Why women have given the power of men

Millions of years of sex, which is now considered to be weak, a strong half of mankind. At least psychologically. Scientists have found two sources of uncommon strength

1. Wanderlust

Subordination of women in the ancient world — just a myth, propagated repeatedly in textbooks. This is the conclusion reached by researchers at Oxford University, who published their results in the journal Nature.

— Ladies dominated the prehistoric times: to make responsible decisions in his tribe were matriarch battles — says Professor Julia Lee-Thorp.

But where pretty trogloditki learn from top managers?

It turned out that they were recruited leadership experience in long journeys. And the new places they had not only to be in the saddle, but with arms to prove their right to rule. For example, to pacify the rebellious natives.

And our praprapradedki from their homes went reluctantly. Crawled out of the caves only when hungry. In general was asleep, and — for lack of TV sets — staring at the fire.

— We analyzed the fossilized remains of about a complex of caves near Johannesburg (South Africa), and found that 90 percent of males had in this area all my life, and nearly half of the females come from afar — explains Professor Sandi Copeland of the Leipzig Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, the Max Planck Society.

Conclusions about the movements of the scientists made by examining the teeth of the remains of the representatives of two species — Australopithecus africanus and Paranthropus massive, one of which may be the direct ancestor of humans. Age fossils — 1.8 — 2.2 million years old. Place of birth of individuals installed by strontium in their dental tissues, and sexual identity — the size of the molars.

But why the ladies could not sit and do not lie in the inhabited caves?

Because of the males, who preferred to stay in place — says Dr. Copeland. — Women looking for variety in partners. And thereby avoid inbreeding.

But now, after a few million years the hour X — and the role has changed. According to scientists at Oxford, about 1.7 million years ago in the life of prehistoric animals of both sexes, something happened: females have ceased to dominate. They settled and began to settle around men. And in the end, probably, so that others become familiar, that the gentlemen were on the ladies shout. A little later, all come from the saddle. And came patriarchy.

2. With ease — AT ANY DIET

Famine in the past have left their mark on the metabolism. The fact is that our body is used to make stocks. In normal male diet put by mostly whites, women — fat. But the brain reacts to the meager rations in the sexes differently.

Dr. Robert Clarke of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center studied the rat — a person close to the animals in terms of the structure of the brain. Modeled on their neurons — nerve cells of the brain — just a 72-hour fast. He discovered that the male brain is much more affected by hunger.

— Female neurons use stocks of fatty acids and survive — explains Clark — male same die.

After 24 hours in the male brain dramatically — by 70 percent — falls to the ability of cellular respiration. They are intense and so-called autophagy — self-absorption. Men eat neurons themselves. And their owners strongly glupeyut. The opposite sex is of sound mind and memory.

And here, perhaps, lies the secret for so long existed in the world of matriarchy. After all, our ancestors were hungry often. And during these hard times men — stupefied no steak — nothing to do but to be henpecked. After all, ladies easily endure the hardships forced another diet. And brought into play wit: looking for edible herbs, berries, to support the weakened Cavaliers.

— Decision imposed a burden on women, — says Dr. Clark. — They, suddenly becoming smarter than men, and to ensure the survival of the tribe. It is possible that it is in the lean years and originated matriarchy. And ended when the product — on average — was enough, with development of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Instead of an epilogue

Council men of "KP": not to go back to the days of hard matriarchy, you should eat to feed their women and one far from you do not let go.

Svetlana Kuzina

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