Why Patriarch yacht with a pagan name and the national emblem

New details have become the high life of the Orthodox leaders. As it turned out, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill and his staff are one of the most luxurious yachts in Russia and thus not legally exploit the symbols of state power of the Russian Federation.

A small ship for $ 4 million

Black yacht "Pallas"With tinted windows, with the Russian coat of arms on the sides and the tricolor on the stern moored Nicholas Skete Valaam archipelago. Not far from here is the residence of the Patriarch of Valaam. "Pallada" is almost always there — for it built its own jetty. St. Nicholas Church on the background, it looks like the presidential limousine on the background of the Kremlin.

According to local residents, on a yacht ride VIP-guests arriving by Balaam, and he loves the Patriarch. In September last year, for example, His Holiness made on the "Pallas" Voyage Volga.

Why Patriarch yacht with "pagan" name and the national emblem

"Pallas" — an exclusive luxury vessel, its description can be found in the catalogs of the most famous yachts. It was built in the shipyards of Dutch-Russian consortium Timmerman Yachts in 2003, designed by the Dutch architect Guido de Groot.

The yacht is designed for comfortable accommodation 8 people plus there are cabins for four crew members. On board are arranged living room with home theater and a bar, a dining room with dining table for 8 people and a few bedrooms, some of which have king size double beds. The floors are covered with white carpets. White leather furniture made of luxury wood.

The yacht is equipped with modern facilities: including electronic chart system, radar "Sonar", receiver navigational warnings, cameras mooring and bow thruster.

When Patriarch Kirill was traveling on the "Pallas" in the Yaroslavl and Rostov diocese, his press office, illuminated through the secular media, this event, delicately be called the "Pallas" "Small vessel".

In comparison with the cruise ships, "Pallada" is really small: 32 meters — long and about 8 meters — wide. Its cost, according to various estimates, is $ 4-6,7 million. Annual maintenance of these boats cost an average of 10-20 percent of the cost.

Putin and the "Pallas"

Before serve Patriarch "Pallada" belonged to the administrative department of the Russian president. Then-President Vladimir Putin was.

They say the yacht was specifically built for the 300 letyu Petersburg, the head of state could adequately meet her guests maritime capital of Russia. On the same boat Vladimir Putin took part in the celebrations of the 1250th anniversary of Staraya Ladoga.

In 2005, the "Pallas" was presented to the Russian Orthodox Church. But not directly to the president, and a "mediator". Ownership of property administration bought the yacht "Lukoil", and then oil gave her church. Rather, the scheme was giving advance built on the highest level, by mutual agreement between the leaders of business, church and state power.

This assumption was confirmed on the website of the Valaam Monastery. Monks honestly wrote that "yacht was acquired oil company "Lukoil" specifically for transmission of the Russian Orthodox Church in the person of the Valaam Monastery". The key word here is "special": that is, oil companies bought the yacht from the office Kozhin "custom."

Taking a gift to the yacht with the pagan name "Pallas", Fathers promised to give her a more suitable Orthodox name — "Vsetsaritsa". As explained on the website of the Valaam monastery — the Icon of the Mother of God "Vsetsaritsa" written on Athos and Valaam monastery donated Athos monks. Now the icon is one of the shrines of the monastery and is located in the church of St. Sergius and Herman of Valaam.

Virgin wait?

Since the "churching" yacht it's been six years, but the "pagan" Pallas and not cross the Orthodox Vsetsaritsu. And even the state coat of arms, which were put on her status as a yacht walked Russian president, still adorn its sides.

Although the use of arms of the Russian Federation anywhere prohibited by federal constitutional law "On the State Emblem of the Russian Federation." It lists all the cases, when, where and by whom the Russian coat of arms may be used. The case of the yacht "Pallada" in it is not described. That is, the ROC has no right to use her ship armorial … but uses.

Sacred places for VIP-guests

Online812 contacted the Valaam Monastery in charge of the yacht is now in "Pallas". According to Mikhail Shishkov — Press Secretary Bishop Pancras, abbot of the monastery, managed yacht trained monk — a professional sailor. Earlier this monk worked on other ships monastery, and then rose to captain of "Pallas".

— Boat works in his regime — for VIP-guests, — said Mikhail Shishkov. — And about which no one knows when they come and go. Guests often come under protection, so anyone access to this information is not given.

Explain why the church is decorated with coats of arms of Russian yacht, a spokeswoman for the bishop could not.

— Maybe, the arms are attached so that they can not be removed? — He suggested and advised him to apply to the assistant bishop of Legal Affairs Leonid Medvedev.

Medvedev gave a competent lawyer answer:

— Well, What are they doing that? It happened! — He said. — And you, why do you care? Please, please, in the prescribed manner to the bodies of state power that is a violation of … Maybe it really the case?

The press service of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia put forward a different version:

— Probably just decided not to remove coat of dense forest of beauty, — said the deputy head of the press service of the deacon Alexander Volkov. — Most likely, the thought that it is illegal, no one comes to mind. It appears that the coat of arms is a worthy and appropriate symbol in any place, on any vehicle. Therefore, if it is, why remove?

— Pallas — pagan name, why the yacht has not been renamed to "Vsetsaritsu"?

— Do not rename — and renamed — says Deacon Alexander. — We have a lot of pagan names and characters that already are without any basis and are simply used as proper names. This does not need to see any more meaning and something else.

According to Alexander Volkov, the yacht "Pallada" is on the balance of the Moscow Patriarchate, and pays for the content Church. How much does it cost in the Valaam monastery refused to answer, citing "inconsistency" of the issue.

What punishment threatened owners of "Pallada"

Article 17.10. Administrative Code, "Violation of the order of the official use of state symbols of the Russian Federation."

Violation of the order of the official national flag of the Russian Federation, the State Emblem of the Russian Federation or the National Anthem of Russia — punishable by an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of two thousand to three thousand;

on officials — from 5000 to 7000 rubles;

for legal entities — from 100 thousand to 150 thousand.

What accuse Patriarch Kirill

The scandal broke out in the Russian Orthodox Church at the end of March, when an open letter to Patriarch Kirill asked several priests Izhevsk and Udmurtia diocese — Fr Sergy Kondakov, rector of St. Nicholas Church Zavyalova village, a member of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Udmurtia, Archpriest Michael Karpeev, Rector of the Church of the Transfiguration of the village Yagul and rector of St. Basil the Great on Khokhryakov the priest Alexander Small, Priest of the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky, Ph.D. in theology.

In the letter, according Regions.Ru, reads in part.

"… We strongly request to stop the shameful practice of blind compromise with the government and various flirting with-bags … Can not we do not cause embarrassment and the ease with which distributed church awards, decorations with images of saints, the authorities and the business … We strongly request that Your Holiness, taken care of, that our people have seen you not only bless and kiss the General Authorities, but rather expose them … We strongly ask to pay attention to the lives of many rural priests at risk of poverty, while a large part of the clergy, caressed by the powers that be, wrapped in luxury … We strongly request to end the excesses of the clergy, including very high, which will be made vile mortal sin. The sin of sodomy … thrives, destroying the Church from within … ".

In response to this letter, the authors have, in their words, "pressure, which has nothing to do with Christianity". In late May, the rebel clerics announced his retirement from the Russian Orthodox Church in the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. They left another patriarch — farewell — a letter in which they stated that "the cult of personality of the Patriarch of Moscow can ruin our Russian Orthodox Church".

In the Orthodox Church it is not the first scandal. Udmurt charges priests practically the same as saying the former bishop Chukchi Diomede, made in 2007. Finally Diomede just a small group of supporters went into schism.

Yacht "Pallada"

Total length — 32 m

Width — 7.45 m

Displacement at full load — 1.8 m

Cruising speed — 12.5 knot

Power reserve — 2500 nautical miles

Fuel capacity — 24 000 l

Fresh Water — 3000 l

Engines — 2 x Caterpillar 3196 (2 × 374 hp)

Materials hull / superstructure — Steel / aluminum magnesium alloy

Class — Det Nordske Veritas (DNV) +1 A1 LC Yacht R0 E0. Meets the requirements of ACI

Accommodation — 8 guests in 4 cabins

Crew — 4 people in 2 cabins

Designer — Guido de Groot Design / Guinton Naval Architects / Moscow Shipyard

Interior Design — Guido de Groot Design

"Once people can think, and whether they" refuel "in the ROC?"

Alexander Musin, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Candidate of Theology:

— It seems to be the yacht "Pallada" does not belong to the patriarch himself, and island monastery watercraft is necessary, but it emanates from the entire history of some sepulchral cold. As the patriarch of the hour mark, "Breguet" or patriarchal cottages in Gelendzhik, referred to as "spiritual and administrative center."

The Gospel does not prohibit wealth. It only prevents the owner of the complexities that awaited him. Property begins to dictate their own terms, and the protection of the FSO into a convoy. -Familiar "donations to the church" are part of the nationwide corruption, where bribery has its origins in the medieval "victim", "gift" and "honor".

It corrupts society and not only the power, but the church and the bishops. In the patriarchal stories, seeks by all means take advantage of the modern image of power and wealth. Recall the late patriarch Alexis (Riediger), Once it became Metropolitan of Leningrad in 1986, immediately became their own "government" ZIL-114 (by the way, "Lenfilm" among butoforskogo props). It seems that the word of the church, not backed by state sanction, does not look credible.

By the way, it is normal in the world there are rich and poor. Normal when the poor hate the rich, and the rich despise the poor. As evidenced by the presence in the stories of "Lukoil", who bought the presidential yacht for the Patriarchal Monastery. I, like some of my fellow citizens, are not made on the station lukoylovskih. For obvious reasons, not because there is gasoline or bad roads. Similarly, as a large black "Mercedes" squashed little red "Citroen" and its passengers, a large yacht iron souls …

Dissatisfaction with the patriarchal politics should not be exaggerated. Church — part of society. Where will this discontent, if civil society as responsible citizens in Russia does not exist. The statement "Izhevsk priests' main motivation is the belief that loyalty to Orthodoxy is related to a dislike for other concessions, and claims to the Patriarch of luxury — a" appendage "to own a monopoly on the truth. Most Orthodox citizens come to the temple as psychotherapy, not realizing their responsibility for the Church. But once people may think, and whether they "refuel" in the ROC?

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