claims the country more easily. Because it is, to put it mildly, says far not the whole truth, mentioning only those traditions that he is now profitable, sometimes entangled itself in the rhetoric. Take the same birth of a huge number of kids, which is presented as a laudatory tradition. Oh, so it can be linked with plans for the introduction of juvenile justice and the inability to provide these children a decent life style? After all, at least some Russian man realizes that his child does not perceive the quota allocated to the Caucasian republics, the prestigious university will not provide his family with lifting, Bude they want to move to another region. And if you are pessimistic look into the more distant future, we will see that you are giving birth and babies do not currently, and for the same country, which itself decides how to educate a child and what to teach.

No matter what kind of reference to the tradition of the Liberals even though the Imperials, lamenting the death of the Soviet Union, is to ensure that people must submit to the authority, to obey blindly and indisputable. And for what obey — this is the second time. For the sake of a liberal or communist paradise. Yes, even for the sake of the dispensation of the kingdom of God on earth. Is again a mass of people, mass, whose daily interests and needs nothing in comparison with the greatness of purpose.

Not so difficult to imagine and reaction to follow the traditions of the diaspora. As mentioned above, following the Russian customs of them are not satisfied in any way, be it customs of the 19th century, pre-Petrine or kakih-nibud glades with vyatichi. In other words, even if all the Russian girls will wear on his head scarves, skirts will buy for themselves to the ground and will be once a day to go to church any respect on the part of the proud horsemen they do not add to, simply because for them it's all alien and awkward.

By the way, if we assume the hypothetical situation in which Russia will undertake to imitate a particular historical traditions from the south, and it will not be for their salvation. Such acceptance of foreign customs will only be perceived as a weakness, inability to stand up for themselves, with all the nasty consequences in the form of increased violence and abuse.

It is also necessary to say a few words separately and provocation. The concept is very vague and can be interpreted in different ways. All lovers accuse Russian women in the habit of wearing a very provocative outfits, disrupting the rooftop hot Caucasian men would like to ask a common question. Imagine for yourself what you have on your neck on a lanyard hanging mobile. Was at one time a fashion, especially among teenagers. And this phone you with neck pulled off. The arrested kidnapper will later be justified, "Why, I have been provoked. Why such an expensive phone hung open at the neck? Well here resist the temptation? "How do you respond to such justification here?

It is clear that such tests are unlikely to be justified would have had the right memory, as the victim, and the tribunal. So why, then, a mini skirt puts a person in a situation where he himself must be justified? And again, I repeat, it's not certain clothes. If desired, at the occasion is always a rapist. Handkerchief was tied very frivolously or a longish skirt did not quite match the Sharia.

The conclusion must be done very common. You can not let someone else decide for us what we need tradition. We really Russian ourselves to deal somehow, all unnecessary, irrelevant or propaganda-implement otseetsya itself. Not like some traditions, there will be others. Customs because, as the language is not something petrified, they live and develop together with the people.

In any case, you need to keep in mind that the main value is just the well-being of the people and traditions are designed only to help in achieving this very being. It is not necessary to deny yourself some pleasure just because it does not fit the Tipo normal image of the Russian people. Often this offered us the usual way created not just Russian. And much more so should not turn away from pleasant habits and traditions, just because someone does not like them. It's time to learn the truth of the ordinary — you can not be good for everyone. There will always be disgruntled. Try to be quite good for himself. This simple maxim actual works not only on a personal level, but also at the level of inter-ethnic relations.

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