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Agni Yoga Teaching and Living Ethics Teaching was given to the world as a means of expanding consciousness, as the tool of the World! And at the same time it was the instrument of evolution!

In the Agni Yoga emphasizes that the information is given, and no apparent multifaceted system. However, if the "Chela" scrupulous and thoughtful approach to the study of "Teaching …" — in his mind the overall picture is gradually emerging doctrine, from which you can select the methods and ways of self-improvement!
It is sufficient to clearly manifests the principle of a spiral of communicating information. When brought information is repeated at regular intervals, but at a higher level. Thereby the principle of greater awareness …

However, this is not related to the level of cosmic consciousness. This is the topic of another order.

A central place in the "Doctrine of …" is a teacher — mentor, who oversees each seeker, each going by providing him help and support!

"Mahatmas or Masters of Humanity" — those who by the sheer hard work of implementation is achieved as a spiritual person!

They are those who, doing the will of the Creator, for the last 11,000 thousand years accompanied, supervised Humanity, showing him all possible assistance in various historical periods.

As a general rule, the total number of "curators …" at a time, throughout the last period (11,000 million years old) is not greater than 11.

At last, the final stage (300 years), there were 5, together with the Master of Moriah.

They — the founder of the Great Brotherhood on Holy Island in the days of Atlantis.
They — Keepers of the Trans-Himalayan Stronghold in our race.

Stronghold of Great Knowledge (Shambhala) has existed since time immemorial and is unchangeable Watch on human evolution, observing and imbedding a salutary course for world events.

All the great teachers have been associated with this monastery. All of them — members of it.

Diverse activities of the Citadel of Knowledge and Light.

The history of all times, all peoples, keeps evidence of this assistance, hidden from the public and usually arriving at the turning points of history. Adoption or avoidance of it necessarily accompanied by the rise or fall, respectively, of the country. (Mahatma Letters. Str.003. Foreword)

Studying works on Agni Yoga sometimes quite hard to understand the material that is given.

In absolute majority consider themselves to be "disciples" of Agni Yoga, usually lack basic esoteric knowledge, knowledge of history, science, and culture. At the head of these "would-be students" have porridge made of fragments of various exercises, which they proudly call "the knowledge of Agni Yoga and Life!"

A striking example is the forum "Living esoterica," where almost every "Seeker of Truth", with rare exceptions, they only hear themselves and are unable to accept any other information if it is contrary to the fact that he (she) read (a), notice (s), found (a).

This is the absolute, overwhelming number of adherents of a doctrine (in this case — the followers of Agni Yoga!).

The most pronounced are "adepts teachings …" managed to get to carry out basic testing, when they were offered the communion of the same pattern of behavior!

The result: manifesting intolerance … going wild ego too high importance, not wanting to know anything that is beyond the scope of their vision, "knowledge", narcissism its importance and "knowledge." etc.

And the same pattern of behavior support forum administration, despite the fact that the rules — declared the opposite!

But, as they say — God be their judge!
Everyone gets what they should get!
Time will put everything in its place!

The reason that I have taken so much time to this subject — is simple: some theoretical knowledge on a particular topic — not enough!

In order to achieve something — you need to work on yourself! And work very seriously!

Theory without practice — is dead!

Over the years, since giving teachings implementation achieved unity!

No wonder El Moriah in our last communication (2002) — said: Drain, emasculate the spirit of civilization. Her time is over!

But back to our teachers!

So — Lord of Moria!

Mentor for each "Chela," which began the study of Agni Yoga, but this alliance is manifested only in the event that "disciple" intensely and thoughtfully moving towards realization of truth given in the "Teaching …".

What are the stages of self-improvement that need to go through to you on the attention was drawn to?

How? How to approach the Hierarchy?

And what is the hierarchy?

"Self-Improvement is a difficult feat. People bring so many inconsistencies in the self-improvement, that the phenomenon of true improvement dims. Improvement, especially in the case of recognition of simplified Hierarchy "(World of Fire 1, 652).

The true goal of management is to put a himself into a state of harmony, balance. This action is carried out not only for themselves, but also has implications for all those around the person from his family and to the whole of humanity. Seraphim said:

"Saved himself and thousands around you will be saved."

Asks: "How can I come to this knowledge?" — "Clear thinking and after three worst Know your property and give them burned in a fiery striving.

Then therefore choose teachers on earth, and knowing teaching, strengthen the body and these medicines pranayama.

See star spirit, you see the lights of purification centers, you will hear the voice of the Master Unseen and entered into other subtle understanding, to transform lives. (Signs of Agni Yoga, 185)

However, one can not point to the statement of one of the Great Teachers, "the fingers on one hand and too much for many students!"

The point is that the fit for learning can be a unit! And achieve results even less!


So what is the sequence of actions that would lead "Chela …" in the number of students?

On the one hand, it is extremely simple, basic steps — which, however, are extremely difficult — because of their simplicity!


1. The decision on the implementation of a spiritual person?

2. Begin a regular, daily, and the exploration of the works of Living Ethics!

3. Advancing the study of Agni Yoga, consistently apply the recommendations for practice and understanding of the provisions of … AY!

Know, understand, and consciously apply the knowledge in centers (chakras)! At least in the form in which it is given in the "Teaching …".

Learn to understand, recognize and consciously apply knowledge of the structure of the human being, meaning and essence of the "System of the Soul and Spirit of systems."

In full knowledge of the data disclosed in the "leadscrew"

4. One must learn to understand and realize the meaning of terms used in the "Teaching …".

Then, as understood and interpreted the concepts given in the "Teaching …", modern followers … — experts Agni Yoga — it can only be compared with the ravings of a madman …!

5. First of all, you need to understand and realize the importance of rhythm, and begin to use them regularly! Rhythms and Mahavan chotavan! (Large and small beats) energies.

Need to make full use of their knowledge of the individual days and hours according to their main purpose, namely, spiritual practices, such as fasting days and hours for cleaning, health and water treatment (this knowledge, as well as many others, are given in the " School Great Initiates "in accordance with the chosen course of study.)

And if your rhythm in Agni Yoga (with two performers) provides seven-positive result, in the "ball screws" — odinnadtsatikratny!

Individual rhythms and rhythms of the group (collective).

Work individually and in group work (the importance and necessity of each form of work).

6. From the first day to start using the different forms of meditation, such as: meditation of silence, and that all aspects of hearing himself with concomitant fixation of consciousness on the Eye of the Universe! (First, visualization, and then perception), which provides Striving to Hierarchy!

Meditation: Contemplation — "Heart"! And the next stage — the "Heart of the Cup!"

7. Meditation on the image of the Lord … M — as in the heart, and in the "third eye", the various forms of dynamic meditation during the day, and it means: a look from the outside — from the perspective of an outsider!

8. Use all the recommendations for diet and days of silence and control their own consciousness during the day!

9. Awareness and use in their practice "Eye of Shambhala", as a means of accelerating the evolution and because of "scientists."

10. The use of light, a simple form of pranayama for a few minutes a day in combination with taking some of the recommended drugs … — as a means of harmonization (relief) in a severe state of spiritual work.

11. Awareness of the perception of phenomena that occur at the level of air or prismatic sight (star spirit lights ochisheniya centers) and the various forms of energy, including "Lights Fohat" based on mental acuity! etc.

As we move along the path of spiritual self-development occurs and the formation of certain information-energy structures, which are divided into basic (basic) and additional (auxiliary).

The main (basic) are:
— system of the main centers (chakras) — of 24;
— system neuropsychiatric centers — in the amount of 49;
— system of intermediate centers — in the amount of 78;
acupuncture points — in the amount of 11,000;
— unified management and control, etc.

In the Agni Yoga is the total number of points equal to 21 (center system provides undifferentiated), but focuses on — 7 ….

Since the work is carried out selectively with centers, the primary development are: the center of the heart, the throat center, the center of intuition and so-called third eye (eye perception of the world — remotely).

And as a result, as a reward for the correct movement — starts functioning eye "Dang — We", which relates to the "Chalice of the Heart" and "System Development of the Spirit"!

Yoga is the highest achievement Dangma opening eyes, and this is not what we call a clairvoyant, but that awakening feeling, which is not achieved by any pranayama, but a consequence of thousands of years of accumulation, incessant spiritual striving and selfless life, consequently, in the form of deferred subtle energies in the "bowl."

That awakening is stored energy and the deposition of a new one does not have to seek occult book "(from a letter of 06/05/34).

Waking up feeling — is the perception and awareness of the essence of any issues, all or almost all aspects of life.

When you at any time, you see, know and perceive the "essence" of an object, the essence of any phenomenon in all its ugly entirety.

It is for this reason that one can not point to the statement of one of the Great Masters, "the fingers on one hand and too much for many students!" Which literally translates as: students a lot, but no one to teach!

That's it for this reason, "Mahatma …" removed from populated areas, where habitat is poisoned by the miasma of ego, lust, lies, hatred, violence! And communication with the crowd tolerated quite hard!

There are different classifications of the degree of development of the spirit — self-improvement, but the subject matter is one — for all years from the date of exercise are just a few cottages close to the degree of development of the spirit to the stage of "Lamp of the Desert" — three of whom were Indians. In this case, the Roerich family is not considered. The path of spiritual development — it is the way of continuous, ceaseless motion, and few it on the shoulder.

It is for this reason — as a last gift "leaving humanity" — was given the "School of the Great Initiates," the school of accelerated evolution on the basis of the "Device Power."

Only those able to take advantage of this gift, who will rise above the commonplace of life, will find the strength to look at all the part and make a decision to change your life, get out of the swamp, which was whole life!

Alexander Vladimirov

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