25 years ago in the Northern Urals began to study the abnormal area


25 years ago in the Northern Urals opened, recorded, began to study the anomalous zone, which was chosen as a sort of unidentified flying objects. Fantasies Strugatsky brothers come true. Began a hunt for aliens.

This mysterious zone is located in the center of Russia — on the border of Perm and Sverdlovsk regions. One of their names "anomaly" Molebka received from the village on the river Sylva, who became the "gateway" to the "spaceport for UFOs."

However, the lack of titles in this area is not present — it is known as M-Skye area, M-sky triangle or Perm anomalous zone. It may well be attributed to the wonders of the Urals, because it really is a wonderful phenomenon and besides — a man-made: without human perception of "anomalies", without emotion, it would be the usual forest, river and the usual conventional swamps.

Paranormal opening

Anomalous zone accidentally discovered Perm resident geologist Emile F. Bachurin. In autumn 1984 he was at the time one of the expeditions poised far above the forest noticed a strange object that looked like a "flying saucer."

Going to the place where, in his opinion, the UFO took off, Bachurin found in the snow thawed diameter of just over 60 meters. Examining this area, Emil F. noticed that his watch, so long that went flawlessly, began to fall behind by two hours!

Analysis of soil presented a new surprise — in the forest land were the rare earth elements, which, according to UFO researchers, is typical of the places where sit the unidentified flying objects. Since then, the area has gained world-wide fame.

In Perm region flocked not only experts on anomalous phenomena, but also to amateur researchers and tourists … and almost every one of them witnessed the unique phenomena.

Gradually, over the Zone of its fame as "alien spaceport." As far as it is close to the truth is hard to say.

Perhaps the real UFO landing in places no one was watching.

However, there are a lot of documentary photographs and eyewitness accounts, confirming that near Molebka is a territory where amazing things happen. Photographs taken in the M-Soviet triangle are clearly visible orange transparent balls.

They are not visible to the human eye, the balls appear only on the film. However, there is a special apparatus, the "feeling" of the anomaly.

If you start shooting in a place marked instruments, balls in the photo is a great variety!

The researchers suggest areas: perhaps impartial lens captures on film some energy education. However, to explain their nature until nobody can.

Left-bank inrush

Also on the left bank of the Sylva is an amazing place, the so-called inrush. As it turned out, that there are "born" strange light rays, furrowing the night sky over the woods.

On the site of the forest area of 2.5 million square meters are trees, neatly broken at a height of three meters from the ground. Their top oblomlennye turned to the south. Such an impossible task for an individual or even a group of people …

Host of "anomalies"

Many of those who attended the Zone, noted another strange phenomenon — the appearance of the walls of canvas tents on the big rocks and thick tree trunks moving images. A tourist from St. Petersburg said:

— We've heard stories about how the evenings invisible "master zone" shows their guests "movies." And my friends and I hit the road …

The first three days were in the zone without incident, and we are already getting hurt that every "anomalschina" bypassing us. One evening, when we went to bed, I noticed the corner of his eye, that one of the walls of the tent was a peculiar lit.

At first I thought, "Maybe outside a car drove up, and it is the light of her headlights?" But, first, place our parking lot surrounded by a dense forest, and it is unlikely anyone would be able to pass through it on the car, and, in addition, We did not hear the engine noise.

For the walls of the tent was dead silence, even the wind died.

— Following this the illuminated wall tents began to flicker different geometric shapes: triangles, circles, trapezoids — continued tourist.

— All of them were black and white and quickly followed each other. Flickering figures became a faster, then slower.

The impression was that someone offers to people staying in the Zone Test, alien test, and people just can not understand it. Soon invisible "projectionist" interrupted "session", and once again darkened tent fabric.

Rings and Pyramids

Especially popular among adventure enthusiasts enjoy the place with the ominous name of Fairy Ring. Here on one side of the river deep and dark woods down to the water, the other side, consisting of flat stones, rests on the steep 60-meter cliff.

Research expeditions in the area usually does not stop: the forest tent not deliver because of standing "shoulder to shoulder" of huge trees and bushes. But the stone is not protected either from the sun or the wind or the rain to stop and the bank does no one comes to mind.

On the pictures taken at this place, often turn out different-sized black balls with light spots in the center — ring.

Another mysterious place, which found Emil Bachurin, located slightly to the side. Someone unknown neatly folded three stone Pyramids, forming a large isosceles triangle.

Pyramid UFO consider these as a guide to UFOs. Photographs taken in these places, a lot of fixed translucent balls …

Having been in the M-Soviet triangle, do not be lazy and make excursions to the ruins of the former forester's house and in the so-called Muhortovsky obstruction. Experts promise: impressions of unusual meetings and events will be unforgettable.

Although, of course, many hunters are leaving the unusual areas with nothing. There could be as lucky …

Money for visiting M-ing triangle is not taken, only necessary, as they say, due imagination and desire to touch the miraculous.

Prepared by Vladislav Veriga

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