Ales Mikhalevich wife: I still do not say where the husband

Wife of former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich Milan on January 10 and was not informed about her husband.

"In prison in Volodarskogo long promised to give me the information, but the evening did not say anything specific, moreover, to come tomorrow morning and again to find out. Me it is very worried, because in fact the official data that was transferred from the KGB detention center, also. This was last Thursday, January 6, learned counsel, but by accident. From official sources, I repeat, nothing about her husband did not speak and do not speak. Tomorrow will go again in the morning to "Volodarka" and I will find out where her husband, "- said" Freedom "Milan Michalevic.


Ales Mikhalevich arrested on the night of December 20 and was placed in the KGB jail on charges of involvement in the riots. It is known that Mikhalevich quite restrained behaved during the election campaign. Compared to some other candidates of his criticism of the regime was limited. In particular, Mikhalevich not call people after the election go to October Square. Observers do not rule out that the tough measures against Michalevic explained his refusal to make public repentance.


elections concluded

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