Which to buy navigator to work perfectly and it is long

Gone are the days when such devices were worth only "cool" cars. Now the device for navigation uses every second driver — the expert. This is especially comfortable for the big cities, as such devices are able to not only specify the best route, yes and warn drivers of traffic jams.

Very true in principle be able to elect navigator

What still needs to be managed in choosing such devices? The modern market offers a 10's models from different manufacturers. If purchase Navigator — Is not the problem, how to choose a suitable model — A very important question. First — a memory: the more — the better. When the map of the town a lot of little things, it asks such a huge amount of memory devices.

Be sure the device is to be auto-routing. This will allow the driver to enter the address appropriate and device he will mark the best route. Thanks to the constantly flowing disk imaging, device will determine the appearance of cork and self correct the route.

The instrument should be a function voice prompts. Most current models of "give a hint" the voice of the approach of a suitable rotation or the deviation from the route. Now buy Navigator with such a function can be in a regular electronics store or in a special web — shop.

Such a device should be comfortable to the driver

What is this convenience? Of course, it is — the big screen. Navigator screen should greater than 5 inches, which is typical for most advanced models. On this screen will comfortably see the map of the town or area. Many current models reproduce the image in 3D (three-dimensional), which is very comfortable in the urban criteria.

If you have never used such a device, then the purchase, contact a knowledgeable spice. But you can gps navigator with traffic to pick up on the website of the web — the store where the client will receive complete information on each of the available models. The prices will astound nice buyer, since they are little lower than in an ordinary store.

When you purchase should pay their attention on having the ability to connect to an external power source. Usually — it's the cigarette lighter in the car to connect to which is to be a special cord. Very better availability of the interface for connection to a computer, which will enable the transfer disk imaging.

After buying the device itself, you will become waste a lot less time on the road. If your device gps with traffic pick up true, it will be your reliable assistant to travel on roads large town. Now and you can not stand idle in traffic jams, and prudently to avoid them by another road.

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