Wolfhound. Aryan alphabet. Legend of the progenitors

Along with the power of knowledge Aryans worshiped. Arias by knowledge not understand abstract esoteric and philosophical theory, which in our time a great many, but the particular technology to achieve certain goals.

We Aryans had developed written and there was a very specific script that has a vague resemblance to known now runic signs. All members of the genus known typeface characters alphabet, but used it differently. Ordinary members of the family, for example to "write" only on the ground or on the sand. Apply the same runes on more durable materials were entitled only magicians. Magicians were able to do tattoos, cut marks on the metal and clay plates to put the runes on the walls of homes and cover their arms.

Despite the highly developed written Arias did not keep chronicles and never tried to write books or philosophical treatises. Transmit knowledge or any information from one person to another through writing for the Aryans were at least "wild and ignorant."

Aryan runes carry a different meaning.

Each character Aryan alphabet represented the kind of energy-channel opener graven access to energy space and the subtle world. According Wolfhound Aryan mages perfectly mastered and manipulated 154 such channels.

We observed a clear Aryan caste. All members of the genus were divided into groups. Each group knew the kind, and was entitled to draw only certain signs of magical characters.

For example, a hunter, going after prey, drew on the ground a certain sign, long time "meditating" on it, and only then to the road. Being in the information field of the Aryans, I saw on the same hunter attacked a wounded animal, vaguely reminiscent of a modern hog, only much bigger and stronger. Wolfhound called this animal-Ifta Khatri and said that the body of these animals is container subtle creatures of Chaos (Hum-asat). Beast hunter literally ripped stomach and broke his right leg. When Khatri Ifta-ran from a wounded Aria, to accelerate for a new attack, the hunter had to get a bone wand and drew his blood on the ground what that sign. At the same moment the beast stopped as if rooted to the spot. He looked confused — turning his head from side to side, and then, having lost all interest in the man just walked away. Got rid of the enemy, the hunter drew a second character, and for a while lost consciousness. After a few minutes he came to himself, managed to rise to his feet, leaning on selected bitches, went toward the village. I saw the moment when the hunter came out of the village to meet him popped group Aryans.

"The members of the genus there is an invisible bond. All Aria able to communicate with each other at a distance. "- Explains what is happening Wolfhound. "So we do not need to record information signs … Our signs have continued strength and not words .."

From the foregoing it can be a paradoxical conclusion. In Arias was the alphabet, they were able to compose and combine signs. Each character match a particular sound or word. But literature, as such, they were not. Aryan alphabet was a complex magical mechanism of human interaction with space and subtle world.

I tried many times to learn from the history of the Aryan Wolfhound alphabet. Themselves whether Arias created it? Have knowledge of other peoples? And who first learned how to use the energies of characters.

Certainly Aryan magicians possession of this information and share it Wolfhound agreed with me. His story was fantastic and a lot of things I could not understand. He talked about his ancestors and immortal magicians and of course about the characters …

It was a legend told in legend … and I'll try to tell it in an intelligible form of the modern man.

… Our ancestors were gods, as they could create and change the world by his own will and wish. They came from the stars and there were four races and seal each race reflected in the eyes of everyone. They opened the gate and just stepped into the world, for their old world chaos engulfed. Their bodies were great and gave off light. But they brought in our world is not just knowledge. Seed of Chaos spilled through the gates after the progenitors — so in our world came Humata race whose skin is transparent and sulfur. Banish Humata of our peace was no longer possible, and the progenitor of the power of their symbols are all Humata in a specially designed space.

Grandparents built majestic cities and empires. In those days the Earth "was of a different skin." There were other continents and other waters, and the sky was shining as much as two moons.

The strength was in their progenitors signs, using their mountain could become weightless, and it could be moved from one place to another, even a child. The signs of progenitors found great circles of the world and the rhythm of each thing. They knew that the world is governed by the two sides of the same circle, and knew exactly the time when one side of the circle was replaced by another, and that was the rhythm of the universe and our world.
Grandparents lived as long as they wanted, the world's two moons, there was no concept of death.

But the time and part of the great circle into motion — and the Earth "Change skin". One of the moons of Chaos engulfed — and the "breath of the Earth was hard and cold." Everything has changed. Humata out of control progenitors themselves progenitors began to change, most of them went to other dimensions, but some remained in the world. Then there are people Hom — those who are born in this world.

Their ancestors were apes on the one hand and stellar arrangements on the other.

Hom people "created" the progenitor and themselves intermarried with them. And when progenitors intermarried with people Hom, they ceased to be gods. But remained Magee-grandparents, who kept the tradition of 154 characters stellar script and made a vow to save and share knowledge.

In my time, saying Wolfhound, descendants of people Hom carried the grain forces progenitors. In your time, everything changed. Your mind is enslaved Humata. Centuries ago, people decided to Humata Hom fully managed ".. and created Humata Fears Fears and penetrated the soul of each Humata and adults fear there because found fertile soil, for they were Humata in relationship with the beast early unreasonable, aggressive and violent … '

".. Fear blocks the way of the Force. Mage does not feel any fear or doubt or worry empty and only reach this state can grasp the essence of star alphabet .. "

After telling the legend, Wolfhound "painted" a familiar sign to me — left-handed swastika.

I have always believed that the Aryans, this mark means the sun, as some researchers have often called left-handed swastika "solar cross". But wolfhound was indifferent opinion of scientists in the Aryan culture, and he laid out his version of the origin of the sign he said that the mark left-handed Swastika is very close to one of the signs of their magical alphabet. A projection of the sign for him "not magicians."

According Wolfhound happened that our galaxy is shaped swastika, and the position of each of the four branches brings to our world through some changes. Besides branches swastika represent the four kinds of progenitors, who came from the stars.

The swastika is a symbol for the magician creative cosmic energy. "With this sign, and you can easily get involved in the creative flow of galaxies and use them according to his will and understanding to create new forms and new events .."

Wolfhound has shown this technique to connect to the energy flow. Feels like it was like a mighty stream of the "rails", was golden in color and its vibrations were so strong, that after every connection I started perceptibly "ache" spine.

Each sign alphabet Aryans exists in dense and in the subtle world. The form of the structure and how to write characters in the physical world is a kind of energy-project. It's like a residential project, which architect built on paper. But the design of the house is the house itself, to build it takes a lot more energy and effort.

Similarly, with the sign of the Aryan alphabet. A person draws in the plane of the physical world. Sign in contact with the human energy and using it "turns" in the physical and in the astral and mental world (a house is built on a given project). The scheme is simple, but in order to "deploy" Aryan runes, a person should not be broken relationship with nature and it must be free from all kinds of fears and complexes. It must be at least a natural …. then you have a chance to click on some of the signs of the Aryan alphabet, but only some.

If you want more — energy your body needs to change in a certain way … and you will no longer have to be an ordinary man, for "a man who found strength within, called the Magician"

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