What war in the Caucasus is in fact

Wait out than talk about the current situation in the North Caucasus, namely in Dagestan, should clearly define a system for assessment. Since the understatement of scale and concealing problems that are out there facing Russia, fear to call a spade a spade — all this does not contribute to the speedy resolution of the situation. Only promotes faster across its aggravation.

Since distorted, relying only on the television and newspaper stamps presentation about the current destructive processes in the Caucasus does not help the development of robust and efficient concept of public policy for the region.

First you need to recognize that the Eastern Caucasus, and, at first, Dagestan enveloped most of the true war. What not so long ago read as only journalists and experts discussed, is now recognized and officials of the country. For example, the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin, speaking on the radio station "Echo of Moscow" on October 9 this year, said frankly: "Unfortunately, the terrain of the North Caucasus, Dagestan, is almost war. " As long as it takes the form of sabotage and guerrilla warfare. But the scale of this opposition, the number of victims and bitterness on both sides over the past 2-3 years only increased. It is already clear that extinguish the fire in the embryo (in 2002 -2004.) Failed because of that municipal governments and law enforcement agencies must choose a very strong action model, with all this, do not zapamyatyvaya on prudence, that already the precarious position of not more aggravated.

We have to admit that the situation is lamentable, because Dagestan a significant portion of the population throughout the year in a state of quiet panic. Everyone who has the opportunity to leave the territory of the republic, and in some places in Russia to get a permanent job, to provide housing for themselves, often do so immediately. Such sentiments are slowly beginning to enfold and Dagestani officials, who at the present time according to information from reliable sources, cook for themselves and their families, "alternate aerodrome" in different regions of the Federation. And after a couple of years back in people's minds the idea of living on an early victory over the bandit underground, but those days are over. At this point in an early victory does not believe almost no one. And as of the 1st of the "optimistic" scenario is considered the prospect of many years of armed conflict, such as the war in Afghanistan.

It is understood that to defeat his opponent should know. And specifically with the Russian authorities face the greatest difficulties. Analyzing the performance of municipal officials and their political decisions taken in respect of war enveloped the republics of the North Caucasus, create memories that their understanding of the current society where operating socio-political forces and the real motives of those who are here for a couple of years, "goes to the woods "for the realization of guerrilla warfare — a very superficial. With whom we encountered there? What is the ideology serve the people who opposed the army and the police, picking up a gun. Why the place of those killed during special operations members of the thugs are coming more and more people?

To answer this question, we need to refute one vserasprostranenny, but very wrong stereotype. The standard of living of the population does not directly related to the prevalence of terror. Many officials and some media never tire tirelessly repeated that the militants are just young people, driven to despair by poverty, which have no prospects in life, but this is not the case. To refute these statements, you can simply browse the kill militants in recent years, and find their social structure.

Here are some names vskidku. Rappani Khalilov — businessman; Rasul Makasharipov — businessman, Rashid Gazilaliev — teacher DGPU, PhD, of the tooth Hiyasov — Kumyk director of the theater, past Deputy Culture DASSR; Abuzar Mantaev — MGIMO graduate and PhD; Rimihan Ziyadov — the player Caspian "DagDiesel" PFC, which stands in the second Russian division, they are all social outcasts, they are poor and needy?

And the thing is that war the Caucasus, and, namely, in Dagestan No social or even ethnicity, she first spiritual values is.

Value-ideological split inside Dagestan society has already occurred. Society is divided into two camps: those who fully recognizes the rights of Russian modern (secular) society and is willing to live and to obey his laws, and those for whom the source of norms, is the sole and undisputed — Sharia. And in this case it is not a question of any immediate values, there are still serious: addresses the issue of the essence of the human being, of the highest level of values.

Specifically, this is the factor which and intends intransigence and bitterness coming hostilities. It would be a grave mistake to ignore it. So how exactly this fact is responsible for the degree of fanatical hatred militants when they voluntarily go to the martyrs, and in death video clips showing satisfaction from the fact that as a result of terrorist attacks with them deprived of life 10s "Kafer and apostates." So Makar, we are dealing not with hatred for law enforcement agencies or to the authorities of the Republic. It feels much more imee deepest roots. First, it's intolerance of anything tenor of modern life in Dagestan, and of the whole of the Russian Federation in all its abundance, bears do not even religious, but rather even irrational existential nature. Specifically, these people make up the core of thugs in the republics of the Caucasus.

To understand all this, one has only to take a closer read into those promotional materials and articles which are placed on the media resources of the separatists.

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