Yoga is good for health, say U.S. doctors


Regular exercises of yoga reduces the amount of harmful chemicals in the blood and reduce the level of internal inflammation, which usually increases with the natural processes of aging and stress.

Physiotherapists at Ohio State University found that women who practice yoga have lower levels of the inflammatory cytokine interleukin-6 / IL-6 / in the blood. Also, these women recorded less IL-6 after stressful experiences. IL-6 is an essential element of the inflammatory reaction of the body and is involved in the development of heart disease, type II diabetes, arthritis, stroke and a number of other serious disorders. Reducing inflammation in the body helps to promote health and prevent similar problems, doctors explain. According to them, with the help of yoga we learn less explicitly respond to stress in daily life and thus prevent possible deterioration of health.
The survey divided the physicians observed women / average age 41 y / into two groups: the first comprises newcomers doing yoga recently or at home, and the second — "professionals" who practice yoga for at least two years, and at least twice a week to attend classes. Specialists conducted a series of tests that determine the mental and physical health, including the assessment of mood and performance anxiety. Several times participants were taking blood tests. Next, an experiment was conducted when to increase the internal stress of participating feet immersed in very cold water for a few minutes, after which they were asked to solve a series of difficult math problems without paper or pen. After the experiment the women either do yoga or walked on a treadmill slowly.
It was found that a group of yoga enthusiasts had levels of IL-6 is 41% higher, and the group of "professionals" is actually more responsive to artificial stressors and had low levels of inflammation. Since yoga consists of a set of exercises for breathing and flexibility of the body, clinicians find it difficult to say which element is the practice of such positive effects. American therapists believe that yoga is useful to engage in any age, as flexibility exercises help strengthen the muscles of the body that weakens over time and due to sedentary lifestyles and breathing exercises promote relaxation, preventing stress.

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