Zingeris: the closure of the OSCE Office in Minsk is revenge for the objectivity

Closure of the OSCE Office in Minsk is revenge for the objective findings of this organization on the basis of presidential election in Belarus.

Commented on the decision of the Belarusian authorities to nepadavzhenni the mandate of the OSCE Office in Minsk, the chairman of the Seimas Committee on Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Emanuelis Zingeris, transfers DELFI.

The decision of the official Minsk is another "step away from democracy Belarusian society to closure. "

"Lithuania, which after a few hours of the powers under the chairmanship of the OSCE, will try to do everything to the office of the 40-person detained in Minsk possible longer, "- said Zingeris.

But he acknowledged that the decision to nepadavzhenni mandate "is a big challenge" for Lithuania, which will chair the OSCE, and the Belarusian authorities want the office staff had left the country as soon as possible.

Zingeris on the recent events in Belarus and the history of the office of the OSCE demonstrate "what price you have to pay for the policies in place at the EU against Lukashenko's regime."

The politician said that Lithuania should unilaterally abolish visa fees for Belarusian citizens, and the EU should withdraw the moratorium on the use of sanctions against members of the Belarusian authorities, led by Lukashenko. And also expand the list of banned to include those who are involved in the repression against members of the democratic forces.

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