Which country will follow a victim of the West?

One can say with a little bit of belief that the Libyan front of an open confrontation on the strip "Gaddafi's troops against the rebels (supported by the forces of the West and Arab countries allied NATO)" has ended. Now they will go local feuds — between the various rebel factions (Benghazi, Misurata, Islamists, etc.), the Libyan tribes for a place under the sun.

There is the question of who will be followed by a victim of "modernization" of the Islamic world? More obvious candidate looks Syrian Arab Republic (UAR). Although there are other candidates for the role of the victim — Algeria, North Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, etc.


Specifically, CAP unrest that began in March 2011, led to Weave the dead and the wounded. Damascus at the Western media and politicians of strongest causes irritation. The Assad regime has not made mistakes Gaddafi and rapidly enough time to crush the rebellion in the border towns in the embryo, so as not to give the ability to make a sort of rebel foothold in Benghazi, Libya, through which will crush the country.

But now, after the war in Libya (escalating it to the stage of internal Libyan conflict), the West and its Arab allies would be able to increase the pressure on the CAP. Syrian opposition with great joy that I learned of the death of Muammar Gaddafi. On the anti-government protests, which took place on October 21 in the towns of Homs and Nahal (more stable center of resistance to the Assad regime), opposition activists carrying signs with such slogans about "Doctor, do you follow?" (Bashar al-Assad on Education ophthalmologist), " Gaddafi is ready, it's your turn, Bashar "," Assad, get ready! ". The rallies were dispersed.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has once again called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stop the violence and "massacres" in Syria. In addition, the United States withdrew from the SAR's own Ambassador Robert Ford. The U.S. State Department explained this decision by considerations of safety ambassador, for his last few months a couple of times tried to throw tomatoes and rotten eggs.

Previously, the Syrian authorities have repeatedly appeared in issues of the South American ambassador to the country. The diplomat, using its own diplomatic immunity and the ability to move without restrictions on Syria, visited different country town that had been shrouded in mass unrest, such as Deraa and Homs. This caused not a good reaction Damascus, who suspected foreign diplomats to help the opposition and tried to impose a ban on the movement of Robert Ford on Syria without the consent of the management of the country. These samples did not produce results because the law violated the diplomatic face.


In Yemen, the situation is also very tense excitement that lasts from the beginning of 2011, has already led to one hundred square meters and outbreaks of civilian victims of war. Part of the army supported the opposition demands the resignation of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh. And the president expressed his willingness to lay down opportunities only in the event of the coming of peace in the country, the termination of opposition protests.

October 21 UN Security Council adopted a resolution calling on Yemeni President to lay down mandatory features. For the "Yemeni" resolution unanimously voted all 15 EU members of the Security Council. According to the representative of the views of unchanging Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin, the resolution on Yemen is "a balanced and non-confrontational in relation to all Yemeni parties." Opposing each other as much as possible the parties should finish faster violence and to reach an agreement on the basis of the initiative of the Cooperation Council of the Arab countries of the Gulf (GCC).

According to the plan must occur GCC peaceful transfer of power after all the controversy. This agreement gives the president of Yemen and his associates immunity from legal prosecution after retirement.

October 24, according to Reuters, Saleh agreed to give power on the criteria of the UN Security Council. He said the willingness to negotiate with representatives of the Yemeni opposition as soon as possible to sign a plan of the Cooperation Council for the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf and to premature elections in the country.

If Saleh once again at the last moment refused the agreement, then this excuse can be used for external intervention.

North Sudan

After the division of one of Sudan into two countries do not come. Khartoum has been deprived of the oil regions. Does not address the issue of the disputed oil-rich province of Abyei. North Sudan army to fight captured the area. Regime of Omar Hassan al-Bashir is in fact a perfect target for outside intervention. And in full accordance with the norms of international law.

Another first was held in July 2011, and here has calmed down information that North Sudan army occupied the Libyan oasis of Kufra, also took control of the city of Al-Jawf and roads to the center of oilfield Sarir and Misla. Meanwhile, an oasis of Kufra and Al Jawf posted by Sudanese-Libyan border a few hundred square kilometers. Neither the Western world, nor the UN Security Council did not respond to this completely trivial act of external aggression.

It is clear that without the permission of taciturn West which conducted at this time in Libya military campaign without the help of others to similar effect Khartoum would not go. Apparently, al-Bashir received the consent of the major players in the region.

So Makar, in at least some instant global society can "discover" the occupation of northern Sudan, the Libyan countryside and encourage Khartoum to account. In addition, the press has not once were reports of allegations of genocide in Darfur, which can also be used to justify a "bloody" regime of Omar al-Bashir. No need to have forgotten the fact that al-Bashir is "hanging" international order. More July 21, 2008 International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague issued a warrant for the arrest of Sudanese President then one on charges of genocide in connection with the conflict in Darfur (the so called three-western region of the country, where there were clashes Arab and Negroid population). Argues that in Darfur were ethnic cleaning, genocide of the population. So Makar, Omar al-Bashir became the first sitting head of state against which the international body of Justice filed charges.

West always does just what it profitably. Now the Western world closed its eyes to the fact of aggression and occupation, and tomorrow can forget about vneglasnyh agreements with Khartoum and strike at Northern Sudan.


This country well suited to the role of the victim, especially in light of the actions of the Algerian authorities in the Libyan war. Algeria has taken in the course of this war, the position of friendly neutrality towards the Gaddafi regime.

It has already caused a lot of angry responses from the PNS. And now a new message on the subject: Algerian authorities have made a statement that they do not want to give the family members of Libyan Muammar Gaddafi's favorite new Libyan authorities. Algeria also will not open a discussion the problem of relatives of the former head of Libya with anyone else, apart from the United Nations.

The Algerian authorities have said that relatives of Gaddafi have been taken in the State by judgment of humanity and the situation around them has not changed. The fierce killing Gaddafi would only further assures Algeria in the family Gaddafi, and found a refuge in the country of his wife,
daughter and her newborn child and the children of Muhammad and Hanibal, should be protected by the Algerian authorities.

Earlier, the rebels have repeatedly sought extradition of Gaddafi family members who live in Algeria since 29 August 2011.

Apparently, the information announced in 2007 the last supreme commander of the armed forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Europe, South American, General Wesley Clark, was true. On Air Voice of America, he said that over the next 5 years we dismantle seven states. Start with Iraq. Then we have plans to Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan. And end up in Iran. "

In the end, Iraq is de facto divided into a land of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds, Sudan has broken into two parts, in Somalia, several municipalities, Libya plunged into a confrontation between different tribes and groups. Pave the way for a strike on Syria and Iran.

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