What war are waiting for the worlds population in the near future

In the near future the process of the war in the world is committed to depersonifitsirovaniyu. In this regard, necessarily think about it, but can not it be up to the introduction of non-human army soldiers who will blindly obey only the sole owner, the warmonger. Exactly one can note if you remove the human resource, it will lead to the fact that the sample to keep the peace on the planet, unfortunately, are stupid.

With the production of large defense contractors battlefield will recall the well-known defense system Skynet (Skynet). One gets the impression that we step into a new future in which human impacts significantly decreases, due to the gradual elimination of its production assembly lines.

Central place rightfully occupy aerial "drones" as scouts and combat drones that carry the death from the air thanks to the remote control, ongoing sometimes for thousands of miles from the place of engagement. Not so long ago there were still finding room in marching and knapsack "drones — kamikaze", which can be controlled and remotely and independently.

On par with ordinary soldiers serve in the army, and bots, which are now used for demining operations, intelligence operations and serve as auxiliary and autonomous agents. Also in today's army appeared and the whole fighting system that can unleash a hurricane of fire at the enemy. Apart from this more gaining popularity various unmanned vehicles. For example, the border marine vessels that produce patrols without human assistance.

Delivery of goods from nedavneshnego time engaged in unmanned helicopters, which provide all the necessary (including ammunition) units that carry out military operations. This unmanned system on a theoretical level one can configured for full interaction with the mechanized army units, and thus Makar, remove the need for human presence at all.

Thanks to nanotechnology, "drones" have become increasingly small dimensions. With the help of a robotic insect one can explore more inaccessible places. Nanotechnologies are paying increased attention in the United States. Funding Nanotechnology Initiative Barack Obama could lead in the near future to mechanized warfare, which has no place in the human role. Agency Defense Advanced Research Projects carried out tests of nanotechnology developments aimed at the body armor protection and transport. These developments open up the ability of the full integration of nature with the machine.

Modern military scientists are not the first year receive government financial support for the development and creation of cyborgs that time to the nearest found only in science fiction. Cyborgs-sized insect can play the role of Scouting and bulletproof skin cyborg will serve a good role in the fighting, which inevitably have perished soldiers alive. By scientists and the improvement of human abilities. The obvious example here is the development exoskeletons. Defense industry giant Honeywell is developing a full range of body-to-computer interface, which will provide for the analysis and programming of psychological and physical condition of a fighter using computer programs.

According to the views of the Ministry of Defense and the State Security Agency, the greatest danger for the population of the earth in the near future may become cyberterrorism. In addition in their opinion, to be feared that the field of battle in cyberspace will be the continuation of military operations in the real world at a time when the attack with the help of computers can lead to a real kick. This could lead to an eventual unification of computers and networks working to combat attacks and retaliatory strikes. Population of the earth in this case, one can only wonder the speed with which the situation is out of control.

The modern world is more resembles a computer game in which players are not personally connected with the place of combat. Classified military developments that draw funding from various sources, can significantly outperform zaniya of their society, because, knowing the possibility of doing without fighting role of the human factor, one can only guess that after all of the military developments then kept secret from the public.

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