Yakut kettles of stellar energy


In 1990, the radio station "Deutsche Welle" reported on the unusual facts that took place in the USSR during the testing of the first atomic bomb on the ground in the north-western Yakutia. Then (it was 1953) all seismic stations of the world have registered a blast capacity of about 30 megatons. Meanwhile, the Soviet atomic bomb power in those years did not exceed 10-15 kilotons …


Mysterious crash


The West has long assumed that in 1953 the USSR Super bomb blew up some of the latest design. And only thirty-five years it became clear that no Super bomb the Soviet Union at that time was not — the hydrogen bomb equivalent system was created much later. The reason for the huge blast over the Yakut taiga, remained a mystery even to the Soviet experts who conducted the nuclear test. The most striking thing is that it was not the first time such a powerful explosion on the territory of Yakutia. In the 20's and 30's, when neither of which the atomic bomb and the speech could not be, in the remote sparsely populated areas in the upper Viljui thundered at least three grand explosion. In 1934, the seismic stations of Norway and Germany recorded the "echo" powerful explosion that occurred somewhere in the vast Soviet Union. Perhaps it was an echo of one of the Yakut explosions.


The new "Tunguska meteorite"?


Recently, the Yakut national newspaper archive was found in 1925 with the article about the explosion on that year in the area of the river Olguydah. Flash and a huge cloud of dust seen in the surrounding villages. In this paper, suggested that the cause of the explosion was the fall of a large meteorite, like the Tunguska. In 90 years, reports about the tremendous explosions gremevshih in Yakutia before World War II, recorded were on Vilyue ufologists. "We had a chance to get acquainted with the old hunter-Evenki, who heard the explosions from his father — wrote researcher from Yakutsk T.Anchurina. — He witnessed two explosions occurred at intervals of approximately 10-12 years. He said, though at first out of the ground breaking to the sky pillar of fire with clouds of dust, then dust condensed into a dusty cloud, through which can be seen a bright fireball. This is followed by a terrible rumble and a shrill whistle. Then, after several consecutive thunders, it should be a blinding flash, sizzling all around, and a deafening explosion. All around were falling trees, rocks crumble and crack. There comes a darkness that is so cold that even extinguish fires. Charred branches covered with frost … "


Findings in the permafrost


Popular rumor persistently connects the mysterious explosions with no less intriguing objects — "coppers" who come across almost all Viliuisk plateau. Here is evidence of a hunter, wander in the dry season in the taiga. Trying to get out of bulgunyaha ice — permafrost, usually on top of veiled land — he's under a thin layer of soil found no ice, and a reddish metal surface is very large, the passing into the permafrost of the dome. Hunter was frightened and quickly left the place. In 1936, geologist M.P.Koretsky, who left detailed notes of his campaigns in the area of the river found the hemisphere Olguydah reddish color, more than half of the "ingrown" into the ground. A hemisphere consisted of some extremely durable material that was impossible not to break it, but even protsarapat. In 1979, it tried to locate the expedition from Yakutsk. But the conductor — the old hunter, a young man who accompanied Koretsky and repeatedly seen the "pot", could not remember the way to it, because, he said, the area has changed.


Overnight in metal rooms


And there are reports from people who have not only found similar objects, but also to penetrate them. In winter 1930 the old trapper Savelyev and his granddaughter Zina sent to the village Syuldyukar. The path ran along a remote unpopulated area. In the area between rivers Heldyuz grandfather sought out a place to sleep, where he stayed many times. According to the memoirs granddaughter, it was a "flattened reddish arch" with a helical passage, beyond which was a lot of metal rooms. There they spent the night. Eyewitness said that at night, in the bitter cold, these rooms were warm as summer.

In the 60 years of the employee's written an interesting story fur farms Eremin, who recalled how in the mid-20's, he repeatedly during their long trips along the upper Viljui took his teammates by a large "pot" is steeped in the permafrost. In the "pot" had a sign, but no Eryomin himself or his friends with whom he hunted, never once did not come into it. But somehow in the bitter cold of a comrade still decided to go in the "pot" to spend the night there. No attempt to dissuade him to no avail. Freezes hunter made his way to the "pot", and Eremin with a second companion continued their journey through the taiga. They walked a lot and became roost, when suddenly from the other side, where they remained satellite, flashed a blinding flash, and heard the roar of the explosion. Perhaps this is what is written in the explosion of the Yakut newspaper in 1925. Eremin says that after seven years, he had to go back on those edges. Among the fallen trees have stood a young forest, and the place of the "boiler", which remained his friend, came round a swamp.


"Gifts" from the comet


Where do these strange "kettles", lying in the frozen ground, as mines that can explode with great destructive force? Researchers by interviewing experienced hunters gathered the crumbs of information relating to these objects. If you believe their stories, once in the north-west of Yakutia was an accident caused by, according to these researchers, the close passage of a comet. The dating scene is controversial. Someone assigns it to the XIV-XV centuries, while others believe that it happened 100-150 years ago (even attempts to link the incident with the Tunguska meteorite). The appearance of a comet was accompanied by storms, sand and mud rain and precipitation of ice "needles." Along with "needles" fell and "kettles". Mari and crashing into the swamp, entering into the permafrost, they have for decades, one after another exploded, arranging a real disaster, after which the neighborhood for several years remained lifeless.


Evacuation of a UFO


Comets — quite unusual and little-studied celestial bodies. Some are able to for no apparent reason to deviate from its path. Still, the comet can not appear and disappear so quickly that they were not able to fix the Earth Observatory. And with the Yakut comet looks like this was the case. It appeared as if from nowhere and disappeared into nowhere. All this suggests that over the Yakut taiga not a comet appeared, and UFOs. Unidentified flying objects gigantic proportions were observed more than once. Typically, they fly in the upper atmosphere and are a "mother ship", which is separated from the smaller UFOs. Over Yakutia a giant UFO apparently crashed. With the distress of a large ship pilots were evacuated to ships probe. Obviously, none of them survived, but some activity is still warm in the mechanisms of probes. The reactors were stored energy capable at any moment to break out and make a terrible disaster. As for the anomalously strong for the early 50-ies of the explosion, as reported by the radio "Deutsche Welle", it almost certainly was caused by detonation of rocket fuel in one of these machines, caused by wires in the areas of nuclear tests.

Igor Voloznev., Referring to Russian and foreign mass media

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