Who was Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky?

At present, the identity of Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky is a fairly controversial in the history of Russia. Some experts at the rumor of him as a despot and a scoundrel, and others — with a gasp, as if the mention something sacred.

But like any case, prince really was a stately man. Unlike many others, he was able to fit to realize that Russia needs a strong ruling hand. That only one person is required to have authority over all the big state. Maybe if he had found more like-minded smogshih realize his plans, terrible Tatar invasion, leaning on Russia hundreds of years in their own development, just would not be — the Mongols were unable to oppose the army, which numbered in the 10's times that even what a squad that could put them against one or another prince. Well, at only 2-3 times the nomads had an advantage of at least quite little chance of winning.

It is necessary to recognize the fact that Prince Andrew was able to excel in almost all areas — science, culture, religion, art, politics, and, obviously, and military affairs.

Date and year of birth of the prince even unidentified. Naturally, there are different versions, but they are very different from each other. But all in all historians agree in outlook, that he was born in the period from 1111 to 1125. His father — himself Yuri Dolgoruky — from childhood priuchival own sons to the skill of the fight. Already 3 years Andrew was able to sit in the saddle, and the first cool weapon was even earlier. As recent studies have shown it remains, he spent many hours in training. Enormous loads affected his physique — shoulder bones were twisted. As a rule it is observed in the heroes who took part in the fighting, not using the traditional combination — a shield and a sword, and two blade. Typically, such fighting style could afford for themselves only the best warriors, just understand that the enemy will be able to take a blade and immediately hit a defenseless enemy counterattack.

In addition, Prince Andrew different religious. Specifically, his dream come to life icon gave the order to go to Vladimir, although his father had bequeathed him to rule in Vyshgorode. During his life, Andrew financed from their own personal funds the construction of more than 30 white-stone churches. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the pure white stone in areas characterized by the highest price. So this prince has allocated funds simply fabulous. He also did not spare funds for upgrading and decoration of temples, shopping icons brought from Byzantium.

Notable Prince Andrew and intellectual sphere. Similarly, it is clear that he was fluent in six languages. He led a personal correspondence with Frederick Barbarossa. Obviously, he knew the history and geography of their own seats. Because in general the level of his mind or what is not inferior to many modern academics. With the only difference that the head of academics often clogged completely useless information. But Prince Andrew knew just what he needs for a successful reign. And it is also narrow-minded ruler can not be called. He read Aristotle and Plato in the original, is also kept in touch with more intelligent people who lived in Europe and some Asian countries.

Maybe specifically extraordinary enlightenment and allow him to understand others before him the necessity of uniting Russia. At the same time it has come together all that is necessary for a real favorite, capable of leading the people — the mind, extraordinary strength, courage, piety, and most importantly — the belief in the correctness of his own actions.

Over time, he was able to gain more momentum and publicly stated that Russia needs one ruler, stately prince, is not only limited to the time of engagement, and in everyday life. Obviously, many did not support it, although not to lose their independence. And some of those who rejected the hotter it were the inhabitants of Kiev. That's why the town was struck by a terrible blow — the city seized and given to plunder warriors. Yes, this behavior is poorly fit with the deep religiosity. But it is possible to show the power of the prince and stop the subsequent trial of disobedience.

How unfortunate it did not sound in the presence of like-minded people, the prince had many enemies. However, as obvious and sheltered. Specifically since July 12, 1174, Prince was treacherously murdered. His gun was stolen, then the group which consisted of 20 players, attacked him in the chambers. As demonstrated by examination carried out in our own time, he got 45 thrusts — daggers, knives, swords and spears.

Also, there were a lot of debate about long before nedavneshnih appearance of the prince. By portraits he looked like a strong man with a narrow face, dark brown hair and very Slavic type of face. But in sculpture he does not recall the Russian — the spitting image of Mongoloid: wide nose, fleshy lips, narrow eyes and eyebrows highest. But here again, came to the aid of modern science. Litsezrev restored Porter could immediately realize — the architect was surprisingly accurate. Prince Andrew had a very Russian appearance, without the smallest admixture of Mongoloid facial features.

Thus, prince was killed in 1174 after failing to complete the unification of Russia. And just half a century the Mongols came … So, if Prince Andrew could join Russia, could be the story of our country would have taken quite a different scenario …

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