A giant funnel over Moscow (photos)


Cloud unusual round shape could watch Muscovites on Wednesday in the Volokolamsk highway. One witness posted video of this phenomenon on the site of the project "Mobile Reporter" reported "Vesti.ru."

Another visitor said that he was able to get a comment about the cloud in the weather. According to him, the weatherman said that over Moscow sprang a tornado, but then it cleared. On circled strange clouds even flew a helicopter emergency situations.

Later experts Hydromet officially denied the information that the unusual cloud in any way related to the possible tornado.

"The effect is purely visual, although the look is certainly impressive. If you look closely, even the sun's rays are seen making their way. Probably, this effect was just at sunset, when, and videotaped. In recent days through Moscow held several fronts, and it was an invasion of arctic air from the west sun shone — that's what happened, "- said the representative of the department told" Vestey.ru. "

According to him, the cloud could be formed, and under the influence of industrial emissions.


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