10 unknown facts about Christmas


Time magazine has revealed ten things which, in the opinion of the edition, unknown to the general public.

1. "Contrary to popular belief, is not mentioned in the Bible, the exact date of Jesus' birth," — the newspaper notes. The official church holiday of Christmas was in the IV century, and Pope Julius I "coincidentally" in conjunction with the December 25 — the day of the pagan festival called Saturnalia.

2. On Christmas Eve in 1914, the warring parties on the Western Front of the First World War stopped firing and started singing Christmas carols, and the next morning the German and British soldiers, even shook hands and gifts, the magazine said.

3. According to journalists, the colonists, the Puritans in North America at first did not favor Christmas: from 1659 to 1681 opening celebrations in Boston punishable by a fine, and the U.S. Congress held its first meeting on 25 December 1789.

4. Flight of Santa Claus in a sleigh in the sky for the first time described the American writer Washington Irving in 1819.

5. Red-nosed reindeer Rudolph copywriters came up in 1939 in order to entice buyers to the department store Montgomery Ward. Equally well-known character christmas visual culture — Frosty snowman smoking a pipe made of corn cobs — in 1890 began to appear in the advertising of alcohol.

6. In 1965, American astronauts panicky voice reported the discovery of the Earth UFOs, the magazine said. "After several minutes of tense silence in Houston heard a quiet pozvanivanie bells and the sound of a harmonica." Played the astronauts themselves, says the publication.

7. The ancient Celts and Germans believed that mistletoe heals wounds and promotes fertility, but the tradition of kissing under this plant appeared only in the Victorian era.

8. "The Germans and the pre-Christian times decked evergreen trees to brighten up the dark, dreary days of winter solstice" — the newspaper writes, noting that the first real Christmas trees appeared in Strasbourg in the XVII century. In America, the fashion for eating came from England, where the tradition was brought by Prince Albert.

9. The first nativity scene with live pets gave St. Francis of Assisi in 1224.

10. At Christmas, the Portuguese roll feast for the living and the dead, the Finns go to the sauna, the Australians — the beach, and in Spain held the world's largest lottery.


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