Why are so few real men. The role of women

Mental strength of women is 6 times higher for men, and to dispose of it can be different. Experience shows — the only proper use — is for the family. The alternative, which prevails in our time, is equal work. The saddest thing is that this equality is presented as a great achievement, not only will this achievement be developed, thus making everyone equal = happy. However, people are not the same, in principle, to say nothing about the nature of man and woman. At a minimum, this position becomes clearly evident imperfection of modern society, waiting happiness in the future and build unnecessary consumption.

Women's nature and its role in life is fundamentally different from men's. A woman brings home comfort and peace of mind, and combined with the ability to encourage and motivate get the perfect environment for the formation and for the implementation of a real man. It's like growing medium, but rather, as the electric field in which the development is much faster than men.

But the most interesting thing is that with this "field", the woman helps a man build his male qualities of character, will and determination. In other words, send it to one or another way. After all, almost every great man is a great woman, whose contribution to the success of her husband's huge. The first such woman to a man is a mother.

Why are so few real men. The role of the mother.

For a child, my mother — it's not just the first woman in his life, it is the whole image of femininity itself. It may seem a little grown up children are not like their parents, some even bloody-minded. It is one thing not to want a family as their parents, and another from birth to absorb the image communication with your spouse, to their children and the world at large. Sometimes I think that teenagers feel inherent flaw in their education, hence the adolescent protest … The only problem is that they are protesting is very superficial, while the problem was formed much earlier and at a very deep level, deeper than that, which is only now psychologists began to say (as always their "discovery" opened up to them … about 6,000 years ago, was described in the Vedas, the structure of the mind).

It is believed that the younger the child, the less he knows, the less digestible. This is misleading. As early modern science (again, thousands of years later) "proved" the effect on fetal development of the child (I speak of course Yoga for pregnant women, swimming, theater, etc.) Do not naive to believe that the first 9 months of the womb affect the future life of the child, and 2-3 years after the birth of a child does not see the world does not learn to live in it, does not assimilate the principles of communication with their future children?

In this initial period of life for young children mom always close, and through its relationship with the world, and especially with his father, they built their model of behavior for life. At this time the child absorbs the energy of interaction of the finest in the family.

Let me explain: if the parents quarreled and hated each other, and at 3 years were living smoothly and quietly, their child, a family, will be prone to scandals and such deviations deep inside, as if at the bottom of the lake, and the surface will be up only weakened but nasty, and above all weird wave.

If it was the opposite: quiet childhood and quarrels with parents 3 years. The child will copy the model of parental behavior (be as yelling in the same situations, etc.), but trauma will not be as deep, it will be easier to fix.

On the influence of family relationships on a child's character should speak separately. For example, say that if a woman does not respect her husband, the boy will grow timid and devochkanagloy — this rule, and the current society it is confirmed, however, and it is rare, but the exception.

We understand that the image of the mother somehow affects the way future wife, and the husband and wife are inextricably tied and govern the life of each other.

Why are so few real men. The role of the wife.

Why do some girls say that they get only villains, but the guys in turn, accused the girls in a bad character? In part, the reason is the same — as a child, in the form of the second half, which was formed in the subconscious mind under the influence of their parents. Based on this image and built a family, attracted wife. Then, according to the rules learned in childhood, family life begins, and as a result a mutual influence.

The strength of this mutual influence is enormous, and ignore it will not work. No matter how strong and independent was not a man, his wife's influence on him is overwhelming. Now often seen as a "walk up" muzhchinki find their quiet and modest young women to start a family it is with them, not with the club "babe." When their activity and audacity they expect to rest from wild youth … But it is not possible for all have to pay in one form or another. Most often, only a few years, the nature of a quiet girl changes, and it returns to her husband "debt" in the form of suffering, which he could not expect … did not think that they can expect. Divided the children, an apartment in the mortgage, car, screaming, tantrums.

In this case, the man wanted to rest, and used the girl without repenting of his past life. After a while, she would understand what that feels like its "influence", explicitly or subconsciously, and her attitude changed. And already she will be suffering in the life of her husband.

What should do virtuous wife to carry happiness and prosperity in the house?

Real girl power in the Faith with her husband and loyalty — is that through which the wife has the greatest impact. The importance of these concepts for family happiness is immense.

Faith in her husband. This is something that a woman can both give strength to her husband, supporting him, and pick up. Suffice it to constantly criticize and do not believe in the success of initiatives wife, in fact — do not even have to say it out loud. To become a curse for the man in the center, you can simply not believe in him, and all — not a real man is ready. With great difficulty, he would break up (if you still will be, which is unlikely), and certainly more successful and breakthrough will be men, who believe their wife. The examples are countless, this Edison and Ford, Lomonosov, even Barack Obama — the inventors, artists, writers … and how many lost their humanity because of the simple phrase: "Yes, come on it, you will not work" — said the closest person?

Loyalty, but on a much deeper level than we are used to understand. Such loyalty is intertwined with faith in her husband. And the essence of it, not only in the physical fidelity, and in general, in fidelity in mind. This high degree of chastity, we almost lost. In ancient times, said that the wife should refer to the "alien" man as a child, brother or father. A man stands alone and unattainable height. No dedicated person, it may seem that this is an empty praise or excessive fanaticism, it is not.

To illustrate the present absolutely common, unfortunately picture. Women discuss their husbands. Even if a man is good, in modern Russia, wife unlikely to praise, rather the opposite, find fault and it turns out that she shows off in front of friends — "uncomfortable somehow." And if a man is "not very"? Here and wife "write out" on all sides, finding a lot of other men who have "all right." Here is the link to the other men and a betrayal at the very low levels. We can say that this is nonsense, and you can think about the life and thought of as a group of friends of her husband (or colleagues) wife praises one of them, for a purely masculine quality (hard work, high wages, will) … what will feel man? For women say, the pain of betrayal, and a deep sense of shame (not only for himself, but for the irrational wife). Most of this is not recognized and does not submit the form, but the rift between you can stay for life. In this case, a woman may not even notice it, and began to accuse her husband that he moved away from it a little, was a bit strange … Is it any wonder?

If women think I'm still mistaken — will give an opposite example: the same situation, but your husband, sincerely and with a sense of praising your friend (colleague) for its ability to care for themselves, to keep the house clean, raise children … If it's not made you negativity and resentment (even at the thought of this) — so I was wrong.

Such is the power of loyalty in the formation of a real man.

Observing these conditions wife "makes" a man. In other words, the influence of his wife is so great in its power to inspire and motivate a man to any exploits, and from the latter to make a successful bachelor loser. Of course it will be correct to claim that the husband influences "do" his wife, but with only one significant difference that proper masculine behavior makes a woman happy in domestic family life. A proper female behavior, according to her female duties, makes a man successful in external activities, that is, forms the image of this man.

In conclusion I want to say that there are different ways to get what you want in a marriage. Important to understand exactly what is desired, and what is invented for profit and not be happy.

Bookstores waste paper piled on how to manipulate her husband as to hold it and how to "milk" … but my advice to you — throw these little books! With their help, you can get results, but it will be outside, inside, also will increase mutual dissatisfaction and suffering. Path described there, is not only wrong and immoral, but also hard, all the same it is certain skills and techniques that are yet to be explored. Is not it better to spend the time and effort to change themselves in order to help his wife? Develop feminine qualities, as a pillar of support and a real man, not a stone, pulling at the bottom of the once beloved husband? This is the difference mezhdumanipulirovaniem — an attempt to control others, and work on the other — the path of growth and prosperity!

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