Who live under the ground?

The first mention of a mysterious underground people appeared in 1946. American scholar, writer and journalist Richard Shaver told readers of the magazine "Amazing Stories", dedicated to the paranormal, his contact with aliens living under the ground. According to Shaver, he lived for several weeks in an underground world of mutants, similar to the demons described in the ancient legends and tales of earthlings.

Could be attributed to this "contact" on the carousing imagination of the writer, if not hundreds of reader feedback, who claimed also visited underground cities, talked with their inhabitants, and have seen various miracles of technology, not only to ensure the underground inhabitants of the Earth a comfortable existence in its own depths, but also make it possible … control consciousness of humans!

Polish researcher Ian Paenk says underground laid a network of tunnels that lead to any country. They literally burned to the solid earth, and their walls are frozen melt rocks — a kind of glass. These tunnels were found in Ecuador, South Australia, USA, New Zealand. For these underground utilities rush of flying saucers from one end of the world to the other … Paenku even managed to New Zealand to find a miner, who said that at the time of penetration drifts miners came upon two of these tunnels, but someone ordered urgently these holes concreted.

In April 1942, with the support of Goering and Himmler look for the entrance to the underground civilization supposedly on the island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea, sent an expedition, consisting of the most innovative minds of Nazi Germany, led by Professor Heinz Fischer. Hitler was convinced that at least some parts of the Earth is composed of voids in which to live, and which have become home to the overdeveloped nations of antiquity. German scientists have, in turn, hoping that if they can put in the correct geographic location under the surface of modern radar device, they can be used to track the exact location of the enemy anywhere in the world. Ancient myths about race of creatures inhabiting the world millions of years ago, there is almost every nation. Infinitely wise, advanced scientific and cultural development, these creatures have been driven into the ground a terrible disaster, there have created their own civilization, giving them everything they need. They do not want to have anything to do with people who are considered low, dirty and wild. But sometimes steal human children, then to raise them as their own. Ancient creatures resemble ordinary people and very long-lived, but they appeared on our planet for millions of years before us.

In 1977, the number of American magazines have pictures from satellites "ECCA-7", showing the correct form a dark spot, like a huge hole in the location where you want the North Pole. Identical pictures were obtained by the same satellite and in 1981, whether it be the entrance to the underworld?

More recent scientific findings also marked some underground activity.

U.S. radars at Cape Canaveral spotted strange signals, pass out from the depths of the earth. Experts believe that the signals sent by intelligent beings. Most likely, someone or something is trying to contact us, — said a senior NASA official journal "Sun".

The first signals were received several years ago and has since been repeated about every two months. And the theme song unknown to us beings encrypted with complex mathematical formulas. While scientists can not fully decode the signals, and that is decoded, they are ordered not to disclose. NASA management explains this by saying that the message can be interpreted in different ways. Specialists also can not precisely determine the location of an underground civilization. But it is already clear that the underground people know more about us than we do about them. Some experts believe that the proof of the existence of other civilizations on our planet could be the biggest opening of the twenty-first century.

Seismologist at Washington University in St. Louis and Michael Visession employee UC San Diego Jesse Lawrence analyzed more than 600,000 seismograms — records fluctuations resulting from earthquakes occurring on the planet, and are interested in a piece of land, located under Asia. There seismic waves somehow become weaker, and some slowing.

This effect may, in particular, to give a thick layer of water, so scientists have suggested that, under East Asia is an underground reservoir, which reaches the size of the Arctic Ocean.

Hypothesis, of course, requires further research, but if we assume that it is true, in this case, science is faced with very curious phenomenon. Indeed, in such a vast space filled with water, can long be some advanced civilization negumanoidnogo type. The fact that it is able to detect an explanation how the UFO phenomenon, and various paranormal events observed in the area.

Is it possible that any civilization could survive the "end of the world"?

Suppose that millions of years ago there was a high-tech civilization, during which there was a collision with a meteorite or other global cataclysm changed the climate of the planet, what would have made a civilization probably would have tried to survive, and if the surface of the planet is not habitable and hop on another planet not allows the level of technology, we can only "underground shelter."

Then the question is, what happened to the civilization and why, after the change of climate underground inhabitants did not come to the surface? Maybe just could not, permanent residence in a different climate and a different gravity (underground gravitational pressure is significantly different from the normal), except that it is recognized under the ground there is no sunlight, lighting technology does not contain the full range, and long stay under the technical Lighting can also be a cause of "withdrawal" from the sun.

When taking into account that all of this has been for thousands of years, it can be assumed that the underground civilization could evolve much, perhaps that developed a rejection of some aspects of climate, such as sunlight, it is possible that the sunlight just burns inhabitants of the underworld, it is not so fantastic as it sounds. Another aspect of survival, adaptation, food, as organized, "vigitarianskuyu" food in the underworld, is not very easy, and probably depends on the level of civilization, full of possibilities that civilization has moved to only animal food. Some of these options, of course, were to influence the culture and mentality of civilization, some monsters can only inhabitants of the underworld?

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