Today the crisis, the financial problems worsened, it's time to think about money with unusual side — the esoteric.

Big Money: Can they help you find happiness? Esoteric believe the money special kind of energy (strong and rough), to tame that can not everyone. It depends on your mental abilities, and of your karma, and from many others. Do you think it's you "make" money? No — it is they go or do not go to you. Want to know whether you love the money and how much? Work with our test. You may open it, which you have not thought of.

1. Earning a very large amount of money, you will:

"A) the comfortable rich life
"B) prefer patronage
c) prefer extravagance.

2. On you "dump" multimillion inheritance. Are you:

"A) dramatically change lives, making up for lost time, regardless of the moral consequences of their actions
"B) will live as before
c) prefer spiritual self-improvement.

3. Do you have a large sum of money. Are you:

"A) will seek to earn more
"B) try to make money, but a little
c) will spend what you have.

4. Your revenues declined as you jinxed. Are you:

"A) refer to a parapsychologist to quickly remove damage, without thinking, what goes around comes around is your detractors
"B) will feel and think, how to make a decision
c) submit to her fate.

5. You have to spend money. Are you:

"A) put them into a profitable business
"B) to spend on household needs
c) you do not care what you spend.

6. Do you believe that the amulets and charms are able to increase your income?

"A) Yes, of course
"B) is not always
c) this can not be.

7. You have an opportunity to make money or a dubious way to get them from dubious sources. The result — is uncertain. Action:

"A) refuse
"B) to risk
c) take advantage of these resources in any way.

8. Which way the easiest way to make money?

"A) a lot of work
"B) to use the favorable circumstances
c) watch where that is bad.

9. If you see a prophetic dream about money, your actions:

"A) a dream for you — the hint that you use
"B) forget about what they dream
c) in dreams do not believe.

10. It is possible to get good money non-traditional way — by witchcraft. Action:

"A) you will not hesitate to do anything to get money
"B) to reflect on, and what will be the price paid
c) refuse, fearing that the payment exceeds the joys and pleasures that can give you the money.

11. With the help of numerology, you learned that will have a lot of money. Your actions?

"A) believe, because you believe in predictions
"B) first fortune, and then take up the case
c) will be relying on their own strength.

12. Do you trust your instincts? She is able to help make money, save the financially stable?

"A) course
"B) will long doubt: whether to obey or follow the logic of intuition
c) all of this — is nonsense.

13. According to the prediction of a clairvoyant, changing jobs will bring you even more revenue. Are you:

"A) her advice and go to a new job
"B) thought and thought and did not make any changes, deciding that it is likely to be deceived
a) After a clairvoyant, smile and forget her words.

14. To get money you need someone to cheat. Your attitude:

"A) for anything
"B) Although it would give
c) it is not in your rules.

15. You asked for the money borrowed. Are you:

"A) as you can give
"B) give money in interest-bearing debt
c) refuse, because the debt does not give money.

16. You save money. Why?

"A) it is your creed
"B) can not see an empty purse
c) on a rainy day.

17. There is work for good money, but the soul does not belong to her. Are you:

"A) will work for the money
"B) the feeling that success will not, will wait time
c) think that work needs to be performed because all work the same.

18. You smiled fortune — money is enough. Action:

"A) will still work, but much smaller, and only because it already used to. Without the work will not be able to feel comfortable
"B) will continue to work, for fear that one day the money runs out
c) will be spending the whole hog.

19. Fortuneteller predicted inevitable you lose in gambling. Action:

"A) remembering predicting decline the game
"B) you are not afraid, because in gambling you do not play
c) will still play, believing in his star.

20. Believing in the power of warding, you ordered it, and now you have to buy it. Are you:

"A) pay the amount called silent
"B) will be traded
c) not taken up at the last moment.

21. Business travel should bring you a good income. Action:

"A) take the road amulet for money
"B) take to the road for good luck talisman
c) read the plot for money.


1. More answers by the letter "a" means …

Do you have a stable financial situation, money is easy to come to you. To preserve the achieved success you should especially avoid contact with unsavory people to talk about their successes, so as not to jinx it. Because of your environment, there are people who are very jealous of you and will do anything to hurt you, but they are carefully concealed under the mask of benevolence. Communicating with them, you do not even know about their hostile attitude. Problems can have a different character, but a special danger for you is the evil eye, damage or engage you on an adventurous job. Of these "gifts" you yourself will not get rid. The way out of this situation will be a reliable professional help in the area of the secret sciences. Do not give in to temptation and excitement as they — the first obstacle fortunes and can quickly lead you to bankruptcy. Under any suspicious circumstances listen to the inner voice, it will not give the wrong advice. Follow it, you can avoid a lot of trouble. Mistakes and remember when thinking about future success, do not let them in the bottom tomorrow. Sooner or later you will succeed as a gross energy of money (they call her esotericism) is easy to obey you, and therefore, the wealth is not far off.

2. More answers by the letter "b" means …

You're in the middle ground, harmoniously distributed joys and sorrows, gains and losses, successes and failures. Too much of anything was always hurts people, more wealth — too. Save a good situation will help you care for your health, which could easily worsen as a result of constant hard work, because due to its efficiency and you achieve success. Especially dangerous for you are stress, which will lead to an energy imbalance of the body and cause disease. Because of it, you lose a lot of time, and with it the money. Try courage and dignity to experience trouble and losses are short-lived and not worth the long experience, to be in the doldrums. Do not panic, very soon everything will return to normal, remember that you are a favorite of fortune. And your enemy is a serious risk. If you do not refuse it, lose all they had. You also can not tolerate interference in your affairs, and other familiar advisers. If you know you do the job yourself, do not hesitate to give up the partnership with somebody else. Do not rely on your friends, you will lose money because their task — to trick you and replenish its capital at your expense. Remember — you are a middle man, and the energy of money is subject to you only halfway.

3. More answers by the letter "c" means …

"Your position is unenviable. Indifference and unwillingness to live a better life are the main obstacles on the way to success. Ignoring the lack of money needed for life, you become poor and condemned to the same thing, and their loved ones. You can not rely on gifts of fate, and should think of how not to turn themselves into their own hands bankrupt. Listen more to the voice of intuition, resort to the help of those who can help change your circumstances to the best non-traditional ways — the predictions made for your mascot to wish fulfillment, perfect magic rituals. Your only way out — it is an endless hard work and help from above. Cause your troubles is that the energy of money almost not subject you

It may be that the answers were distributed almost equally between any two points. Read the instructions carefully on both points, and draw conclusions in relation to their own situation.

Vladislav Fatyushin, magnetic medium

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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