Why do we live on other peoples rules?

Only one way. Simultaneously. Everyone. Wake up. Wake up from delusion "feast in time of plague." Think. And to act in conscience.
What is happening in today's world, it is more like a mass insanity, or death throes. Do the powers explicitly pass the nerves. They are rough and clumsy. Hurry to get rid of any obstacles that might prevent them more free parasites on the body of the Earth and human civilization.

But if humanity is hardly ever rebel, then Mother Earth will not be tolerated indefinitely. Runmaster Yuri Larichev so estimates happening:

"More and more serious people thinking about where human civilization is heading. The world has gone mad, and the earth seems to shake off us with himself, like a dog fleas. Next we put up with no power. Warnings planets follow one another with increasing intensity. Environmentalists, futurists, geophysics, biology, etc. look for reasons in their own fields. All right. But where is the very root causes? Can we all be reduced to a simple and clear for everyone? It turns out you can. For many thousands of years of field rune genome gives a simple answer: the reason is in violation of the duality of human harmony.

There are two types of people. The first type — this is "our" in the mind which is laid steady principle of "one for all and all for one." We — the people of "common purpose." The second type — a "foreign" (xi,?? (? Senos) alien) who lives on the principle of "every man for himself and against all." Strange — the people "own goal." And our chi — called exactly.

Each individual is a mixture of all. His outlook vibrates between the poles "Yin Yang" and there is no constant. Two inner voices right shouting "Boy drowns. Jump, save me! ", On the left whispers:" Was there a boy? "Vibration of choice — it is life — eternal moment, moving to a mental firmament. You're ours, but in a moment you could be someone else's. What more is stored in the memory path, independent of the choice. Man recreates itself every moment. Only it really is. The past is gone, and the future is not yet. Those hunters who are on the spiritual path in the search for truth and enlightenment, for a long time myself and others felt that way there is only open to our own. Aliens are the nose, either fall into delusions of grandeur, or wander through the maze of false trails, coming to frustration and damage to the psyche. That's Isis beckons, tease and an empty candy wrapper podsunet the laughter of the gods. Worse than not.
So, there are two types of people: "us" and "them". All other philosophical construct with far-reaching political conclusions can be strung to this basic postulate given to us by the genome. Without an understanding of this ancient truth any laconic philosophizing becomes speculative demagogy. All social theory, all "scientists"-isms without this simple truth genomic not work.

Vstar be ostracized outcast (alien, goy) was the most severe punishment. The commandment "love thy neighbor" (Our Love) clearly divides people into friends and foes. Alien — is selfish, for which his personality rights above the rights of society. Of dissidents "obschechelovekov" depressing to own unrealized and dissatisfaction society disliked. The whole world is something they have to. And all around the blame.

Our — people tend to self-sacrifice. They were defending their homeland, putting their heads "for his friends" went for "mist" to build BAM test airplane mode corkscrew, risking their lives and do not whine about the low wages and lack of awards and honors. Our creative. Our — people Roda. They are reliable. They do not betray. They are generous. They live for the sake of others, and Rhode rewards their most valuable — insight.

Aliens cherish yourself. They will not do anything for nothing. They make great usurers, profiteers and parasites. They even know how to speculate with words. They determined the fate of the world does not care and the Earth. They trade GMO fake medicines, drugs, poisons and depleting the planet. They naively believe that the day of judgment will be saved over the fence in a private paradise on the ruble, or Miami.

Doctors refuse to treat a child because of lack of money, and a stone's throw bored tycoon chooses another yacht comfort. If that is highly advanced civilization, a penny it cost. And let it die, do not mind. A short time left. Earth has already begun to take action. Nothing is wasted. And humanity has paid with his life for the pleasure of parasites. Rod began to correct damage to the genome. Apocalyptic prophecy comes true John. It's sad but true.

You can resent God's injustice suffered by innocent. But there is no innocent. We are all tied by mutual responsibility. These rules are set in the world of strangers. And we, as a flock of sheep, dutifully obeyed them. And putting a candle in the Church of Holy Virgin with the expanded consciousness to blame the fact that in everyday life, in the market or in a shop selling poison or harmful fake. And no words of hopelessness and circumstances do not justify. Herd, "I like everything" — no argument. Be our not meant to be like everyone else. Do not lose yourself, be yourself, not to himself, and still be in harmony with the One — that's what it means to be ours. On logomachy and disputes we have no time. Oh, we would have to grow at least one of our generation. Have time right?

What to do? Whether anything can be fixed? To power, began playing the wrong game, no hope. Only one way. Simultaneously. Everyone. Wake up. Wake up from delusion "feast in time of plague." Think. And to act in conscience. If not me, then who? Maybe then the impossible becomes possible. "


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