Wonderful secret in the book Vital Amutnyh — Rusal

Valeri Bondarenko. Your blood

It is not difficult to guess already from the name, this novel tells the story of the "affairs of bygone days' events, tormented, Lazcano, Educational Russia many centuries ago, in those days, when the word" Rusal "was clear and loved every son and Each daughter creative people Russes.

Rusal — eternal life. All manifested and unmanifested connected to it, all the gods and all the Celestial Empire, which was and what will just happen. Holiday or revelation? Then the image of the world that does not know sleep, devoid of old age and death.

And already here on a very preliminary stage of our analysis, simply and artlessly opened the first secret of the historical novel. Is the topic. In the boundless ocean of history and neohvatnom zybyatsya, anxiously awaiting his chronicler, hosts events, hosts a myriad of the most incredible, amazing, exciting byley. But few of them are able to sound today with its natural pristine force. Subject entry to Russia one of the sects of Judaism — Christianity and its further expansion, in fact, now the wave with the minds of not only the descendants of the mighty Rusich, but of all nations, kindred spirits Rossian spiritual tradition. Do not have to wonder: a society that worships immemorial aristocratic notions of honor, valor, justice, was thrown into the value system of the dominant alien people on it — greed, treachery, unquenchable lust is not a sexual nature, but some crazy inescapable desire to devour all of the visible, audible , tangible world. Someone will say: "It's always been." No, no, it was, of course, not always! And periods senseless and merciless holiday flesh whenever ended brutal hangover, and then soon returned to values not pseudo-but truly spiritual. Everything in the world — the pendulum, and how much the world deviates from the axis of harmony, so the pendulum will swing public sentiment later in the opposite direction. "Rusal" also returns the memory to its folk roots as usury is a crime, and intermediate trade and drunkenness — deeply despised outcasts vices.

So with the theme of the author of "Rusal", as they say, guessing. The Russian people, and with it the consciousness of the people, brotherly, already requires a national blood approach to literature. Well it is — "National Russian literature"? How we meet the most varieties of texts, where the lovely rosy maidens in kokoshniks and Mogutnov warriors in chain mail with all his heroic forces pyzhatsya give something Russian … And only goes one splint, can be, and sometimes cute, but sickeningly poor. What's the matter? And not always the maidens and knights are timid brush amateur, is among them Pygmalion and inveterate scribblers. I will not argue, among writers creating their texts in Russian, recognized Creative Writing is not uncommon. "But — in the words of George Ivanov — a skill that teaches by the word so that it is, dark and dull, suddenly shone with all the colors of the rainbow, ringing like a mountain echo, — skill, allowing the unseen soul to put into motion only on the force words — it is a real skill, we found as rare as in all times. "

But let's order.

Just a topic of ethnographic colorful, of course, limited Russianness. Alexander S. noticed that a Russian man in evening dress does not lose as it is now fashionable to say, the national identity. And so, the spirit, sent from above, values, cast, dozens of thousands of granite — that's the diamantovy rod can hold all the work, all the sacrifice, all the aspirations of the people.

Lightning flashed. Other. Wind grew. Darkened sky by which rapidly swept shaggy clouds color perezhzhennoy steel thrown into a crowd of a few handfuls of water, and should be empowered lingering a rolling rumble threatening shimmering hard gallop in the sky. At Khazar wagon someone screamed in fright.

— So what attracted you to their words? Our sages said, the soul is
of desire. But what is the desire, such is the will. What will happen, such an act she produces. What action allows people such inheritance he achieves. What, say, the desire has brought you here? You beckoned wealth? But all of you know that is not expensive for the wealth wealth, but for the sake of the soul, it is expensive. You were told that somewhere out there you will find yourself de beautiful wives? But not for the sake of his wife's dear wife, but for the sake of the soul dear wife. You will receive strong offspring, whispering to you, right? Not only for the sake of posterity expensive offspring, but for the sake of the soul. What else? You'll have a lot of cattle? Not for livestock cattle roads, but for the soul of roads cattle. Not for the sake of all expensive, but for all the dear souls! Only because of Rod, but his, his and our common soul to be seen, heard, only about her and take care of. After all, in the thought of it all open, and you no one can oplesti sweetest words. And that, as you said, these people do not and think — it is like a barren woman, delivering a fleeting pleasure.

This word magician God — perhaps the main character of the novel "Rusal". In his words, his actions primarily reflect the essence of the earth is the blood, which was dedicated oberezheniyu without reserve all his life. And in the future, as a teacher of the greatest of Russian princes — Sviatoslav, the great magician pours into the soul of his vyuchenika sacred knowledge. Russian tradition does not involve the transfer of Russian magicians Knowledge members of other classes, but the devastation will Magi and mortal danger hanging over Russia all derznichayuschih plebeian unbending principles, to adopt enterprising shopkeepers, led to
entrust fraction volhvova labor representative princely family.

— You've been in their houses of worship?

— Yes ever been. When Sveneld with his werewolf from the Greeks sought authorization. Well … in there is like at the dealer's torzhnika, or in the house with him. In addition, certainly, who vytantsovyvaetsya bargaining, but not easy, but with a fair spoil.

— This is true, everything is there colorful, all of Golden, silver glitters. They say that their God is really like. All we had previously believed? The temple was constructed — to common people in the cold or in mokropogoditsu was where to celebrate the holiday, Bratchina arranged. And pray to God … Is this roof need? Is it to your word Rod heard the ceiling needs to paint the stars? Here is his temple, dear! — Oblivious rapture, overfilling his gestures and voice, said God. — Can there be more of these eternal stars and inspired to draw? Is it possible to build up a set of which is now dark lazorev and the colors voronyagi1, a pink, yellow and hot goluboaly, golubosedoy … Unless there are grander and more elegant wall protected the blue pine forests and aspen groves drafty? What turned the stones under his feet will be better young herbalist, iskrovatogo snow or crisp polstiny2Autumn Forest in yellow? And is dead air, even stained scent of burnt resin, contains at least one one hundred thousandth fraction of the active force, which gives the world the lightest breeze? Since much have you been in the chapel zhidopoklonnikov, dear, of course, saw the idols that they paint colors on the boards. And how often the entire field around the images of their gods, they painted over with gold. I once asked them sages chudesnikov, spokesmen and defenders mutilated jew generalizations, does not mean any thing is gold hidden around those Christian gods and goddesses. And what answer those little creatures? "This is heaven. After all, higher heaven — the abode of God — is covered in gold! "Well, who, besides poor slave, a slave of the material side, it could take a notion in his head? And if they want to sacrifice to their deities, it is often attached to them a golden hand-made silver Uzoroche, precious stones, pearl strands. Truly, this is the gift of a slave! Bring the immateriality of green leaf, drag him bucket of spring water, a bowl of porridge, the best flowers, give him heart, give love … Why would he hryvnia gold? Why stones?

But, as in all times, a natural source, the subsoil, the jealous queen of Christian mentality is the Jewish faith. And she had built her nest in the head near the vicinity of the Russian lands — in the lower reaches of the Volga, and it was called the nest Khazars. Sitting at the intersection of trade and socio-ideological way, so important for the life of Russia, the Khazar Khanate by no means a love of peace. Eating blood materialized energy of all people living in the vicinity, this parasitic monster was truly monstrous appetite. Oh, he threw away his tentacles! According to studies, VN Toporova in Kiev "the situation … is characterized by the presence in the city administration and the Khazar Khazar garrison." This statement is able to complement and philological analysis of ancient literary monuments of another prominent researcher — AA Arkhipova, and the work of many other authoritative experts family history.

And here it is time to point out another important feature of the historical novels that can claim to be the intellectual value. This is a certainty. The novel Amutnyh almost find fictional events, at least one of those who could be called the key. With deference, he refers not only to chronicle dates, but also meaningful vivid detail, gleaned from Russian chronicles, essays Byzantine emperors and columnists, Bulgarian and Khazar rare texts.

— Hey, Ruald! — Exclaimed one of the ambassadors of the princess. — I then Greek king from his bounty gave seven hundred MILIARESION silver. So, take a minute, buy them so the raisins come from me romeyskoy basil — she laughed loudly and rudely, undid the belt of embroidered green morocco purse and threw it Rualdu. — I want to, indulging in sweets, he remembered me and with sweets. Yes, wait, not yet.

It seemed so possessed lihomanka Baba because it became convulsive movement, as it glittered feverishly beguchy opinion, does not stop for a single object.

— Give me a gold tarel! Na-ka here, Ruald. Raisins to the king on this here tareli filed, but it's not royally out, if for nothing else …

And the golden plate, sprinkled with colored stones, with sloistoga largest seal of agate in the center, depicting a native of Bethlehem — King of the Jews, with such ease was launched Olga, who, it seemed, did not have any weight. Ruald barely contrived her grasp.

— Maybe donate it to the sacristy … — he muttered, not too hoping to be heard.

But Olga turning the back to the amazement of the crowd, to the fish-face Wasylyk, clung to the beach shacks and palaces of Constantinople, sprinkled with gold dust, sun, and if she really did not care about all that she had left there. Yes suddenly lodi, which she came up again he heard her powerful voice is too loud to be able to be heard only by those who are on board:

— Immediately find someone, but immediately went to the Saxons3to Otto. Let give the queen Rugova4waiting for him at home in Kiev. Maybe I'll decide to take his faith — Roman.

And if Amutnyh wrote that Olga received from basileus Romagna 700 coins, in the first meeting — 500, in the second — 200, this is exactly what has been blessed with worldly glory seeker. Well, then, you get enraged Olga threw a plate with a picture for her new deity or not — this is definitely the right author. But it is not mindless copyright despotism energized. Many historical sources describe Russian princess like this, how does it goes back to the XI century, "Praise Olge Princess": "… the body of his wife suschi, masculine wisdom to Have." And not only wisdom, but also the character above all. Not many women of her time in a boat on the ocean waves to hang out. And about the cruel insult to Olga basileus Constantine Porfirorodnogo known to all certain, and the threats it to conclude an alliance with Otto, to the Catholic faith. And indeed, the facts, incidents, funny historical novel should be, as far as possible, be reliable. The smaller the writer depart from gray otzvenevshey were, the more confidence he will be able to enlist the reader.


1 Voronyaga — black nightshade — Solanum nigrum.
2 Polstina — half a, woven carpet woven rug.
3 Sachs — Frango name identity, means Germany as a whole.
4 Queen Rugova — Helena regina rugorum.

AN Sakharov wrote: "Russia needed Byzantium as a counterweight against the Khazars … as well as a provider of allied forces in the conflict with the Arabs." But while Romagna, that is Byzantium, only still weave their gold are such a self-Khazar Khanate long and mercilessly imposed on Russia such fees, instilled in her blood so Vile Poisons, which, as always in the fateful hour, she had to either revive remnants of his crushed will solve all energetic action, or izgibnut transient. But suffered from not Khaganate some Slavic tribes, as the Alans and Bulgars, and Guza (Torquay) and Kasogs (Circassians), and Hungarians and Pechenegs. So, do not just anger a freedom-loving people, but general hatred shook voluptuous bloodthirsty Khaganate. So not only merit the greatest of Russian princes explains the author of "Rusal" drop, seemingly unattainable, unapproachable, inviolable stronghold, but rather the will of the One who is the cause of all causes, infinite in its essence, the universal refuge, the light of the sun and the moon, the sound at the thinnest substance and ability in man. Indeed, when people strictly following his duty, a creative act combines the will of many of his fellow countrymen, brothers and sister, in truth, for a moment he becomes a hypostasis of the Creator of the universe:

And in pursuit of the remnants of the Khazar army constellations flawless heroes, like a blinding light, full of spiritual fervor, purified by fire, wind cleaned, purified, Rod, flying (perhaps not touching the ground?) Prince Sviatoslav. And saw, open great brotherly love, his eyes partaker that the entire universe at that moment found refuge in the body of the sorcerer-warrior, with all its mountains and clouds, rivers and seas, people and birds, in all its ineffable divine fullness, in every way incomprehensible , all-pervading, omnipresent Rod. And though his voice immeasurable unroll over:

— Victory! Victory!

But not content with Svyatoslav defeat noxious lair — parazitskogo Itil — the capital of the Khazars, he took the unprecedented hike, breaking several thousand miles, beating all the Khazar shelter lenders and traffickers and their accomplices, including Samandar arrogant fortress (near the present Makhachkala) and only through Don returned to Kiev.

But the information, its accuracy — that's not all, even such information, which, like precious pieces of ritual vessels, carefully collected "Rusal", the information is so fervently in silence, simply distorts and destroys his life at the age of mischief in these parts of the Christian party. Every worthy literary work shall be liable to the language of the people, on which it is written. Speaking the language of "Rusal", I would like to revisit the lines Georgi Ivanov, dedicated to the works of Nikolai Klyuev ("Chernozem vote"): "It Klyueva <…> intricate and not always clear, but it sounds like singing birds, the lapping of the river, the sound of trees, it is imbued with a natural harmony of nature. " Indeed, the abundance of archaisms, and simply the words of multi-, multi-valued do not allow reading of "Rusal" Greyhound. Yes, this is the book for slow reading. The plot, as it is paradoxically in relation to the historical novel, in this case, may not be of paramount importance. Rather, it is a novel, a spell, where word given, above all, not informative, but the magical part. And when the text here and there again brighten these beautiful old words like "ognezarny", "Muravlev", "solnosyad", "goluboaly", "kurzhevina", here's a funny word — "zaushit" born sensation, as if fearing the author that at least one of these treasures can leave the Russian language, in a hurry to find every little sanctuary in the pages of his book. At the same time, joined together, these words are woven sacred conspiracy, sincere prayer to the One who cherish them, and who is able to fulfill expectations.

He gestured toward the trail, running away from the mountain clans, and then diving under a canopy is not such deep as in the span1, but still vigorous lopushnika, raised his hand — yes hand and froze in the air. Walked down the path, waving plucked wide leaves, green top, blue-gray with ispod, Slovisha. In homespun shirt, but with Cheremnov2lastkami3her, in sandals, but with color onoochas4, He produces a wide smile.

And in conclusion, perhaps, it would be superfluous to say about the tune "Rusal" to the images and meanings of modernity. The opinions Ilya Kirillov, contained in the article "Wonderful Dnepr", dedicated to this novel ("The Day of the literature», № 8): "The subtitle of reviews I have said about the" historical novel as an encyclopedia of modern life. " In the blood-fat Itil, in describing inhuman mechanisms enrichment does not remember the reader of "Chirkazone" and the "city of gold toilets" in general? Meticulously recreated the atmosphere of avarice and comfort wins over military prowess, personal valor, honor, ie ultimately on the essence of aristocratic values — is not the reader feels kinship era era today? "Turning the pages of the book, unwittingly points out:" Yes, that's such … It is these characters I met yesterday, today … Yes, that's the ideological model strikingly similar or that intrigues current propaganda … "And, of course, that far Khazar Khanate, as the twin brother looks like a current English Khanate. Or American? Just as loud (the whole world), he chomps, smacking, unable to stop the prolonged bout of his insatiable gluttony … And then what will happen?

In terms of return of your morning must have long sought the city of Itil — the richest, the most secure, strongest, most arrogant … but the first rays through acrid haze hanging over the ground, smoke trailing in the water groped only ashes but remains in place recently, the brilliant obelisks vanity.

One of the central characters of "Rusal" — God — is that the principality — this is not the breed, not the knowledge of its manifestation in a separate, but "at the same time the principality — this breed, and the knowledge and action, and piety. That Smekal. "

Here we Smekal that Russianness literature can not be explained only one blood belonging to the folk's body. Not suffice for its identification and a rich knowledge of family history. And the skill of the artist — not the root cause in this matter. And even the selfless love of pure springs of the Russian word itself is powerless. Only in the case where all of these factors and many more not mentioned here, are connected by rukovoditelstvom Supreme Force, when the time will come when all the people realize, "It's time," when blood defiled require reward those that despise when he — on perfect order will touch his sacred words … and then only be able to work, which the experienced discerning critic will respond as "neohvatnom as the Dnieper, the novel — a rare, wonderful phenomena of Russian literature."

As spring begins in the middle of the jelly5, a new day is born when a tireless lizard eats only in the evening Hors Radiant face, and in this moment of darkness, and hidden in the clouds of celestial fire of indignation and the immeasurable love of impoverishment and cold under the hands of Fate Mokos twist thread futurity, whose image, distinguishable only divine vision, a long time had to hide from the simpletons.

Yes Rod protect us!
So be pleased with us Rod!
May we work for the glory of the holy name of Rod!
Yes we will do it perfect!

1 Span — the beginning of the summer.
Cheremnov 2 — red, red.
3 Lastki — colored rectangular inserts under the arms of his shirt sleeves.
4 leggings — puttees under boots or bast, puttees.
5 jelly — December.

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