What were Russian ladies?

For most of today's young people Russian ladies — it is their mother and grandmother. And even grandparents. And, sometimes, in spite of these old ladies, always getting stuck with recounting trivia at the cash register in the store, not just present as they once were. And all the more difficult to even imagine what kind of an unusual fate awaited many of them. How did they manage to create at once the greatest power in the world, beat in the most merciless war and we grow with you?


Usually "Brief Notes …" I start with the past, with stories. Now I wish to start with the present. At the current time in urban environments Pervoural'sk live almost 98 thousand people of working age. Men and women of working age in Pervouralsk also almost equally. But the married guys significantly less than married women. How came this difference — it is clear: a significant portion of the guys who are in the so-called the "civil union" see themselves as single.

Labeling cohabitation "civil marriage" began relatively recently. At the time Russian civilian marriage was called marriage, recorded in the acts of the state of civilian registry office (hence the title of the matter …). In essence, the USSR had only two types of marriage: civil and ecclesiastical …
That is not to get confused during the last census in Russia introduced the notation 2 kinds of marriages, "civil" and "official."

Of course, you can mistreat to political activities of the former governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel, but speaking about "civil marriage", it is not liberal, explaining his vile men who wish to live with a lady and not to take on responsibilities.
Often, in this context, they say that we have in Russia, usually "10 girls — nine guys." And that's not true. At a young age (at least the last in the Sverdlovsk region) guys more than give about 10 — 15%. Just ladies on average live longer and due to their statistics indicate dominance ladies in general.

In the Soviet attitude toward marriage was very different. Cohabitation without marriage was not a frequent occurrence. Even immediately after the stateliness Russian war, when the spousal age guys really felt the last defect, the number of marriages jumped sharply. As noted by demographers' population was aimed at the fact that the non-marriage — an anomaly, and he has no future. "
Dry newspaper wording is hard to convey. But the widow, in which his wife died at the front after the war really was excruciatingly hard to make the newest family. They are still waiting for a couple of years of the past to the front wife — "and all of a sudden come back!"

The majority of post-war women who risked to remain virgins because of the lack of old guys often, even had no idea that you can not marry for love.
Russian government has also applied for marriage quite differently than today. At the bachelors who want to live in a "civil union" and feel it imposes tax blank.
And families, by contrast, helped. It is not even about large families. The Government has welcomed a new marriage and pays the money to buy engagement rings. Young families have benefits and to receive free housing.
Yes there marriage …
Even more revealing would be possible for children.


Russian ladies are not only to marriage, and the children were treated very differently than today. Today's ladies "want to live for yourself" because of their kids are sometimes seen as a burden, as an irrational waste of resources. Here's just one, but a good example. In 1942, together with the evacuees in Pervouralsk lived a little more than 57 thousand people. They lived in huts with shared bedroom for personal homes and even in the dugouts. In fact, all sold only on the cards. Spouses significant part of the ladies were on the front …
You know how in 1942 were adopted in Pervouralsk kids?
21 people!
In 2011 Pervouralsk lived about 150 thousand people. In the barracks living units in the dugouts lived one, many ladies often changed their husbands do not even registering a marriage. According to preliminary data in a small town was 65 thousand private cars.
You know how many kids adoptions in 2011?
20 people!
The figure is almost like in 1942.
But do not take the time to rejoice!
Citizens of the Russian Federation of the 20 babies were adopted only 12.

The list of mothers with many children, too, was not an example of today. Here are just some of pervouralochek — in which babies are born in one of only 1940 th year:

Mahnutina AS — 9th child.
Shakirhanova — 8th child.
Bazhukova ME — 8th child.
Grudtsina AI — 8th child.
Mezenin MD — 8th child.
Rzhagnnikova M.F — 8th child.
Kharitonov M.U — 7th child.
Konkova AI — 7th child.
And so on …

Girls were also others!
Here, for example, a small article in the newspaper "Ural trubnik" in 1942:

"In the days of holding dvuhdekadnika, as well as at this time to assist the families of soldiers Timurovtsev work was carried out by shuttle bus fuel in apartments families of soldiers helped to chop and saw wood. Total Timurovtsev drive up fuel 60 cu. Team captains Tkachev Oborina, Hoffmann for dvuhdekadnika drove up and sawed 20 cu. firewood to families of soldiers comrade. St George's, Zyryanova, Mikheyeva etc.
The best number 10 school teams are the teams captains Hunger Lydia Mahach Helena Osadcha Ina. Timurovtsev are frequent visitors at the Comrades Zvyagina, physics, etc. Pantileevoy Timurovtsev that school days are transported on their own dvuhdekadnika 1000 kg. Coal for the families of soldiers. Teams of school number 11 Dunaeva M., L. Mironova, Ponomariova drove up and split the wood for the families of soldiers 18 cu.
Timurovtsev school number 15 moved 20 cubic meters. firewood. The best team in the days of dvuhdekadnika was the team captain Smith Ella. "

All Timurovtsev — girls. The boys sharpened mines in craft workshops. At the moment there are a lot of men for themselves what it means to saw by hand and split the 20 cubic meters of wood! A large part of and will not be able to do so.


On labor ladies during the majestic Russian war is written very many. Thread swing and misrepresented. Liberal historians are convinced that the work of the Soviet Union in general, and even more so in the years of work will give Lofty Russian War, was slave. Adjective!
But it is the most horrid heresy, which are modern, like, men have composed about our mothers and grandmothers.
Let's compare.

During the war, the Army and Navy of the USSR was intended to 29 million 574 thousand people. This is a tremendous value!
Before the war, the number of industrial workers and employees in the USSR reached 10 million 967 thousand people., Then by 1942 it decreased to 7 million 171 thousand people.
While the total number of workers in the Russian industry has decreased dramatically, the share of women increased very much. In 1942, it accounted for 53%, in 1943 — 57%, in 1944 — 55%.
More than half!

And in 1944 in Germany as a whole over the full mobilization. People fucking was not enough, but with all this was unemployment. Nothing can be done about capitalism!
Of the 42 million German women were considered employed only 16 million people. At what
most of them in the service sector.
By 1944, after the German attack on the Soviet Union the number of bank officials and trade in Germany fell by only 16%, domestic workers became fewer in number by 9%.
By the way in the UK during the war, domestic workers remained exclusively in the most affluent homes that at the units.
We Germans fraction of the ladies in the industry in 1941 was 26%, in 1942 g — 28%, in 1943 — 32% in 1944 remained about the same as the ratio …
Because the guys working in the industry of the USSR, for example, in 1942, was less than the industry in Germany is 2.1 times!

In the Russian Industry and ladies and guys together in 1942 worked less than in the German industry of German men. And if the Germans-men add on working ladies of the trapped workers, prisoners of war in France, Poland and the Soviet Union engaged in the industry, ostarbeiters, the numerical domination of the Third Reich in the number of workers (especially skilled workers are men) will be incomparable.

But the whole crowd was producing weapons less than the Russian ladies!

PS: One modern historian who has studied the exploits of the young Russian people in the 40 years of the twentieth century, exclaimed in amazement:
"How can you people 40s who loved truly, truly lived and worked in earnest, have such pathetic, grow up?"
Maybe not right was a young historian. It may be in our midst, now living, there are people with an empty soul. And lives in the soul particle Russian Union — the little woman hopes for something light, the good, the true!

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