What will the new Fleet

Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin, voicing the details of the formation of the State of weapons programs from 2011-2020, outlined the prospects of re-equipment of the Russian Navy.

According to him, one can realize that the basis of applets will be heading for unification, the backbone of the Navy's submarine fleet will be, first nuclear submarine.

At the current time, the fleet is going through the best of times, most of the ships almost dies of old age. If you do not start a large-scale renovation of the Navy right at the moment, then in 10-20 years (depending on whether the ships normally served) of the Russian Federation remains even without that, there is at the moment, will be retired Russian giants of the past era. Russia will hold, at most, a detachment of ships in each direction — Dark, Baltic Sea, Arctic and Pacific Oceans. In other words, the maximum that the Navy will be able to — it's scaring poachers to catch smugglers. Protect the marine borders of the Russian Federation, the Russian coast, do puzzles in the ocean Navy fail.

The unification of the fleet

Almost time to 2020 — this is the year when you need to make the backbone of a new fleet that will change the outgoing Russian fleet still time. If over the years nothing will be produced from or perform only part of the applets, the Russian armed forces almost distractedly naval component.

Moreover, you can not build anything in a row, you need to create a specific core of the fleet, systematically laying the whole series of ships. Judging from the voiced parts of the State programs from weapons for 2011-2020., Now the main trend of development of the Russian Navy — the highest standardization of new designs of ships and submarines, achieved through the use of standardized power plants, weapons systems, combat information and control systems, electronic equipment, etc . etc.

This approach, adopted by all the leading naval powers, should reduce the cost, simplify and, consequently, accelerate the construction of the fleet, and to facilitate its upcoming Installing and maintaining combat readiness in the foreseeable future will allow to overcome the bad tendencies that have taken place even in Russian times.

It will be done with the irrational variety of projects warships designed to perform similar tasks, the ships will be unified and will be able to do a wide range of combat missions — air defense, anti-submarine warfare, fighting against enemy ships, support for ground forces by sea.

It should be noted, a similar approach was made back in the 80s in the USSR, it was then embarked on a promising development of weapons and equipment, which will now be used on new warships of the Russian Navy. It is necessary to think, if not the destruction of the USSR, these massive ships would begin to build back in the 90's.

Submarine force

Submarine fleet remains the mainstay of the Russian Navy. First, we are talking about nuclear fleet — with the IDB, multi-purpose submarines.

By 2020, the fleet must enter 8 Project 955 submarines with missiles "Mace". These missile submarines with more than 700 nuclear warheads form the basis of Russian strategic nuclear forces over the next few decades.

Base multipurpose fleet of nuclear submarines of the project will amount to 885 "Ash". The head of this type of boat "Severodvinsk" was launched in the summer of 2010. These are very expensive, but massive nuclear submarines have to change in the coming 15 years, three types of submarines — projects 671, 945 and 949A Russian buildings (total 15 units). At the current time in the shipyards built another submarine project "Ash" in the years 2011-2018. lay another 6 "Ash," 2025 is likely build another 2-4 "Ash". The project is very expensive and difficult, but on a more regular and cheap submarines do not have time. Because the construction of "Ash" will last along with their improvement.

The base diesel fleet will make improvements on the well-known "Varshavyanka" — Project 636M submarines. The head of this type of boat for the Black Sea Fleet founded in August 2010. They will replace an old "Varshavyanka."

There are 677 project "Lada". Head submarines of this project — "St. Petersburg" Launched in 2004, joined the Navy after only 6 years. According to the available disk imaging, the main prepyadstviya these submarines are to hydroacoustic equipment and power plant. So we decided not to risk it and build a modernized "Varshavyanka" submarine fleet needed right at the moment. But the fine-tuning of the "Harmony" will continue. Diesel submarines plan to build approximately 10 units by 2020.

Surface fleet

Surface fleet need to change nearly all, the old ships of about 90%. Only a small part of the ships can be upgraded to the extension service.

Command of the Armed Forces, apparently, decided not to risk it and begin to rebuild the Navy with the most conventional ships (a cheap and relatively small), and later move to larger, complex and costly fighting units. So, went into operation in the 20380 corvette "Guarding", launched on 1st corvette, corvette laid down another 3. It is planned to build 35 units in 10 years.

Right behind corvettes began construction of ocean-going ships — is Project 22350 frigates, the first Russian big ships made in the post-Soviet era. Bookmark the lead ship of this project — "Russian Admiral Gorshkov" — was accomplished February 1, 2006 at the St. Petersburg shipyard "Severnaya Verf", launched on 29 October 2010. Total mean laying down and build 10-12 units by 2020. But the construction is delayed because decided to build new frigates along with a series of ships of project 11356, already mastered Russian industry in export orders for India. They need to be unified with the ships of the last generation equipment and the main weapons systems that will reduce the differences between them to a minimum. It is understood that in the coming 10 years in order to enter the order of 5-6-ships of project 11356.

After the frigates and corvettes will build a massive ships — the destroyers of the last generation. Ship design creates a displacement of about 10,000 tons, it also meant to equip the same for all surface fleet universal launchers, standard combat information and control system and other standardized equipment.

With all of this all surface ships and multipurpose nuclear submarine will standardize on the main armament, which in the near future will be a single ship missile complex "Movement", which uses various types of ordnance and destination.

Together with the destroyers will be built amphibious assault ships. If a political decision is taken, it is the core of the fleet of nuclear submarines, conventional submarine, corvettes, frigates, destroyers, amphibious ships, will be enhanced by upgrading the languid missile cruisers, and the creation of new Russian aircraft carriers.

Ship Project 11356.


Total plans to commission four ships of this type. With all of this, along with the ships of the French put us modern control systems and navigation systems, who are interested as Russian military and defense industry representatives.

The ships will be used not only as a landing or a helicopter, and a command post vehicles, asking for connection management, distributing goals between subordinate combat units and coordinating their actions in real time. They will be located on the Russian heli
copters to the ability of action in the northern latitudes project will be finalized. These ships are the ability to increment Russian Navy to conduct combat actions in the framework of the "fleet against the shore." Russian Navy has developed under the concept of "fleet against fleet", that was his definite deficiency. Exclusively in the 80s started designing UDC project 11780, which according to his abilities approaching the South American counterparts.

Such ships are needed and to carry out operations against the pirates to carry out rescue operations, for example, for the export of its own people from another country.

The question of liability

Taken control of the country and the Armed Forces of the fleet renewal schemes in general are reasonable and realistic and have all the chances of successful implementation.

But there is one "but" — 20 years of destruction and theft spread full control of all levels of supervisors in enterprises to control industries. To force people to do full-blown case of strategic importance — it determines the survival of Russia and the people — the need strictest control. Measures of the "transition to another job" is not enough — need ways of Peter and Stalin. It's a matter of survival of the Russian civilization. We need a new fleet and well-armed and prepared army, otherwise the Russian Federation and its elite storm will sweep the Great War.

The launching of the frigate "Admiral Gorshkov".

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