Which bank to entrust own contribution?

In Russia now has more than hundreds of different banks. With all of this one only serve regional customers, while others are trying to encircle the whole area of the country and even go on a world level. In addition to these whales banking sector as Sberbank or VTB in our country, there are a huge number of commercial banks that offer to invest and invest in these or other projects. Often the profits that promise small banks have more of that profit, which spelled out the criteria to enter into agreements with large financial institutions. This situation is due to the fact that small banks need to lure more customers for themselves, and for this there are at least two methods: either the lowering of interest rates on the loan, or an increase in interest rates on bank deposits. With all of this in smaller deposits banks are subject to additional risks. Their because there is no such airbags as 10 s billions of dollars, rubles and euros, which is the largest bank in Russia. But if you decide to deposit a sum of up to 700 thousand rubles, you can not worry about what she lost. Years when bank deposits could just get lost after another monetary collapse, went into the past. The program now runs deposit insurance, according to which contribution amounting to 700 thousand rubles will be reimbursed no matter in which bank (large or small), it was you.

If you set out to invest more impressive sum, it is best to use the services of a large financial organizations that are able to survive even in the case of the huge problems with the global economy.

Banking services now consume 10's of millions of our citizens. To elect the option of investing in one or the other bank, to make a comparison of bank deposits. Such analysis will allow to make a website topdeposit.ru. A comparison of the level of interest rates is held here with the most informative.

Once a year, at once a few special agencies around the world are beginning to conduct monitoring luck banks. Such monitoring is naturally carried out in Russia. With all of this far not many ratings can be trusted. The fact is that from time to time banks themselves employ special people who spend money market research associated with the banking sector. Of course, that for a fee, these people in the media can fully declare that bank, which hired them to work, become the best in one way or the other category. To get reliable information about the luck of the bank, it is better to use multiple resources and reviews clients on various web sites.

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