Where did Mihaliov stone?


In every corner of the Kaluga region, there are places that are said in a whisper, cautiously. "Fairy Glade", "damn oaks", "damn swamp …" In general, those areas where it is better not to look.

One had to call in Meshchovsk to one friend that lived (temporarily) in the secluded area. Only the field, but the forest in the distance, but the roads and on the hillside — an abandoned cemetery. I wish I knew then, what is this place — not even for a minute there that has not gone …

The "bad" village

This is a remote place is nothing like a village Medvedki, translated as "bush in the swamp." A lot of sorts of nasty cases happened there. In short, the "bad" place.

It seems to be close to the village were two oak. Rumor has it that once gathered here from all sides witches for fun and games. The trees were so strong that none of them did not take the ax. Went even saying "chi chi is so evil, ah long to Medvedskaya oaks was not."

One well-respected and highly educated woman told me that her grandmother had just come from Medvedok. The character she was not very much. And once got into an argument with a neighbor (it seems that it was precisely the category of "evil"). That and she squeaked in response: "The children will be yours some trouble!"

And sure enough — all newborn children of dying in infancy. It is not my grandmother left of the damned places far, far away. There and had a son — the father of my opponent.

Pythoness lived for some, but in the other "bad" village — Mikhailovka. She was very rich. And people say, went to her for help, even from distant cities of Russia. And she was able to predict and treat. But her death was terrible: she died alone and scared — it ate its own as a pig … The death of this was, in the opinion of the elderly, it is quite logical: diviners, healers, porchelniki consistently been associated with an evil spirit, and their demise has always been terrible.

Today, these villages are not hurt crowded. Most were old men talk about the past and do not want to …
But here Meshchovsk local historian Dmitry Zoryukov about all this devilry reassured the people from the evil stored temples. Including St. George Monastery. And added that they were built, it turns out, not somehow, but in the scheme of the triangle, which was to remove all but the negative, various anomalies. In general, the benefit of the people.

Night "dirty" edge

Lest you think that all the known evil is concentrated in Meshchovsk edges will tell interesting stories about the wonderful Mihaliov stone. It has — Lyudinovskiy land. His place of residence, according to the elderly, there is a haven of witches and wizards that at the appointed hour flocked to the Sabbath.

And again, my grandmother is not very talkative on this account, all as conspiracy: "Witches all povymerli. A stone? There he is … Che is a terrible tama … "

Here's how it tells the story of a miracle traveler, who came to this place with the sole purpose — to find myself a rock and diabolical place.

He met in a village with his grandmother Praskovya (Voronihoy), which was considered a real witch ("her black eyebrows so fused, and black eyes, and his voice rough"). About it — the stories of the local mass persuasion. She who does not like, does not cost anything to jinx it. And yet — outside her house often meet the cast. That's not all — there in her garden two stones, one on the other. The one on the top, pointed. But the conversation with visitors, it also did not want to lead, "I know nothing! About witches tell lies! "

Let us return to Mihalev stone. And yet, and to the oak tree where once the witch had fun. Someone cut down the oak, but the stone ("that cup") got lost somewhere. And here is what a curious seeker: "My guides were on the road. And we moved through the field to Mihalev. Place this seems strange. Among the field — woods, but for firewood do not go here …
That's three boulder. Which of them — with a "cup"? And then where the stump of the felled oak?

Went into the forest to chop stakes for tents yes firewood for the fire. Well, I had suffered the same fear! I think, all because of local taboos broken — but this is a place for all forbidden.

That's me at the entrance to the woods the feeling that someone is watching me intently. And at once from all sides. Terribly depressing feeling. I saw with my own eyes, as the forest began to move, I began to hang around for something like shadows flitted smaller pieces, the tops of trees (and there was no wind!) Began to swing wildly from side to side, and when I moved back to the exit of the forest, he saw a lot of red lights, glowing and on earth, and in the trees.
Exactly — godforsaken place. Maybe because, in the words of old men, were brought here to bury the fallen beast. "

And what about the stone? But did not find his hard tracker. But on the other granny found out about the edge of the forest, where he spent a terrible night, "tama bad place. Sometimes we go — will not make loschad, Nicho … Or go for naught. So said koldunyata tama … "
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