Activists campaign to lose jobs


Igor Treshchav
had to work in the mobile mechanized column number 95 of the district center for six months. Served office equipment. Its functionality was not. According to the activist, the problems began immediately after the election:

"Employees started to say that you already have will not work. The director some questions have arisen in the executive committee. Called him back. I went to the director and asked a specific question. He did not explain anything to me. Said that we are will no longer work. "

Reporter: "To what connect you what you did not renew the employment relationship?"

"They did not like that we are not actively working in a team Neklyaeva. Agitation doing. Signatures collected. Now I will look for something to think about. Maybe somebody will take somewhere."

The Director did not explain anything to me. He said that we are no longer going to work

In the administration of the company denied political motivation dismissal activist. Argue that it is temporary. The company has no money to pay for his work, says a representative of the Administration:

"Today, I do not even know how to repay the loan. No money. It worked for us under the contract. When it is needed, we call it, and in fact will pay for his work. As a specialist he is a wonderful man."

Mogilev region Igor Treshchav became another activist of the initiative group Vladimir Neklyaeva, was fired from his job. First joined the ranks of the unemployed activist from the district center of Kemerovo Alexander Baran. He was forced to resign from the boiler housing and communal services of the district center.

Meanwhile, in the region continue to cause people in the KGB. December 29, more than fifteen known facts of their interrogations. More precisely determine the number of human rights activists can not be questioned:

"Intelligence agencies are trying to act in secret, so that no one other than the person on whom it is performed pressure, did not know about it. Intimidate people. Configure them so they do not give resonance, as alleged in their future may be some problems. So way people get into trouble. So the fact it is necessary to give resonance — is the only weapon against the citizens of pressure from the security services, "- said Mogilev human rights activist Alexei Kolchin.

Today, the KGB called head of the regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Solovyov. The notice stated — "to conduct individual prevention."

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