Which machine do not even dreamed of Russian fighter?

If you ask at least some soldier who served in the Russian (Russian) army, what should be the ordinary army gun, he either did not understand the question, or the device will outline a Kalashnikov — hard trunk certain length with drop dead flies, bed-fired arms, store under cartridge a certain caliber and size, trigger, butt. At the top rib. On the side of the switch fire mode. Well here is something incomprehensible!

Well, you can still remember the South American M-16, where the front sight is not mounted on the trunk, and the trunk can be exchanged for another, but nothing has fundamentally changed. And the fact that the automaton (rifle) may be quite different, and can not come to mind.

Well, for example, is replaced by the barrel, which turns into a carbine rifle, sniper rifle or machine gun, an adapter for a shop that turns automatic a sub-machine gun that shoots pistol cartridges …

And if shop handle for the trigger and the complete lack of foresight, and the standard scope, consisting of the optical tube with a circle and a cross, which is quite catch the human figure and push downhill? To cover one eye, this does not necessarily. Switch fire mode is also not: incomplete press — single shot, full — automatic fire, until the finger presses the descent. Four-ton fantastish here I come up with a … Being such, can not they?

Yet as he can!

And this fantastish — Steyr AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr — Universal Army Rifle), a complex of small tools, developed in 1977 by Steyr-Daimler-Puch. The company is alive and until now, only now called Steyr-Mannlicher AG & Co KG.

Rifle, especially the first version of its AUG A1, really futuristic. Scared like a six-legged insect extraterrestrial.

By the way, the rifle is called only one variant of the nuclear weapons complex with 508-mm barrel, which can be changed to another in a matter of moments. The left side of the block is placed clamps that hold the barrel in the receiver, and the bottom under the unit — the hinge on which is mounted folding front handle to hold the gun. This also serves as a handle for the substitution of the barrels. On the muzzle placed slotted flash suppressor.

Designed by Austrian professional gunsmiths on a "bullpup» (Bull-Pup), in which the shutter assembly shop and placed behind the trigger and fire control handles, Steyr AUG was the "de facto" standard army guns for a little non-belligerent country. It is applicable for both the military and for police and special counterterrorism objectives has generally proven in practice, reliable and undemanding tool. And following the modernization of more "fit" this rifle in the world arms market.

«Steyr AUG is in service with the Austrian army and police … Adopted in Australia, of New Zealand, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Oman, Malaysia, Morocco, Bolivia, Ecuador, France, Ukraine, and the law enforcement agencies of many countries, including including the U.S. Coast Guard, police, some U.S. states and units of special purpose England (SAS) and Germany (GSG-9). " (Wikipedia)

That's … Australia, Ecuador, United States, Ukraine … About Europe generally keep quiet. Even in Russia civilian version of the Steyr AUG can be purchased for a measly $ 3000.

Like — like all of …
Caliber: 5.56 mm NATO.
Length: 805 mm (with barrel 508 mm, there is also a short barrel 350 mm, 407 mm or 621 mm very long barrel).
Weight: 3.8 kg (with the barrel 508 mm).
Rate of fire: 650 rounds per minute.
Effective range: 450-500 meters with the barrel 508 mm.
Shop — double row, with capacity of 10, 30 or 42 rounds, is made of transparent plastic.

So what good did this rifle as if descended from the mind-numbing movie screen?

First — its universality.

Three Austrian designer — Weesp Horst (Horst Wesp), Carl Wagner (Karl Wagner) and Karl Moser (Karl Möser) — tried to consider all tasks that solves the small gun in a platoon (Task Force), and to cooperate in the incompatible One army gan machine. Standard rifle just converted to a machine gun at a very long shift trunk with a bipod. This rifle is simply converted into a small army rifle to conduct sabotage operations (specifically, this instrument "by default" Austrian armed paratroopers) and a sub-machine gun pistol cartridge for conducting "sweeps" in dense urban areas. And it's all one and the same "device"! This transformation is done all the usual change of modules. Fantastic!

Pros of this weapon "designer."

1. Exploded View "bullpup" to reduce the length of the tool while maintaining the same barrel length.
2. The displacement device to the butt of a positive impact on the accuracy of fire.
3. Towards the butt of the center of mass can move rapidly fire fighter on the front and in depth, gun, resting on the shoulder, just turn around.
4. Sufficiently high reliability components and devices.
5. The ability to configure according to a tactical rifle task — from sub-machine gun to machine gun (sniper rifle).
6. Can be adapted for right-handed and left-handed by the transfer window extractor.
7. Shop translucent plastic allows you to build up the amount of ammunition.
8. Easy disassembly-assembly. In case of partial disassembly, sufficient for cleaning guns, rifle disassembled by 6 parts.

But the first decade and has revealed some shortcomings of this "complex".

1. Elevated iron sights are forced to hand over to climb out of the shelter when firing from a prone position. The specific placement of the store makes it difficult to recharge, especially when shooting in the prone position, the fighter has to raise tool, losing the target.
2. The specific placement of the store makes it difficult to recharge, especially when shooting in the prone position.
3. Accommodation and device-specific system devices can lead to failures when trying to guns firing after removing the machine from the watery mud.
4. As a result, the use of light as ammunition cartridge 5,56 / 45 mm NATO has radically reduced the combat effectiveness in cross country and at close distances. In order to revise the rifle to fire bullets 9/19 mm is necessary to change the 3 parts: the barrel, slide the bolt and add the adapter to the store under the pistol cartridge.

But the developer and manufacturer tries to make up for these shortcomings further modernization. Second modification of the Steyr AUG A2 differs from the basic set of universal mounts for the presence of the standard sights NATO (strip Weaver) and a folding front grip. The sight is pushed down to lower the overall height of the guns and convenient shooting from a prone position.

In 2005, Steyr-Mannlicher introduced the third modification of the family AUG — A3. The main difference between AUG-A3 are:

1. Lack of regular optical sight, it is replaced with "Picatinny rail» (Picatinny rail), a modern universal mount for all accessories.
2. Removed the nominal front handle and replaced with Picatinny rail.
3. Along the edges are also installed Picatinny rail.

Thus, the "give short weight» AUG-A3 can be on all four sides!

Based on the design features and the tactical and technical characteristics, it can be said that the AUG, in particular the mo
del A3 — the best tool for small Prof. army special forces teams of mobile units for applying instant strikes and special police units. According to the rating of South American TV Military Channel 10 best rifles XX century, the Steyr AUG rifle won honorable 7th place.

By the way, the first place in the ranking of small guns still occupies our Kalashnikov rifle.

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