Zalechat. The main profit of 200 pharmacists bring imaginary ailments

The main profit of 200 pharmacists bring imaginary ailmentsIn medicine regularly, new diagnostic and treatment methods, new technologies, drugs and biologically active substances. Most often, of course, they are already well-known diseases, but sometimes to market new products have both "open" and the previously unknown disease. Disease or declare that the above are not considered.

Potential patients — is both potential buyers and as a result, along with the real disease appears more contrived. The main thing — to find a symptom, and then you can inspire people, that they have some kind of pathology, which is not something that a particular person, and in nature are not there.

What is a "made-up disease?" Several years ago, British Medical Journal counted 200. Among them are all clear wrinkles and hair loss, cellulite formation of sulfur in the ears, and more exotic like "allergy XXI Century". "It's either not existing disease or intentional its broad interpretation and highlighting the danger to the population, actively used an ax to grind" — said "our version of" Deputy Chairman Formulary Committee of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Pavel Vorobiev. As a result, people have huge amounts of money spent on treatment widely promoted imaginary ills, and the real illness is not enough money.

By imaginary disease specialist does and osteochondrosis. The diagnosis of "low back pain" in Western literature exists, but it stands for rare diseases of bones and joints, mainly in children.

A striking example of a fictional disease is cellulite. To judge by the name, it really is a disease ("-itis" — inflammation). True, this cellulite — it's pretty rare fibrous cellulitis. And the fact that under the cellulite usually involve women — just a cosmetic feature of a woman's skin and subcutaneous fat. It is connected to the stagnation in the circulation of the lymph, blood, and with the uneven deposition of fat. Foreign doctors generally refer to cellulitis secondary sexual characters are women.

Cellulite is not necessary neither liposuction do not take drugs, just eat less or accept the fact that a man of such metabolism — to fight it is difficult and almost hopeless. Prof. Vorobyov told the story of a woman who died in the struggle against manifestations of excess weight.

"It was a very fat woman, the treatment she abruptly lost weight, she fell kidney developed renal failure — and she died. Rapid weight loss is much more dangerous than obesity! And as the stories about how liposuction is developing sepsis (blood poisoning) is enormous. In principle, it is quite probable complication of any operation, but is it worth the cosmetic effect of having to go to such complications, sometimes resulting in death? "- Asks the expert.

By imaginary disease specialist does and osteochondrosis. The diagnosis of "low back pain" in Western literature exists, but it stands for rare diseases of bones and joints, mainly in children. In Russia, "hondrozom" called any pain in my back. "Images of the skeleton in men older than 50 years will show that low back pain is practically at all, and this is a normal age-related change, but if a person is sick with him sciatica — is another question.

Radiculitis disease is associated with changes in the skeleton, but by itself osteochondrosis — age norm — says Prof. Vorobyov. — There is now a similar problem with osteoporosis, which is almost all people over 60. In most cases, it does not cause physical pain, it's the same age-related changes like wrinkles. "

Osteoporosis is diagnosed in 99 of 100 elderly, but is not required to treat it. Thus, according to the analytical agency DSM Group, Russians only in the first half of 2011 spent on the purchase of drugs for osteoporosis 11.8 million rubles, having eaten 122 million packs of pills. The growth of money was wasted in comparison with the corresponding period in 2010 of 10.3%. True, spending on drugs and creams for cellulite Russians have recently reduced: in 2010, the wind threw a 22% less than in 2009, but the reason for this was probably just a decline in revenue in the time of crisis.

Actively promoted by antibiotic treatment does more harm than good health — and it's because of their improper use associated with imaginary illnesses. Antibiotics — drugs the number one with pneumonia, sepsis or pyelonephritis, but when infections are invented, antibiotics not profit, but a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract, causing complications in the kidney and liver.

Basically a lot of infections, identify them is not that hard, and the result can be almost any illness associated with any agent. Chlamydia, E. coli, measles virus in one form or another is almost at all. But the seemingly simple analogy require stringent checks and evidence: such agent causes such and such a clinical picture. According to Prof. Vorobyov, chlamydia diagnosed and treated at every turn, and in this case, when doctors conspire by laboratory analyzes and "find" everything you need, are known to many.

Women who came to the reception, they say that she found in the smear chlamydia. Check out this woman can not, and she, along with a partner (or several) offer treatment expensive antibiotics, immunostimulants, biological additives, sometimes persuaded to make "blood purification." And chlamydia longer find! But was it all, history is silent.

Even more indicative of a bloated supply WHO swine flu hysteria. Re data analysts DSM Group. "In 2009, which artificially inflated before the swine flu scare, — says CEO agency Sergei Shulyak — Theraflu product sold 2.1 billion rubles (13 million packs).

In 2010, no lobbying, sales fell naturally, if you count in packages of 14%. Even greater was the decline in sales on the famous Russians Arbidol. In 2009, the turnover of the drug was 5.6 billion for 37 million packages in 2010, sales were down 19% in rubles, reaching 4.5 billion rubles, and took the Russians 28 million packages of the drug. "

Often inventing new diseases for wealthy young, which means that relatively healthy people. At the forefront in this case diagnosis. For example, you are given a test strip in which you find yourself at "resonance cells" or something that sounds as clear.

"The idea of the benefits of early diagnosis is not always true — says Professor Pavel Vorobiev. — What might be the early diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction, acute pneumonia, meningitis? While they were not held, no early diagnosis can not be. "

It is no accident so popular medical joke that is not healthy, and there nedoobsledovannye. Often, according to researchers at the University of Toronto and Harvard, a situation which is called a "cascade of appointments" when the doctors side effect of the medicine is considered as a manifestation of a new disease.

In inventing diseases lead the U.S., they are the main developers of PR-campaigns of drugs that have become good business projects. In the U.S., most often make the diagnosis of mental illness: a child running around at recess — so he's syndrome increased activity. Through the efforts of local physicians and Semi-Medical figures for world list of imaginary illnesses add "eustachian tube dysfunction" (the opening between the oral cavity and middle ear, the back pressure of the environment), "kidney stones in the stage prior to the formation of stones", "Slagging body" and "clogging intestines. "

Perhaps, the last trick — "female orgasmic disorder." The true incidence is unknown disorder (according to some, it can be observed in 10-15% of women living a regular sex life.

"This nebolezn'd treat drug manufacturers — said the president of the Society of Evidence-Based Medicine Professor Vasily Vlasov. — Apply Viagra and analogs, the growing popularity of drugs surprising. Side effects from the use has not been canceled, but the important thing is that healthy people feel sick. "

By the way, only in 2010, Russians spent on Viagra 2.729 billion rubles — 18.7% more than in 2009.

Author: Irina Vlasova


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