What was he — King of Fear?

I. Occult Nazism = + armored divisions.

The Nazi Connection with occult teachings and rituals of the East for some time regarded as a myth created hoaxer stories III Reich. This attitude to this interesting question is based primarily on the absence of the relevant documents, and partly destroyed by the Nazis, and partly hidden by them. One of the prosecutors from the Allies at the Nuremberg trials of the Nazis in his speech that even the leaders of the process were deliberately removed evidence of ritual and occult aspects of the III Reich.

Veil on the mysteries of magic model Hitler's National Socialism parted in recent years kriptoistoriki, that is those experts who study the secret forces that control (according to conspiracy theorists, experts in conspiracy) world historical processes. Kriptoistorikov diligence have been discovered preserved documents about the activities of the mystical order "Ahnenerbe" ("Ancestral Heritage"), created by Himmler in the bowels of the SS, the Nazi contacts with the secret monastic orders of Tibet through a small colony of the Buddhists, originated in Berlin in 1928 after the collapse of the mystical Society Tula, about regularly go up to 1943 SS expeditions to the Himalayas to search for manuscripts of sacred texts in Tibetan monasteries and Buddhist practices to study the occult.

Recent studies show that the activity "Ahnenerbe" Nazis spent more money than Americans spent on nuclear Manhattan Project. It seems that they were right kriptoistoriki J. Berger and L. Powell, who wrote the book "Morning Magicians": "Nazism is magic plus armored divisions."

Pedigree regard National Socialism with the occult practices of the East is closely intertwined with the widely spread in the world Theosophy teachings amazing Russian woman, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, and anthroposophy (the German version of Theosophy) Austrian Rudolf Steiner, who called himself in 1915 — "the prophet of the mission German race. " Blavatsky claimed that she had received initiation from Mahatma mysterious (divine lamas) in remote areas of the Himalayas. She said, and that the secret history of mankind is fully described only in the handwriting as "Stanzas Jiang" kept and guarded from the profane to the Tibetan monasteries hidden in mountain caves and underground labyrinths of Central Asia. Blavatsky, and later the world famous Roerich argued that there are centers of esoteric training and dedication Divine Master of the Aryan race in the underground city Agadi (Agharta, Akharti), located on the site of Babylon, and the legendary Himalayan country of Shamballa. These messages resonated with the idea of the existence of secret theocracy East, which, being led by the King (Master) of the World, or the King (Lord), Fear and Trembling, supervises the world history of utopian isotopic underground kingdom of Shambhala Agharta or in the heart of Tibet — in a bright oasis Gobi Desert.

Comes from an underground temple, "symbolizing the power of eloquence source right hand" in the fortress-city of the Kingdom of Agharta. The second source — "symbolizing the power of force source of the left hand" — a consequence of Shambhala. This Tibetan legend was launched in the late XIX century. Englishman Sir E. Bulwer-Lytton ("indirect parent" comics), Frenchman Yves Saint d'Alveydra, Polish FA Ossendowski, and Hitler, as he strongly emphasized based his "doctrine."

Blavatsky described in her "Secret Doctrine" and esoteric history of mankind, and the occult Cosmogenesis somewhat echoed Hyperborean Nordic and theories, which produced in the early centuries Ariosophy, racist doctrine of the superiority of the Aryan race. Occult gnosis and secret hierarchy preached Ariosophy accounted basis policies originated III Reich.

At the same time, in the heart of Europe, in Germany, Karl Haushofer and Theodor Morelli (one — a future dedicated teacher, and the other — the future of Adolf Hitler's personal physician) started building in Berlin Buddhist mystic of the "Thule Society." By Hyperborean theory of its founder Herman Wirth even before the death of the continent of Atlantis suffered terrible natural cataclysm Thule — Magic center Nordics Germanic ancestors of the Aryans, who, like the Atlantis of Plato, was part of the mainland. However, most of Thule is not lost, as it was with Atlantis, but only moved, existing today, and the remnants of the Aryan ancestors survived to our time, hidden in the Himalayas.
Haushofer and Morelli back in 1904 — 1912 years. have visited Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, in search of unknown European scholars of ancient Tibetan manuscripts containing texts esoteric occult Cosmogenesis.

Thule Society soon after its organization in 1916, had to play along with a few other esoteric organizations central to building III Reich (by the way, in 1919, it was under the supervision of a member of the Thule Society was made bloody counterrevolutionary massacre in Munich). In the practice of the Thule Society, and later — the Order "Ahnenerbe", were introduced Tibetan occult rituals associated primarily with the technique of psycho-physical exercises of Tibetan yoga. In particular, and Nazi symbols, including swastikas, Nazi Germany came in from Tibet.

It should be borne in mind is rightly said Deacon Andrei Kuraev in the book "Satanism for intellectuals (about Roerich and Orthodoxy)": "Nazism had two racist theories: exoterically advocacy and esoteric. Propaganda racism is well known:" the power of the Aryans, down with the Jews! . "But it was no more than a cover for another, occult understood racism. Germans are by no means" master race ", but the new occult humanity, which heralded the arrival of the" secret doctrine "… Germans for the Nazi elite — no more than material used for more important goals coming Superman. " Deacon Kurayev also stresses that the practice of the occult racism did not neglect any of the Jewish mysticism of Kabbalah, or secret teachings of the many Masonic orders and lodges (Order of New Templar Lodge Shining, etc.) that the German Theosophists-Nazis "confrontation" Christianity-magism "was more important than the "Aryan-Jew." Also Pauwels and Bergier and quoted some French psychiatrist, "… Hitler's real aim was to implement the act of creation, a divine operation … biological mutation, which as a result could … produce "a sign of a new race of heroes — the demigods, half-human."

For the conquest of world domination Nazis tried to establish contact with the all-powerful theocracy East: "We have an alliance with the Master of the World or the King of Terror, who has ruled the secret city in the East. Those who signed the pact, could transform this earth, human life acquires new meaning to thousands of years … the world has changed: The Gods will stand in the center of the Earth. If we do not enter into an alliance with them, and do not become gods, we find ourselves among the slaves in the manure pile, which will feed the roots all over the emerging new cities. "

"King of Fear" as the supreme spiritual master of the Nazi occult adepts were they found. With him out of Germany maintained communication through radio and transmitter, and with the help of Tibetan esoteric decks. However, the name "King of Fear", unless his identity was not mythical, it remained unclear. Kriptoistoriki re-read the biographies of many prominent occultists of the century, and came to the conclusion that only one of them could be in the role of "King of Fear."

II. "Cagliostro XX century."

He has had many names, and biographies. The second half of his life he called himself George (sometimes — Sergey) Ivanovitch Gurdjieff. He called himself a native of the Caucasus Georgian origin. According to the documents, he was a Greek, born in Gumbri (Alexandroupoli). The year of his birth is not known exactly: some historians cite the date 1846, and others — in 1873 (he always looked fifty years). He spoke in broken Russian, with a strong accent.

He studied philosophy, astrology, medicine, religious ceremonies and dances, Sufism, history, archeology, engineering, linguistics, music, ballet, carpet weaving, and even cooking.

In his youth he traveled to Persia, India, Tibet. Then he went through the Caucasus to Europe. In 1924, with a tour of his ballets ("Fighting Magi", etc.) based on the ritual dances and dances, he and his team made a tour of U.S. cities (New York, Boston, Chicago). In 1949 he visited the United States to give lectures. In the year of his death, he again visited the United States to give lectures, which gathered thousands of followers of his teachings.

Through the efforts of researchers biography Gurdjieff was solved in many details, and this biography really was extraordinary, because it more closely resembles the chronological biography of Cagliostro or even biographies of several different people.

Birthplace of Gurdjieff — Baikal Russian Empire. The name given to him at birth — Aqua Dzhardzhilikov Hambro. In 1880, he was a Buryat lama arrived in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, and entered a novice monk at Drepung monastery named Chomang Lobzang. Later as a result of initiation in Lhasa he took honorary names, titles, first Khendecheta, and then — Tsannis Khanpo.

In 1898 Dzhardzhilikov returned to Russia. Here he first used the name — and Ngakuvangdorzhe Akohvan Darzhilikov, and then began to call himself Hamro Aqua Dorjiev (Dorzhiev — Russian transcription Tibetan phrase "thunder"). The Russian Transbaikalia Dorzhiev, collecting of Buddhist population donations Lhasa monasteries, most pursued his goal — the spread of Tibetan Lamaism (Tibetan form of Buddhism.) However, shortly after a visit to St. Petersburg, he received a formal referral to Lhasa, capital of Tibet, where he had several years to carry out a diplomatic mission in Russia, associated with attempts Islands-treatment of Tibet, follows a policy of isolation, the scope of the political interests of the Russian Tsar.

In Tibet, Lama Dorzhiev friends with the Dalai Lama, who is impressed. Support for the Dalai Lama helped Dorzhiev operate between Lhasa and St. Petersburg, the two countries agreed to prepare the text of a treaty between Russia and Tibet, and Tibet was leaking Russian weapons. Soon Tibetans instigated invasion of the British Empire, moving at 15 km border posts into the British protectorate of Sikkim. Dorzhiev assured everyone that in the spring of 1904 in Lhasa will be Russian Cossack regiment.

In December 1903 the British began a military operation against Tibet. On the next pass in front Dzhelop gone and the Dalai Lama, and Lama Dorje. Russia in military conflict not intervened, and British forces under the command of Francis Jan ghazbenda successfully completed their mission. Dalai Lama and Dorzhiev fled to Mongolia. However, after the withdrawal of British troops from Tibetan Lama Dorzhiev repeatedly returned to Lhasa. There met him Haushofer and Morelli.

In 1912, Professor George Gurdjieff metaphysics appears in St. Petersburg, where published a book "In search of fragments of unknown teachings." Then he moved to Essentuki, purchasing a house, and since 1919 he has lived and worked in Tbilisi. Here he opened with the permission of the Ministry of Education "Institute of Harmonious Development of Man," in which dozens of his students acquire physical and aesthetic education and education "system GIG (George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff)." Gurdjieff comes to international fame: his "system GIG" is distributed in Moscow, Bombay and Alexandria, in Kabul and New York, Chicago and Stockholm.

After Tbilisi Gurdjieff gets to Constantinople, then — in Germany (only three months), and finally, in 1920 settles in an old Parisian palace of Fontainebleau, with a lovely garden and a vast forest, where he moved at the invitation of Raymond Poincare, President of the French Republic III. In 1924, a group of 40 students, he toured the United States, representing there the ballet. Then — lectures Gurdjieff in England and edited texts of the lectures in the form of "fourth way".

Glory to Gurdjieff comes after his death, when it began to be published numerous works. Their publication was carried out only after this was allowed Gurdjieff himself to his disciples, when he gathered them together in New York before his death. Gurdjieff died in Paris.

But back to our headline, ask yourself, "So was the boy?". Whether the IG was the King of Terror, which communicate with and consult the leaders of the Thule Society, and then the order "Ahnenerbe"? ".

Well, it depends, though installed and Gurdjieff adventures in the Himalayas, including his meeting with the founder of the Thule Society and the Buddhist roots of the occult doctrines and symbols of Nazism, and participation in the protection of Tibetan lamas Berlin (nearly 12,000 Tibetans died in 1945 at the Brandenburg Gate !). Almost all the documents seized and destroyed or utaeny.
Categorically denies any kind of Nazi connection with the teachings and theories of Gurdjieff and Blavatsky, Roerich and their disciples and followers, although this connection is undeniable and obvious (but it indirectly). As for the King of Terror, then, if he — not the fruit of a hoax, his role one of the most prominent occultists XX century. does not fit better than the IG

From the book Odessa UFO I.N.Kovshun, V.I.Kovshun, "Astrology, the" flying saucer ", the abnormal phenomena in the light of cultural essay"

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