Adventures in the primeval forest. Gorilla watch online

Adventures in the primeval forest.  Gorilla watch online
More than three thousand individuals of Western Lowland Gorilla lives in tropical undergrowth state park "Dzanga Sangha 'in the Central African Republic. They are close relatives of well-studied mountain gorillas. Recognizable documentarian Thomas Behrend was watching the buck "silver" Macumba gorilla and his family for several months. This program, which included the rare unique frames, can reveal about the mind-blowing facts from the life of the family Lowland Gorilla. During his stay in the tropical undergrowth Berend managed to remove several touching scenes of domestic life of gorillas, including frolicking young gorillas, the difficulties in the relationship of their parents. Thomas also knows about the criteria of living in the jungle: vsesuschey humidity, annoying mosquitoes and forest elephants, which violate the peace of local campgrounds.

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