8 principles of effective online banner

To put up his own website to make a banner, you will need to create this very site, and of course, you need a host to place itself offspring. And after all the necessary operations can start making money, big and small. If you do not need a server rental in Moscow and you are not going to engage in the creation of a site, and just want to put your banner with any partner, then you just need our advice to create it and not just a banner, a product with a high response.
Many of the tips presented here are intended to increase clicks (ctr), but remember that ctr — is not always the absolute efficiency.

1. «Click here» — a magic phrase. To increase the number of clicks on your banner you need to insert them under the magic words like "click here», «click here» or «enter», and the number of clicks will increase by approximately 30%, and if we add to this psevdoknopki or scroll bars, then your chances increase.
2. To be effective, you need to intrigue people. Topics may be different manifestations of the sexual-erotic properties to the technically-primitive character, above all, surprise you.
3. Remember, the big banners in terms of pixels clicked more often, but also for its placement on the site will have to pay more.
4. But cunning large banner that it can not immediately be loaded on the site and the visitor can not wait for its full disclosure, go to another page, and believe me, then what will it does not matter how much it was beautiful and intriguing. Many services limit the size of the advertising material. Often, this amount shall not exceed 15 kilobytes.
5. Use animation, and it will increase demand by 25%, as the movement attracts the attention of visitors.
6. Images on your banner ad is intended to supplement the meaning of a course or a slogan. Better use of images of beautiful women, because it will attract the attention of men, who are mostly Internet users.
7. The color of your banner should be bright and colorful. Try to use green, blue or yellow, it will increase your chances of uspeh.Predlagaem you a color combination that is optimal for the banner. A good combination of blue on white. Bright looks black on a yellow tint. Not tire green color on white. Monochrome black on white.

8.Nezabudte test banner and choose the most suitable option.

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