Alexander Suvorov. All fights Generalissimo watch online

Alexander Suvorov.  All fights Generalissimo watch online
8-part movie "Alexander Suvorov. All Battle of Generalissimo"Aware of the majestic leader of battles and about himself. Besides all recognizable contractions tells about a huge number of essentially the least recognizable battles. Carefully tells about the Polish campaign.
Refuted the legend of the atrocities that was creating Tipo army Suvorov in the oppression of the Polish uprising. The detailed story of the Suvorov Crossing the Alps — not enough people know that it was not simply a passage through the mountains, but for all that he was accompanied by battles with the enemy in a very unprofitable for the Russian Army criteria.
Tells a lot about the Suvorov and his way of life.
Also in the movie paid attention to practical techniques that are used Suvorov to win over opponents.

Historic battle

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