A lady without a head of Mlyniva


Scary legend related to the old homestead in the village Mlyn (Rivne region.). In 1793, the owner of the palace of Ludwig saw the right wing of the castle silhouette daughter Rosalia, which was supposed to be in Paris. "Do come back?" Thought the mother, and was appalled.

Rosalie's head separated from the body …

It was on that day when her daughter dreamed mother, Rosalia was executed in Paris for liaison with the disgraced Marie Antoinette. Distraught mother left the castle. But the specter of Rosalie lived within its walls forever. Generations of the Chodkevičiai and Rosalia still come out at night to walk the halls. Women preferred not to leave their rooms at night, or behind their footsteps, shuffling feet and heavy sighs.

Once Rosalia even attacked by one of the young maids began to choke her. The poor girl screamed. When the waiter came running into the room with a flashlight, a ghost melted.

Rosalia was not going to leave their possession, even when the palace occupied ordinary people. So for a long time no one here did not linger. Ladies headless ghost can be seen every night with the exception of the full moon. She opens the taps with water creaking parquet rustling on carpets and very hard to breath. Apparently tired of wearing more than 200 years in the hands of the head.

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