Wild East Russia: Vodka and Old Believers

Russia is a big country, that during my travels, I often find myself at a loss, trying to find a common theme for the country, not counting it a common language and a common history. In fact, one of the common ground for all who study Russia, is the difficulty in understanding what is is the true essence of Russia. Be that as it may, one of the aspects of Russian life, which always amazes me, no matter in what part of the country I may be, is how visible is her story. Moscow is a contrast of the monarchy, communism and capitalism, Saint Petersburg was founded by the aristocracy and rejected the advice, and across European Russia are still visible reminders of World War II. Nowhere is this characteristic of Russia is not seen better than in the small villages of Old Believers in Buryatia.

During the colonization of Siberia, the first settlers were missionaries and the Cossacks, one of which is not known for its agricultural and architectural skills. On the other side of the country's conservatives were known as skilled farmers and home builders. In early 1700, Catherine the Great sent a group of conservatives from Russia's border with Poland in Buryatia to accelerate the development of agriculture.

Even during the Soviet era, the Old Believer community in retaining their songs, dances and traditions.

Center of tourism in Buryatia is Tarbagataj town, located about 30 kilometers east of Ulan-Ude. I went to Tarbagataj several times with different groups of tourists, museums, churches, homemade food, and traditional performances never disappoint me.

When the short trip to Ulan-Ude, Tarbagatai probably be your only experience that Russian name khozyaistvenny
tourism. This is when the tourists live everyday life and enjoy the culture medium as the most hospitable guests of honor. This is very different from the standard impressions received from the tourist restaurants, hotels and museums. In Tarbagatai tourists fed traditional food, which is made from natural products, grown in large gardens, which can be found in each section of the property. Families, hosts, extremely open, friendly and deliver incredibly memorable atmosphere. Meals end with the traditional wedding ceremony of Old Believers. Guests are dressed in clothes of Old Believers and engage in performing a song or dance. Instead of being an awkward ceremony filled with humor, fueled by acts homemade vodka (samogon) Is often served for dinner.

History of the Old Believers still visible in every aspect of life, from the food to the traditional song and dance. The struggle for the preservation of traditions throughout history has led to a strong and developed cultural traditions that have made the Old Believers one of the most unique and beautiful culture of Buryatia, and the most visited each tourist seeking to gain authentic cultural experience.

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