You want to be a candidate for president — prepare to jail …

Our society listener Ivan Viktarovich from the village Nyalovy Volozhin District, trying to comprehend the events of recent days, writes:

"The elections are over, and no change in our lives, unfortunately, did not happen. All the old …

Official propaganda and well-honed over 16 years of government policy did the trick. Blatant intimidation of people razyadnanasts society, indifference and selfishness — as a result we have what we have.

As for the opposition, it is our weakest. Yes, bound hand and foot.

In the normal state, the presence of opposition — the usual thing. And we, unfortunately, things are different. Neither the opposition nor the independent press, no real television …

What happened in the Square at night from the 19th to 20th of December? I know that many in Belarus tried this with Lukashenko's press conference, given in hot pursuit, the day after those events. Lukashenko was brought before the people innocent angel, white and fluffy. With what pleasure he humiliated and insulted his opponents, who at this time, beaten, suffered in the KGB prison! A hall of the Palace of the Republic, filled mostly officials, clapped her hands and looked into his mouth.

Does he believe that he is supported by 80 percent of the population? Do not understand how, who and for what drew him to these figures? "

Imagine it's late in the evening on December 19 would not have this frenzied attack hard, hunting riot on unarmed people. No broken teeth, no broken ribs or hundreds of detainees, nor thrown into prison KGB presidential candidates … And what happened? It is not aggressive to the crowd dispersed after an hour or two, down by frost and tired of aimless state. A few if provocateurs, or inadequate personalities who slowly and sluggishly squeezed glass at the Government House, could easily vyluschit of the crowd and the police to detain a few outfits. The organizers of the rally had to help them in this.

It is still unclear what guided Alexander Lukashenko in the evening, when I gave the order for a crackdown and mass arrests. What or who is so incredibly scared him? In any case, it is difficult to believe that the head of state, who feels at his back support 80 percent of the population that believes in genuine national love to the person, would have acted in this way.

The fate of former presidential candidates emerged, as you know, in different ways. In prison, were not all. A friend of the cameras has accused former colleagues — and now expects the government post. Two others, spent the night in the KGB, in one form or another have kept separate from the events on the porch of the Government House — remained at large (though forced to go in for questioning). Cool Runnings PhD students are actively discussing the fate of the "Freedom". Here he writes about it in his letter Paul Zinkevich from Minsk:

"I can understand what to prison bunks were Sannikov, Nekljaev, iPad for. They are not especially chosen expression during his television appearances, when he was accused Lukashenko of all the deadly sins. And it's always good to Alexander G. remembers who rarely forgives. But why the prison was Michalevic — so careful, correct, friendly to the government? He's a bad word in the garden Lukashenko never gave up. On the contrary, even the slogans authorities tried to copy in its election program — something like "Belarus — that's us." And it — along with all the dungeons in kadebistskiya … . "

Indeed, many of the time last season it seemed that after the elections Alexei Mikhalevich get for your stressed loyalty to the regime or deputy ministerial portfolio. It turned out, however, is quite different. What is the principle acted secret police, if persistent opponents of the regime, a fighter for the national Belarusian case of Gregory Kastusiou left at liberty, and the cautious and loyal Alexei Mikhalevich thrown together with others in the "American girl"? Perhaps the young and ambitious Mikhalevich saw a big threat to the foundation of the system than in the naive and sincere nominees BNF.

When the former presidential candidate and colleague Anatoly Lebedko Yaroslav Romanchuk was reading haltingly in front of TV cameras BT his repentance with such denunciation accusations against former colleagues and associates — many could not believe my eyes and ears. Here he writes about our listener Oleg Gomonov of Vitebsk Region:

"Who knows, maybe he infringed his fingers in the door or drove needles under fingernails? But it does not. Yes would have to tell me if you tried.

And that he had a meeting with Lukashenko on December 20 … He knew what was done to Nyaklyaeu and Sannikov, a riot raged in the streets of Minsk, how many innocent people thrown in jail …

Here's a time: the symbol of liberal reforms, the hope of the democratic intelligentsia — and what was, when the moment of truth … ".

Note that a clear answer to these questions, and suggestions, Mr. Romanchuk has not yet been given, hiding the most important details and the details of his meetings and conversations internally with employees of the KGB, which stretched the night of the 19th and the morning of the 20th of December. Allegedly, he did it for the sake of the party and their arrested colleagues. Again, everyone has heard, as he asked for his ally and head of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko during a private meeting with Lukashenko. But everyone made and to what extent Lukashenko listened to his request.

The dramatic consequences of the Plaza, the arrests of opposition candidates argues in his letter to the "Freedom" andAlena Leshkevich from Minsk. She writes:

"Maybe it's punishment and deserved? They also warned begged: let's face it! What are your chances? Who knows you? Who believes you (with the exception of one or two) collected by hundreds of thousands of signatures? So why take part in someone else's play?

But where is there! To make them such brilliant politics — but withdrew! No way! Everyone is in a dream saw himself as Napoleon. That ambition got out party. Now they seem to reproach himself. But too late. The opposition has already moved out of their ranks a single candidate. Yes, such that for it not to be ashamed, not to cling to identity candidate for president, as for a marshal's baton. To get a stick, you first need to win the battle. A majority of our candidates until December 19 absolutely did not understand what the struggle for power and how that power is worth it. And we have this: you want to be a candidate for president — prepare for prison. "

Indeed, in reality, the Belarusian politician who dares to declare himself a candidate for president, should be ready in the first place not to live in the presidential palace and the prison cell, and soup. Destiny Michael Chyhir, Alexander Kozulin, Marinich was a living illustration of this unwritten rule of the modern Belarusian politics.

The last letter in today's review. It sent us Ales Tsadko of Maladzechna. The listener is concerned about the moral state of the today's society. Arguing on this topic, He writes:

"I do not want to accuse Lukashenko only in the destruction of the foundations for an independent country — the native language. Rather, it is a follower of those who started doing this in the 60 years of the last century. Only he carries his plan more persistently and consistently. As a result of the national culture and spirituality — on the brink of disaster.

Here listen to the Belarusian state radio priests Chystsi that Molodechno district. It turn
s out that the level of crime among 15-25-year-old Belarus — one of the first places in the world, ahead of us, only Ukraine and Russia. When we had such a remark to the student for that foul language, the teacher was brutally beaten and humiliated? But this is the young electorate, which was formed in the years of Lukashenka's presidency. Poked, insult people who are 20-50 years older than them. Whom they take an example?

I read the local press. Newspapers are full of such news here: the son raped and killed his mother's father killed his son, brother killed his sister, etc. The total drunkenness, swearing, rudeness. Moral turpitude, zvadki in families hurt the psyche of children … Such is the property of Lukashenko over 16 years of undivided power.

No economic achievements pale in comparison to this moral depravity patient Belarusian society ".

You probably should not write off all the moral evils of the Belarusian society to the political regime that prevails in Belarus last 16 years, Ales. The roots are much deeper. Various distortions, corruption, and heinous crimes were to Lukashenko: mention at least the last decade of Soviet history. Then it is most often associated with the crisis of the communist ideology, the persecution of the church, the contemptuous attitude to Christian values. But over the past two decades, the church in Belarus do not destroy, and vice versa — massively built, and the power of the priests in every way closer to him and encouraged. But the truth of both. Never before, not even in the after-dinner-congestive Brezhnev era, Belarus was not so affordable vodka. Never had such an extension drugs. And never to such an extreme degree of degradation did not reach the village, which in past ages, in contrast, remained a mainstay of the national savior and spirituality, language, morality. And when the 19th of December, angry riot police hunted on the streets of Minsk on defenseless women, children and old men — beaten up blood, trampling boots, maimed — this is probably the most revealing evidence of the extent to which the state dropped perilously close to the moral line.

It was the last in 2010, a review of your own, dear listeners, messages. The recent events in Belarus do little to festive mood. Still, let's hope that 2011 is the year will bring us the best news and more reasons for hope and joy. Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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