Will Statkievich fed by force?

Company's third week in the KGB prison hunger presidential candidate Statkevich. The policy requires the cancellation of the elections because of massive fraud and do not intend to stop his hunger strike. According to doctors, for a time the body completely consumes its natural natural reserve, ie, fats, and move to the consumption of their own proteins. It starts with "samapayadanne" body muscles. The signal of such a dangerous process — the distinctive smell of acetone in breath. For prison health is an occasion to begin to force-feed a prisoner — intravenously or through a tube.

Force-feeding equated to torture

The World Medical Association (Uma), bringing together doctors from around the world, prohibits this procedure. Friends of Mind believe that it violates the prisoner's right to non-violent protest.

The World Medical Association pryrovnivae force-feeding to torture.

Second, they equate to force-feeding torture. When a prisoner is tied to a chair or bed and beginning to introduce him food through the nose or mouth, it is a very traumatic and painful.

Third, the forced feeding of the prison did not meet sanitary standards, as well as the conditions of release people from starvation.

As the medical experts, after a long hunger strike, any counter-protein foods. In including and created originally for astronauts VYSOKOPROT Avitol liquid — a mixture of eggs, butter, oil. According to doctors, if you do not wash the intestines (and that prisoners denied), such a food is converted in the stomach into the rocks. Those, in turn, may pierce the wall of the intestines and cause sepsis.

According to the Soviet and Russian human rights activist Sergei Kovalev, "Force-feeding in Russia, Belarus and other former Soviet republics are not terminated after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Earlier feeding period determined in accordance with a specific day of the hunger strike. Now the prisoner "feed" for medical reasons — once heard the smell of acetone. "

"Sometimes," suggests Sergei Kovalev, "Starving realizes that he still vvalyuts nutrient mixture, and says to hell with you, I do not deny the hunger strike, but not to suffer with the probe, let me drink this mixture. And there are more hungry principal. then they introduced the probe through the mouth, and if the person resists — through your nose … "

The purpose of the procedure — do not let it die in prison

According to Russian human rights activist Sergei Kovalev, the purpose of such a violent procedure, through which passed and sugars, and Khodorkovsky, and many others — do not give a person is to die in prison. Probes and droppers allowed to be starving without food for six months or more. People do not die, but lost an opportunity to move around and lie flat. "

"Force-feeding — it is a demonstration of the authorities, that they can do to you

Victor Gonchar: "Force-feeding — it is a demonstration of the authorities, that they can do to you anything."

everything ", told reporters a few months before his disappearance Policy Victor Gonchar.

His ten-day strike dry, that is on a hunger strike with a total failure, not only of food but also from water, Gonchar spent the spring of 1999 in prison in Akrestsin.

According to doctors, the "dry hunger strike becomes irreversible for the body after 5 days. Primarily" fly "the kidney, liver, heart. Under the conditions of confinement after 5 days of the strike, death can occur. Therefore usually starts prison authorities forced feeding through an IV or probe on the second or third day. "

In the case of Gonchar feeding was organized in one day hunger strike when the prisoner began to urinate blood.

"All done" traditionally "said Gonchar." I was handcuffed to a bunk. To no one could hear me screaming at full power turned on some music on the radio. Then the attendants began rastsiskats my teeth, gums, palate, it was hard to injured blood. Then inserted into the esophagus some strong plastic tube. Inserted the wrong way touched the airways, and scratched the esophagus. Bled, I lost consciousness. "

The politician also recalled how he was fed through a vein. Gonchar tried as best he could to fight back, but because the doctor did not immediately hit the needle into the vein. From this on his hands for a long time remained a huge hematoma.

Ukraine and Moldova citizens have paid compensation for the forced feeding

Meanwhile the problem of forced feeding in neighboring Ukraine made an impact in the

Sergei Kovalev, "I think the force-feeding in Russia, Belarus and other former Soviet republics are not terminated after the collapse of the USSR."

European Court in Strasbourg. In 2005, the country had paid compensation in the amount of 26 million euros in the case "Nevmerzhitskiy against Ukraine." The Court found a violation of the rights of the plaintiff regarding the conditions of detention and deprivation of adequate treatment, as well as on forced feeding.

In 2007, in Strasbourg, considered a similar case, initiated by the Moldovan citizen — "Chorap against Moldova." The European Court of Human Rights awarded to the plaintiff to pay 20,000 euros and 1,150 euros for costs and expenses.

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