What was the last year for the Russian army and the defense-industrial complex?

On New Year is usually accepted summarize. What was the year gone to the Russian army and the defense-industrial complex?


An important event of 2010 in the field of defense and international strategic stability in the signing of the contract of long-suffering START-3. No matter how the Americans tried to put the Russian side in the conditions under which the agreement became unprofitable to us, they had to sign an option that is acceptable to everyone, first to Moscow. The situation with the ratification of the START-3 in the South American Senate was very complicated, the approval of the contract could fail at any step. Our homeland was already preparing to begin considering options for the development of their strategic nuclear forces (SNF) scenario, which excludes any restrictions.

But all went well. Yet Americans have added to the START-3 about 30 pages of additional criteria. They are able to dilute the content of the contract and change it in favor of Washington. For example, there is a requirement for the U.S. administration to begin negotiations with Russia on tactical nuclear weapons. Him, according to the views of the U.S. Senate, we have "indecent lot." But Moscow is unlikely to go for it. One way or another, but here Duma approved the ratification of the START-3 in the first reading.

New missiles, planes, tanks

In 2010, the Russian army continued to intensively re-started earlier. In the SNF was formed the first regiment of mobile ground missile systems with the newest intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) "yars". Supplied rockets and mines, "Topol-M". The official launch of the latest proven extremely heavy intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

Continued upgrading of the missile warning — construction of new types of radar "Voronezh". Equipped with new locators air defenses. Namely, in the Far East, commissioned over-the-horizon radar to detect targets at distances of thousands of kilometers on the very low altitude.

The main event was the launch aircraft for testing of the new fighter of the 5th generation T-50. By the end of the year, it became clear that the second instance of the machine is almost ready and will soon begin to fly. And third, many systems have already kitted serial fighter on the way. And began creating serial fighter of the 4 + + Su-35s. First aircraft, however, will be ready only in 2011.

The number of new attack helicopters Mi-28N is set to the troops, is already 40 cars. There were also the first 6 serial Ka-52A. The Army has also received several 10-s transport and attack helicopters Mi-8MTV5 and Mi-8AMTSh.

Troops came to the new tanks T-90A and T-72BA upgraded. A total of 300 of these machines. But hopefully tank object 195, the assurances of the Department of Defense, has been closed. However, this coincided with the start of work on the latest programmke "Armata", in which will be applied on the reserve tank.

And with yourself about. 195 is not yet clear — MO may change your mind. In any case, there is confidence that by that date — in 2015, will be made by the new tanks and other vehicles languishing. And armored combat vehicles and light middle class — work on them heavily funded.

Who has what hurts …

Having fun is what the news of the ratification of the START-3 in the United States was far not the most important. Over the ocean, more extensively elaborated a law allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military. President Obama has even escorted this "historical" document speech in which South American Gay said that "for us would be honored to build you into the ranks of our army — the best army in the history of mankind." However, the South American military in its own weight do not share his beliefs. They believe that now and in the shower them can trap dangerous.

Reform and teaching

In 2010, the troops conducted a number of exercises, including the big ones. This is the classical school of strategic nuclear forces, naikrupneyshie strategic exercises "Vostok-2010" joint maneuvers with the Chinese "Peace Mission — 2010". By the way, the last of our fighters were excellent, "showing the face of the product." But the Chinese, demonstrating own tank Type-99G, which they refer to as "the best in the world", left frustrated. Their tanks were shooting a lot worse than the moderate T-72BA of the on our part. Despite the presence of the thermal imager, the Chinese are particularly bad shot out NIGHT MODE. But in the Chinese media published articles about the importance of serving friendship with the "northern neighbor." The fact that the Russian Federation has excellent army and the soldiers, which can be broken-down in a peaceful environment, but good soldiers in the war.

Foreign factor

Very many in the past year has been controversy about the supply of weapons to our military overseas. Around buy French amphibious assault ship "Mistral" copies have been broken, a lot. Someone argued that the Russian Federation in general they are not needed. Or that our designers and with mustaches — just give them the tools, and in three years they will give birth to the project. And yet the purchase will take place. Two of the ships built by the French, and two more — we do.

Caused a huge debate intention of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to adopt the Italian ultralight armored vehicle IVECO LMV M65 Lince («Lynx"). Many experts believe that our Russian "Tiger" is no worse, and she "Lynx" has flaws. There were hints of active corruption and the political component of the transaction. Yes, policies in transactions with partners from Europe an old lot. But the "Lynx" with "Tiger" nobody associates — these are the machines of different weight classes. "Tiger" on the M65, no one will change, it will be replaced "Tiger-M". Well, "Lynx" while only 17 will buy pieces for testing in the army. After removing part of the modular armor, "an Italian" can be transported even on the suspension of the Mi-8. But she came here and opponent — Russian armored car "Wolf." What is the "predator" will overcome — will tell.
One thing is clear — the Russian military-industrial complex has lost the status of a monopolist and must now compete with foreigners. How effective would a similar shake-up is not yet clear. But do not be a danger of "Lynx", the same "Wolf" for a long time have not yet appeared.

Santa Claus gives honor

In conclusion — Christmas story. Have you ever beheld saluted Santa Claus throughout the put his uniform: a hat, a beard and a bag of gifts? And it happens. One soldier wanted to congratulate their children on New Year, got hold of a friend's entire dedmorozovskuyu equipment, folded purchased gifts in the bag and went home so. But got to meet Colonel, Chief of Staff of the Division. Naturally, the military reflexes triggered — Santa Claus gives honor. Colonel "on automatic" saluted back, runs a couple steps, and before he realizes that he has exchanged greetings military … with Santa Claus. The chief of staff followed suit looks, grins and goes further — it also offers house.
In the New Year, there are people to meet him in the service. Hunt all of them wish that they spend more time at home with our loved ones! Happy New Year!

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