What will be the new Russian aircraft carriers?

A couple of years military experts, fans of military affairs and media discussions are necessary to build new aircraft carriers for the Russian Navy. In late June of last year, all these concoctions have received a new impetus for the development of: the President of the United Shipbuilding Company R. Trocenko caveat that in one of the naval design bureau of the country started preparatory work on a promising carrier. A year earlier, the date for the start of construction of a new ship with vsepolnotsennym air armament was named in 2018. To build an aircraft carrier plans was given by the then 5 years. The smallness of the late head of the Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov also spoke about the new aircraft carrier. According to him, the construction of these ships, if you will, is not before 2020. In the current re-state program funds for the construction of aircraft carriers are not provided. But for funding the development of these vessels minister did not say anything that could be interpreted, including, and as proof that the new aircraft carriers — to be.

Year back Trocenko read that a new aircraft carrier will certainly get a nuclear power plant. So Makarov as ephemeral craft project will be the second Russian aircraft carrier "on the nuclear course." In the late 80's began construction of an aircraft carrier "Ulyanovsk". But due to the collapse of the Union of Russian and the ensuing problems of braked at around 50% completion. Mounted with 27 thousand tons of redundant structures were dismantled. Dismantling construction was started in 1992. After 20 years, after which re-launched intensive discussions on the construction of new ships of the same class. According to the statements of the previous year, at the end of the current 2012, the Defense Ministry will receive consideration for preparatory project the new ship.

View a promising carrier is not completely clear. Of course, that will be the foundation of his arms aviation group. But there are severe doubts on the subject of "collateral" guns. And a clear structure of aircraft and helicopters is the topic for debate. As an example, the experience of service now only Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov Russian." The proud name of "aircraft carrier", this ship was due to the fact that under the flight deck on it are located twelve silos for anti-ship missiles such as "Granite". When the project was created the ship, such unification looked exciting and promising. But in the following years, the military concluded that the uselessness of RCC on the ship, whose purpose — to ensure the operation of airplanes and helicopters. Finally, in the late 90's ship for some reason lost the ability to use missiles. According to one version, while technical operations combat control station missiles was ineradicable damage. In the end, is almost 15 years our only aircraft carrier can not fully justify this classification definition. Yet, a number of specialized professionals and the military believe that the loss of the missile weapons, although reduced capacity ship is still not proved fatal to the tactical plan. Because the new aircraft carrier, perhaps, will not have launchers for anti-ship missiles. Appropriate amounts can be used with greater utility, for example, for the growth of under-deck hangars or tanks for jet fuel.

The latter is seen promising aircraft carrier will come in handy very many. According to the president of USC, aviation group of the new ship should be composed of 10 July s aircraft. Curiously, the same number of aircraft provided the project 1143.7, which was based on "Ulyanovsk". So Makar, you can get a rough idea of the air arms of the new ship. On the "Ulyanovsk" were based:
— 24 Su-33;
— 24 MiG-29K;
— 4 AWACS and electronic warfare aircraft Yak-44;
— 16 anti-submarine helicopters Ka-27;
— 2 search-and-rescue helicopter Ka-27PS.

With such a composition of the aviation group "Ulyanovsk" in the quantitative amount of the majority Fri could compete with South American aircraft carriers of the "Nimitz". But it was never built, and the comparison can only be empirical. As for the created (?) Aircraft carrier, it is possible that the composition of planes and helicopters on board will be different. First, because of the fact that full compliance with the plans of old times is useful to bring the project MiG-29K and anew to design work on the aircraft carrier-based radar. And if the ship relative to the MiG-29K is at least some hope in view of the Indian order of these aircraft, the AWACS relatively palubnika today there is no information. Cause for optimism helicopters — rotorcraft company "Kamov" have good potential, and their family in 2020 completely can be extended with new deck "cousins."

Separate discussion is intended tactical niche of the new ship. During last year's debate question a couple of times a figure of 4-6 required fleet of aircraft carriers. Certainly, a number of ships required to be made on the grounds some harsh, not including the phrase "to have." For example, we can take the experience of the United States — a country with a larger carrier fleet in the world. Americans use their aircraft carriers as the basis for carrier strike groups (CSGs). The structure of such compounds include one aircraft carrier with air wings, one or two guided-missile cruisers project Ticonderoga, three or four destroyers project Arleigh Burke, two or three types of multi-purpose submarines Los Angeles or Virginia and several support vessels. So Makar, the U.S. can keep right on duty more than 10 AUG, which allows you to quickly respond to the configuration of the political and military situation. As shown, the concept AUG completely sufficient for most emerging challenges of our time. Totally could be that the new Russian aircraft carriers will provide ground carrier strike groups Russian Navy. If this is the assumption of the theorem, it is entirely possible that the Russian standard AUG 20's of this century will be willing to look further way. One aircraft carrier new project, Project 1144 missile cruiser "Orlan", several new destroyers, which are planned to start building in 2016, and the submarine Project 885 "Ash". This version states that the fact that the Russian Defense Ministry wants to return in 2020 to build three cruisers of project 1144. Due to various circumstances in the 90s exploitation cruiser "Kirov", "Admiral Lazarev" and "Admiral Ushakov" was suspended. In the end of the 4 "eagles" Now our fleet has only one combat-ready ship — it's rocket cruiser "Peter the Great", the carrier service in the Northern Fleet. As for the submarine project 885 "Ash", the total amount of their after 2020 will increase to 10-12, and promising destroyers by this time will be built in a series of 6 units.

Of course, the version on the development of aircraft carrier battle groups is quite plausible. But from the information about the pace of building ships that first we will see a similar compound, in the best case, in the twentieth year. Thus in 2020 the "core" is the newest AUG "Admiral Kuznetsov". Although a possible date is 2022-25 years. Of course, provided that there is purpose to create AUG. It should be noted that South American aircraft carrier strike groups in the past couple of years are used for the main role in operations to "plan
ting democracy," as it is often called. Our homeland is not seen in similar things, because Russian AUG further tasks to be done, the good of the American aircraft carrier task colleagues. Most likely, these units will be used for strategic missile submarine patrols. In addition, the management of our Navy did not once talk about the need for aircraft carriers responsible for patrolling areas for anti-submarine work, the coastal areas of enemy attacks, control of the country's longest sea border, etc. In fact, all this is the original purpose of the existence of modern aircraft carriers.

Regardless of the specific goals that will be challenging for the crews of our new aircraft carriers, the construction of these ships will benefit not only to the Navy. Over the past couple of decades, Russian shipbuilding, let's be honest, confused old capacity and substantially reduced the amount of manufactured swimming facilities. Accordingly, the order for the design and construction of four aircraft carriers even help Russian naval design office to catch up for lost time, and shipbuilding companies — to provide a decent life for their employees. In the end, with the commissioning of similar ships combat capability of the Russian Navy noticeable increase, which will allow to strengthen the presence of our ships in the oceans.

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