Agutin. A drop of remorse watch online

Agutin.  A drop of remorse watch online
In 2012, the Leonid Agutin stood in front of the whole country in the form of a sudden — a mentor of the project "Voice" on the First Channel. In this project he helped young artists reveal themselves, find an extraordinary voice, extraordinary sound. Above one of its decision argue to this day he drove Sevar. When Leonid first started writing music, his mother said: "easier to write, and then you no one will listen." But Leonid continued to build their Latin rhythms. And the country has learned and sang his songs. The first hit was song — "Barefoot boy." As a child, sibling ancestors were forced to deal with on a piano. Leon wanted to throw this occupation in the hearts of berating piano was worth. But still drive the mother was not in vain, the offspring of "fallen ill" music. They did another group, and even started touring, but here Leonid takes the decision to go into the army. After returning from service, Leonid, group met again, but quite soon they had to leave: Leonid wrote the song "Barefoot boy", his friends thought this song primitive. And each went his own way …

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