Writers are afraid for the life of Neklyaeva

Belarusian writers appealed to the Prosecutor General of Belarus Grigory Vasilevich, the requirement to save the life of the poet Vladimir Neklyaeva.

"We've learned that life is outstanding Belarusian poet, presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva is in dire danger. Hypertensive crisis, which he suffered on December 29 2010, threatened with death.

Vladimir Nyaklyaeu need urgent hospitalization and medical examination. He must kept under closely monitored by doctors and receive all recommended him medicines.

We demand immediate action to save the life of Vladimir Neklyaeva — before its transfer out of the prison of the KGB in the hospital.

Without urgent care Nyaklyayeu could die at any minute! "

Signatures on the appeal is put onand Svetlana Aleksievich Vasil Zuyenok, Ales Ryazanov, Valentine Akudovich, Ales Antipenko, Natalia Babina, Vladimir Orlov.

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